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Yet another DLD Spin-Off, this version is a Marvel Comics inspired Super Hero comedy, about two rivaling superhero teams fighting evil and each other in the most hilarious ways.

All 45 characters (except the D.L.D.) decide they've had enough with all the changes the series has undergone, and decide to move away in pursuit of a better life. The D.L.D. embrace those changes and in turn become a superhero group called SuprD.L.D., now with new characters to go with it. The only difference is that now Comic-Book Time is in full effect, meaning the characters stay the age they are stated to be.


However, the series is more focused on young lesbian superhero Kittenwoman (real name Kitty Kristofferson) and her day to day life, as well her dealing with bad guys of all sorts, most notably the League of Extraordinary Villains, led by her archnemesis (and older sister) Girlwoman.

Also featuring the Young D.L.D., a trio of teenage heroes a la the Young Avengers.



D.D.,Luke and Dexter, who are now superheroes with codenames:

  • BaD.D. - Has the power to grow in size and can shoot fire from her fists.
  • CooLuke - Has super ninja skills, and also six arms.
  • OdDexter - Can fly, and spring metal claws from his fists (yes, just like Wolverine).

Young D.L.D.
A group of 14 year olds who now serve as rivals to SuprD.L.D..

  • Bijou Kpop - A one-armed, Asian parody of Kate Bishop. Her disability doesn't stop her from being the best archer there is (she shoots arrows with her other arm and mouth, in case you were wondering).
  • Walter van Heavenwing Jr. - Walter and Veronika's son, whom Veronika created in an alternate reality she created while in denial of Walter's death. With one parent dead, and the other gone away, he now lives in a student dorm with Bijou and Milly.
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  • Ms. Milly - As Milly von Gotterdammerung, she's the Alpha Bitch of her Girl Posse. As Ms. Milly, she's a bitchy superhero that somehow manages to save the day.

League of Extraordinary Villains
A group of former misfit antiheroes, now misfit antivillains:

  • Girlwoman - Kittenwoman's archnemesis, also her big sister; leader of the League.
  • Catastrophe Man & Mess Boy - A father-son duo whose power is making extreme damage.
  • World Girl - "The girl with the strength of the whole world" (meaning, super strength).
  • Foamy - A man/woman/thing???? made of pure foam.


  • Wyxy Poopalotolous - The new reporter and anchorwoman for Metropolis Newz, who's just as brutally honest as her predecessors.
  • Kittenwoman - 17-year old parody of Cat Woman, who's appeared in a handful of episodes, now an Ascended Extra.
  • Ally Lizzen - Parody of Liz Allen. Kittenwoman's girlfriend.
  • Miss Terry - A Lady in Red who sometimes helps Kittenwoman.

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