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Our good old narrator (a middle-aged Nice Girl Absent-Minded Professor who is a practizer of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness), is trying to tell you what happened in Mansfield Park, when Fanny Price, a young, compassionate, devoted, but far too submissive heroine found herself coping with the abuse most of the rich relatives who took her in, the Bertram family, exerted on her, and the abuse Edwardian society exerted on its members. She begins pointing out that Fanny bore all this kindly, while dreaming about winning the heart of the Token Good Teammate of her rich relatives's household, the well-intentioned and morally righteous Edmund Bertram. It could be a nice, peaceful ride, about a love story, a fearful young lady discovering the dreams which await to be realized, and a time and place which were Not So Different...


But the Modern Narrator comes in and hits the older narrator with a showel, knocking her out. She is a barely grown-up Bratty Teenage Daughter, is Sophisticated as Hell, not even a Chivalrous Pervert, and her goal is to use her sociology master degree to attack notions about morality and say "it is Never My Fault" to everyone. Her subsidiary goal is to viciously deconstruct the novel, and to turn it into a Grey and Grey Morality tale of money, power, and many a SatelliteLoveInterest obsessing over one another. She picks a new protagonist, Mary Crawford, because she thinks that she is "beautifuler", "inteligenter", "kewler", and after her, just as decent as everyone because being an egoistical Gold Digger is what she supposes to be an ethical no-no only because of societal expectations. She even tries to influence the story in her favour, but happily, she fails.


Meanwhile, a dark force works in the shadows : the Eldest narrator (an unstable and possibly evil Politically Incorrect Villain who proves that you should Never Mess with Granny and does about everything a Politically Incorrect Villain can accomplish, and brings it Up to Eleven) tries much more efficently to make the story fit her edwardian-era opinions about everything. Not even Fanny is safe : she didn't refuse explicitly enough Henry Crawford's attentions, which, after the oldest narrator, means that she is a qualmless, depraved, evil, and irredeemable villain in the story. Thus, with all of them, she must EXPIATE !

Oh, did I mention poor Edmund is still in love with a Gold Digger who may or may not return his feelings, Fanny is living under the menace of being thrown out back to her dysfunctionnal and dangerous family, and Henry Crawford is still flirting with everyone and considering to go too far, despite the fact that his victims will be considered by most of their surroundings as Defiled Forever ? This is going to be an enormous mess...


This is mainly an idea of a work, and I won't publish it so, if you want to write it yourself, go on !


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