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Lauren Ridloff (born April 6, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois) is a deaf American actress.

She started out as a teacher before being hired as a consultant for a revival of the Broadway play Children of a Lesser God, starring Joshua Jackson. The director of the play was impressed with Ridloff's performance during a read-through of the script and cast her in the lead role. She was nominated for several awards, including the Tony Award for Best Actress. In 2018, Ridloff made her debut on The Walking Dead playing Connie, a character from the source material. She will next be seen as Makkari in Eternals, making her the first deaf superhero in a Marvel film.


Her husband, Douglas Ridloff, was a consultant on A Quiet Place.





  • Promoted Fangirl: She was a longtime fan of The Walking Dead prior to joining the cast in Season 9.
  • Twofer Token Minority: She's a half-black, half-Mexican deaf woman, and also guest starred on an episode of New Amsterdam as a deaf lesbian.

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