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The Blender Foundation logo.

The Blender Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands that act as custodian and chief promoter of the Blender open source modelling/rendering software.

In addition to maintaining the Blender codebase itself, the Blender Foundation has been responsible for making several animated shorts designed to drive Blender development and showcase what it's capable of. The codenames for the films are always based on fruits. Their movies to date include:

  • Elephant's Dream (Project Orange): The first Blender Foundation movie intended to show off Blender's (then) new rigging, hair, particle animation and lighting effects
  • Big Buck Bunny (Project Peach): The second BF movie aimed to show off softbody animation, improved hair, and non-photorealistic rendering capabilities. This movie had a cuter non-realistic look that borrowed from Pixar and Dreamworks in its style.
  • Sintel (Project Durian): The third BF movie intended to drive development of the drastically-improved Blender 2.5 was a fantasy tale of a homeless street-rat and her pet dragon. This one showcased more improvements to rigging, particle systems and other technical features of the rendering pipeline
  • Tears of Steel (Project Mango): The fourth BF movie and the first to include live-action elements. This movie was made as a demonstration of Blender's new camera-tracking capabilities intended to simplify the mixing of Blender-generated elements with live-action elements, including replacing limbs with CG effects and morphing between two different actors
  • Caminandes 2: Gran Dillama
  • Cosmos Laundromat (Project Gooseberry): A movie currently in development designed to showcase Blender's new rendering engine, Cycles, among other things. This is also intended to be the first feature-length BF movie and is currently in development, though a short called The First Cycle (which presumably comprises of the first few scenes of the the finished product) has been released.
  • Glass Half
  • Caminandes 3: Llamigos
  • Agent 327: Operation Barbershop: This is their first animated feature film, based on the Dutch comic series of the same name. The teaser can be watched here.
  • The Daily Dweebs
  • Hero: A short film created by the foundation to showcase their Grease Pencil tool.
  • Spring: The fifth BF movie that demonstrates the Eevee engine's capabilities that are made available since version 2.8.
  • Coffee Run: This animated short demonstrates the Rain character rig system and tells a depressing story of a woman resorting to coffee and thinking back on her previous relationships.
  • Sprite Fright: A horror-comedy about rowdy teenagers trekking through a forest and stumbling across a tribe of mushroom creatures. The development focus is the pipeline: tools and systems to let artists collaborate more efficiently. Announced in late 2020.
  • WING IT!

They also produced two video games meant to promote Blender's abilities as a game-development platform and game engine, although the game engine went largely unused and underdeveloped until its removal in 2019.

  • Yo Frankie!: A video game based on BBB designed to promote Blender's game-creation capabilities.
  • Sintel: The Game: The second Blender video game, this time set in the Sintel universe.

While not a prominent force in large productions, the program has seen use in a handful of film and television projects including SuperMansion, Hardcore Henry, RRR, Maya and the Three, Evagelion 3.0+1.0, Next Gen, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Everything Everywhere All at Once and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. Additionally, Ubisoft is a regular contributor to the Foundation and several Anime studios — Toei Animation, MAPPA, ENGI, Graphinica, Sanzigen Animation Studio, Samurai Pictures, Sublimation, Project Studio Q, Utalica, exsa, and Yamatoworks — have formed an alliance to bring Blender into more anime productions.