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The titular Agnes and her best friend.

Agnes is a comic strip by Tony Cochran about the titular girl who lives with her grandmother in an Ohio trailer park, "The People's Court". Agnes is poor and isn't probably what you would call "pretty" , however, she is a dreamer and schemer, whose imagination and ambitions are constantly brought down a few pegs by her small resources and position in society, not that she lets this stop her.

Most of the comics in general are about her finding money or trying to be a celebrity or coming up with new things to deal with reality and day to day frustrations or terrors

Tropes for Agnes:

  • Blank White Eyes: Agnes and Granma, however, apparently, in the latter, this is because she wears reflective glasses.
  • Book Dumb: Agnes is intelligent in most senses of the word, however, she doesn't do very well in school and tends to get in trouble with teachers and the principal.
  • Boys Have Cooties: Agnes is pretty aggressive in expressing her disinterest in the opposite sex, and classmate Bob in particular.
  • Character Title: The main character's name is Agnes and it is centered around her.
  • Cheerful Child: While not cheerful per se, Agnes most certainly is optimistic
  • Elder Employee: Granma. She works what is described as a "dead-end" job at a factory to support her and Agnes.
  • Foil: Trout is this to Agnes, as the former is content with her life, while the latter would prefer to be rich (or, at least, at a higher quality of living).
  • Get-Rich-Quick Scheme: What Agnes more often than not pursues
    • Zany Scheme: If it isn't the above, other times it's these or a combination of the above and these.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Agnes generally appears in a black dress with either white or black shoes. Likewise, her friend, Trout, typically wears a striped shirt, denim shorts, and a baseball cap.
  • Mouthy Kid: Agnes, with snarkiness to match
  • Neat Freak: Granma, who is described as "poor but proud" is a downplayed example.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Trout, apparently, as it's unlikely that what she is called is her real name.
  • Parental Abandonment: Agnes parents are not mentioned and it isn't known as to how she came to live with her grandmother, however, Tony Cochran implied that, apparently, her parents abandoned her, considering that he says, "Granma had unselfishly stepped up to the plate".
  • Perpetual Poverty: This is played for a bit realism as Granma works a dead-end job at a factory to provide for herself and granddaughter, thus they have to live paycheck to paycheck, along with Granma's factory job not paying much.
  • Raised by Grandparents: Agnes, if the entry above didn't clue you, as she is implied to be abandoned.
  • Really Gets Around: Trout's mother in her youth as implied by this comic
  • Slice of Life: For the most part, it's this as it involves Agnes and her daily activities.
  • Tomboy: Trout, if her rather gender neutral appearance is an indication.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: Most of what we know about the comic's setting is that it's in Ohio but we don't know where exactly in Ohio (besides it being the southeast part).
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Agnes and, apparently, she seems to be philosophical.