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Comic Book / The Good Neighbors

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The Good Neighbors is a Comic Book trilogy by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh. The trilogy follows the story of Rue Silver, a somewhat typical Young Adult Fantasy heroine. She discovers that she is actually a human/faerie hybrid destined to be heir to the faerie throne. Of course, the faerie in general don't like the humans and there's a movement at foot that endangers Rue's friends and neighbors.


  • Damaged Soul: People are stabbed in the heart with ritual daggers to turn them into trees. This is reversible, but the one example shown came back as a wood-hearted sociopath.
  • Expy: Aubrey and Tam are strikingly similar to the folkloric characters, Auberon and Puck, respectively. Tam is also probably named after Tam Lin.
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Faeries are not shy about taking their clothes off. This caused some awkward moments in Rue's childhood.