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7 is a Norwegian superhero comic, and a very rare example of this genre played straight in Norwegian media. It is published as a series of graphic novels, of which two have been released so far: Trusselen Fra Dypet (The threat from the depths) and "Monstermanetene" (The Monster Siphonophores). It’s written by Ole Bernt Tollefsen and Kristian Landmark. The first volume was drawn by by Kenneth Iversen, the second was drawn by Iversen and Regine Holst. As of the third volume, Holst will be taking over art duties entirely

The comic revolves around "The Chosen Ones" a small group of children aged 12 from around the world, all of whom are granted super powers that originated from the so-called Star People who visited Earth almost a thousand years ago. The Chosen Ones can only use their abilities between the age of 12 and 19, which according to the Star People, is the age when young people have the right balance between a sense of responsibility and a sense of idealism - and therefore is the age when they are at least likely to abuse their abilities. There are always just seven of them, and they all get their powers on the 21st of August every seventh year. When the Chosen Ones are about to reach 20, they must transfer their ability to the next kids in line, or it will be lost forever.

The Seven are guided by a secret organization known as The Rainbow Order. However, as the story begins, there are only six, because the seventh one is under the control by the Rainbow Order’s archenemies, The Black Order.


  • The Bad Guy Wins: «Trusselen fra dypet» ends with the Black Order successfully blocking the Suez Channel with 250 000 tons of radioactive steel, laying the grounds for a world crisis.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Each of the superpowers have their own color energy:
  • Cool Old Guy: William, the old Irishman who serves as Oscar’s mentor and as Mr. Exposition for him and the readers.
  • Creator Provincialism: Zig-zagged: Oscar is from Kristiansand in Norway, the same city as the comic’s creators, and some of the early scenes take place here. However, most of the comic has a more global focus.
  • Five-Man Band: The main heroes fit perfectly into this (even though they are six), as evident of the roles given to them in their profiles. Since they are an international team, they also easily qualify as a Five-Token Band:
    • The Hero – Oscar “The Artist” (representing Europe)
    • The Lancer – Noor “The Teamworker” (representing the Middle East)
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    • The Smart Guy – Alex “The Thinker” (representing Sub-Saharan Africa)
    • The Big Guy – Marqido “The Man Of Action” (representing Latin America)
    • The Chick – Isabelle “The Diplomat” (representing North America) and Valentina “The Organizer” (representing Asia)
  • The Masquerade: It’s The Rainbow Order’s job, not only to organize The Chosen Ones and make sure they use their powers for good, but also to keep everything about them a secret. For this purpose, they have an archive of thousands of (apparently very plausible) cover up stories given to the families of The Chosen Ones to explain their absence. To maintain their loyalty even after their powers have been transferred, former Chosen Ones are given administrative jobs in the Rainbow Order when they become adults.
  • Mr. Exposition: William, as noted above. A less organic example is The Black Widow's ham-fisted explaination of the villains' plan to The Brute (who already knew it) in Monstermanetene.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: The Big Bad and The Heavy of the Black Order, who are respectively named The Black Widow and Dr. Death
  • Superior Species: The Star People. The creators have suggested that they may not necessarily be aliens, but from the context it is difficult to see how they can be anything else. So far, their intentions also seems to be nothing but noble.
  • Underwater Base: The Rainbow Order operates from one.