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  • Tod Goldberg fucking seems to fucking write his fucking blog for this fucking purpose.
  • Want an answer to every fucking question known to all fucking mankind? Well...
  • A fucking fan of the fucking Valve named Crackbone.
  • The Angry Marines on 4chan's /tg/ board. Most of the anonymous neckbeards posting in their name are apparently trying to outdo the proverbial American GI.
  • From The Onion, we have "Sony Releases New Stupid Piece of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work".
  • This fucking page on TV Tropes.
    • The "so much you can't take them seriously" variant was used in a previous version of this page's introduction, but most of it was removed for the sake of clarity. Readers curious as to how bad it was can always check the page history.
    • Amusingly, there are enough fucking example on the Precision F-Strike page that it's turned into a Cluster F-Bomb.
  • Extreme Advertising exaggerates this, if not further. It's beautiful.
  • Animals + Foodstuffs + Gratitious Profanity = This Fucking Tumblr Page.
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  • Protectors of the Plot Continuum: PPC agent Architeuthis once used a Cluster S Bomb: "Shit! Merde! Scheisse! Caca! Buglush!"
  • Every character from T.O.T., even the pre-teens and kids, swear profusely throughout the story and have no problem dropping F-bombs. Dylan goes as far as calling a police officer a "cunt."
  • I Fucking Hate Horses.
  • Engines of Creation features the character Lily launching into a profanity-laden tirade against the Magi Phearon Tome.
  • 4chan. Besides the usual fucks and shits, seemingly not a minute goes by each day without something being called a faggot (or fag).
  • From Froghand, "Fuck" appears thirty-seven times in this diatribe from the Nintendo Switch preview review, and 101 in the rest of the 8,000 words:
    I'm wondering who at Nintendo saw their fucking new fucking console for fucking idiots and fucking thought it was a good fucking idea to fucking fuck with fucking Skyrim and fuck the fucking system and their fucking idiots fucking audience and fucking fuck it up by fucking Skyrim with it and fucking pandering to said fucking idiots and pray they fucking unbuckle their fucking wallets and let fucking Nintendo fuck them for fucking money and fucking hope the fucking gambit pays the fuck off so they fucking stay the fuck in business and don't fucking eat fucking shit and fucking die on the fucking pavement like every fucking other fucking game publisher fucked by fucking cultural fucking trends fucking up the fucking games industry. Baise-moi, which is French for, "Soak me with a Parmesan roue and penetrate me with the casings of newly-hatched cockroaches", in the literal translation.
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  • In Farce of the Three Kingdoms, Jiang Wei drops one when he realizes that he just sent a known traitor to cut off his own retreat. Sima Zhao gets another due to sheer frustration at the existence of Shu.
    Jiang Wei: “Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuckfuckfuckfuckity fuckin’… shit!”
  • In The Dark Id's LP of Clock Tower 3, to express frustration at... well, see for yourself.
    "You can only carry one FUCKING stone at a FUCKING time. At no other time in the FUCKING game do they pull any sort of FUCKING inventory restriction malarkey. In fact, Alyssa is currently carrying eight FUCKING bottles of Lavender water, four FUCKING Sigil stones, three FUCKING invisibility bands, and enough FUCKING arrows to break FUCKING Legolas' FUCKING gay elf back! To make no mention that you can still easily be carrying the huge ass compass thing from earlier. BUT ONLY ONE FUCKING STONE AT A TIME!"