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Characters / Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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All character tropes should go on the Star Wars character pages. The characters in Jedi: Fallen Order are listed below with the character page they are currently on.

Characters in Jedi: Fallen Order

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    Cal Kestis 

Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis

Species: Human
Portrayed by: Cameron Monaghan
Appearances: Jedi: Fallen Order

A Jedi Padawan that survived Order 66. He has managed to hide among regular civilians by working as a mechanic for the Scrapper Guild, a salvaging firm that collects and refurbishes detritus from the Clone Wars. After five years of staying under the radar, an accident on the job results in him being discovered and hunted by the Inquisitorius.

  • Cover-Blowing Superpower: He couldn't help but use the Force to save a falling friend—in plain sight of an Imperial probe droid.
  • In the Hood: His mechanic jumper has a hood to protect him from the elements. Cal frequently has the hood up when he walks the city streets in order to keep a low profile.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Modeled after his voice actor.
  • It Began with a Twist of Fate: His story kicks off when he is caught using the Force to rescue a friend, alerting the Empire to his survival and forcing him to go on the run while being pursued by Inquisitors.
  • Survival Mantra:
    "There are three rules to survive:
    Don't stand out; don't reach out.
    Accept the past.
    Trust no one; trust only in the Force."
  • What You Are in the Dark: His code of survival crumbles when he uses the Force to rescue a coworker from falling to his death all while in front of an Imperial probe droid, resulting in the Inquisitorius coming down on him when it could have been more advantageous to let him die.
  • Wrecked Weapon: He comes into possession of a blue lightsaber with the bottom part of its hilt broken, exposing its wires and machinery.



Appearances: Jedi: Fallen Order

Cal's droid.

    Cere Junda 

Jedi Knight Cere Junda

Species: Human

Portrayed by: Debra Wilson

A Jedi Knight that survived Order 66. She becomes a mentor figure to Cal.


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