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WMG page for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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Cal's lightsaber belonged to his master.
At Celebration 2019, Word of God stated that while it didn't belong to him, it has an intimate meaning to him.

    Second Sister 
The Second Sister is Barriss Offee.

The Second Sister is a pre-established character.

The Second Sister is a new character.

The Second Sister is someone important to Cal, such as a former mentor or a childhood friend/lover.
They definitely seem to be obfuscating her face on purpose for some kind of twist. Some might think it's because they are a previously established character, but there's an equal chance they are someone native to the game and written for the story.
  • It's possible for them to be both a previously established character and also someone important to Cal. To use Barriss as an example, we don’t see everything she does and she only shows up a few times overall. So for all we know she could’ve been hanging out with Cal when not with Ahsoka or something something else for example.

We will see other Inquisitors, both existing and others that haven't been introduced to yet.

The MC's lightsaber hilt was broken during Order 66.
  • It wasn't Cal's lightsaber, but the gist of this WMG remains.

There will be an infamy system or something akin to it.
The tagline is "Don't stand out." You have to act like a normal person, and if you have to do anything, you have to be stealthy and avoid use (or at least obvious use) of your Force powers. NPCs and surveillance equipment may notice if you act nervously or strangely, and they'll freak out and/or report you if they see you making a scene and/or using the Force. Consequences range from being recognized by NPCs, having patrols of Stormtroopers and Imperials looking for, Inquisitors looking for you, and if you somehow survive that, then Darth Vader will look for you. Darth Vader will essentially be a case of Controllable Helplessness leading to an inevitable gameover.

At the start of the game, the main character will not be able to use their lightsaber for long.
The teaser image and one of the taglines ("Broken hilt.") indicates that the lightsaber in the image has a broken hilt. Assuming this is the MC's lightsaber, this will probably be to discourage the player from taking more offensive/quick approaches due to the danger involved if your lightsaber shorts out in the middle of it (for example, if your lightsaber shorts out while you're fighting an Inquisitor, then you're screwed). Later on during the story, however, the lightsaber will be rebuilt, so you're open to whatever playing style you want now.

    Returning Characters 

Cal will come across Quinlan Vos.
In the first trailer, the dead clone trooper he finds seems to be a part of the 41st Elite Corps due to his color scheme and the environment appearing to be Kashyyyk. Since Vos was on Kashyyyk with Luminara at the end of the Clone Wars and also managed to survive Order 66, Maybe Cal will learn that Vos is still alive and/or come across him on his journey.

Cal will meet Ahsoka.

Cal will come across Luminara and we will see how she was caught and killed.

Snoke will appear

Commander Cody will appear as a villain
It's still unknown what happened to him after the Empire, so this could be an opportunity to feature him.

Darth Vader will make an appearance.
Either in a cameo where he gives orders to the Second Sister via hologram or as an actual antagonist.


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