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    Hunter x Hunter 
Home Series/Debut: Hunter × Hunter

Gon Freecss

Voiced by: Erica Mendez (EN), Megumi Han (JP)

Killua Zoldyck

Voiced by: Cristina Valenzuela (EN), Mariya Ise (JP)

Kurapika Kurta

Voiced by: Erika Harlacher (EN), Miyuki Sawashiro (JP)

Leorio Paradinight

Voiced by: Matthew Mercer (EN), Keiji Fujiwara (JP)


Voiced by: Keith Silverstein (EN), Daisuke Namikawa (JP)

    Honnouji Duo 
Home Series/Debut: Kill la Kill

Ryuko Matoi
Voiced by: Erica Mendez (EN), Ami Koshimizu (JP)

The main heroine of her anime. She and Satsuki came to New York in meeting Kotori Ayami, who they gave her a kamui called Valketsu.


Voiced by: David Vincent (EN), Toshihiko Seki (JP)

Satsuki Kiryuin
Voiced by: Carrie Keranen (EN), Ryoka Yuzuki (JP)

The rival to Ryuko and also her big sister. She and Ryuko came to New York in meeting Kotori Ayami, who they gave her a kamui called Valketsu.


    The Survey Corp 
Home Series/Debut: Attack on Titan

The scouts from the place where they defend humanity from Titans. They appear in a Final Fantasy Type 0 theme.

Eren Yeager
Voiced by: Bryce Papenbrook (EN), Yuuki Kaji (JP)

The lead character of his series and has the ability to become a Titan himself. Somehow, he forms a relationship with Hare Menjou. Cosplays as Ace.

Mikasa Ackerman
Voiced by: Trina Nishimura (EN), Yui Ishikawa (JP)

The adopted sister of Eren, she is one desire to protect him from any danger at all cost. Cosplays as Seven.

Armin Arlert
Voiced by: Josh Grelle (EN), Marina Inoue (JP)

The strategist and Eren and Mikasa's childhood friend. Cosplays as Trey.

Voiced by: Matthew Mercer (EN), Hiroshi Kamiya (JP)

One of the elite members of the Survey Corp. Cosplays as Machina Kunagiri.

Hange Zoe
Voiced by: Jessica Calvello (EN), Romi Park (JP)

One of the scouts that likes to research the Titans' origins. Cosplays as Rem Tokimiya.

Home Series/Debut: DragonBall

The Z-Warriors and Allies

Son Goku

Voiced by: Sean Schemmel (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)


Voiced by: Christopher Sabat (EN), Ryo Horikawa (JP)

Son Gohan

Voiced by: Kyle Hebert (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:

Future Trunks

Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:

Master Roshi

Voiced by:

Android 18

Voiced by:

Android 17

Voiced by:

Android 16

Voiced by:

Chi Chi

Voiced by:


Voiced by:

Mr. Satan

Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:

Fat Buu

Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:

The Antagonists


Voiced by: Chris Ayres (EN), Ryusei Nakao (JP)


Voiced by: Dameon Clarke (EN), Norio Wakamoto (JP)


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Mr. Popo (Abridged)

Voiced by: Lanipator

Blue Popo

Voiced by: Lanipator


Voiced by: Phil Parsons (EN), Tetsu Inada (JP)


Voiced by: Justin Cook (EN), Shigeru Chiba (JP)

The GT Group

Son Goku (GT)

Voiced by:

Vegeta (GT)

Voiced by:

Pan (GT)

Voiced by:

Trunks (GT)

Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by:

Nuova Shenron

Voiced by:

Home Series/Debut: Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki

Voiced by: Maile Flanagan (EN), Junko Takeuchi (JP)

Sakura Haruno

Voiced by:

Kakashi Hatake

Voiced by:

Hinata Hyuuga

Voiced by:

Rock Lee

Voiced by:


Voiced by:

Killer Bee

Voiced by:

Minato Namikaze

Voiced by:

Sasuke Uchiha

Voiced by: Yuri Lowenthal (EN), Noriaki Sugiyama (JP)

Itachi Uchiha

Voiced by:

Obito Uchiha

Voiced by:

Madara Uchiha

Voiced by:

    Team Xros Hearts 

Taiki Kudo & Shoutmon

Akari Hinomoto & Cutemon/Dorulumon

Zenjiro Tsurugi & Ballistamon

Kirita Aonuma & Greymon

Nene Amano & Mervamon

Yuu Amano & Damemon

Kotone Amano & Sparrowmon

Tagiru Akashi & Gumdramon

Ryouma Mogami & Psychemon

Ren Tobari & Dracmon

Airu Suzaki & Opossummon

    The Gundam Meisters 
Home Series/Debut: Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Setsuna F. Seiei

Voiced by: Brad Swaile (EN), Mamoru Miyano (JP)

Lockon Stratos/Lyle Dylandy

Voiced by: Alex Zahara (EN), Shin-ichiro Miki (JP)

Allelujah/Hallelujah Haptism

Voiced by: Richard Ian Cox (EN), Hiroyuki Yoshino (JP)

Tieria Erde

Voiced by: Samuel Vincent (EN), Hiroshi Kamiya (JP)

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 
Home Series/Debut: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Voiced by: Robert Downey Jr.

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Voiced by: Chris Evans

Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Voiced by: Mark Ruffalo (Banner), Fred Tatasciore (Hulk)


Voiced by: Chris Hemsworth

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Voiced by: Jeremy Renner

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Voiced by: Scarlett Johansson

Peter Quill/Star-Lord

Voiced by: Chris Pratt


Voiced by: Zoe Saldana

Drax the Destroyer

Voiced by: Batista

Rocket Raccoon

Voiced by: Bradley Cooper


Voiced by: Vin Diesel

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Voiced by: Tom Holland

Loki Laufeyson

Voiced by: Tom Hiddleston

Pepper Potts

Voiced by: Gwyneth Paltrow

Rhodey Rhodes/War Machine

Voiced by: Don Cheadle

Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

Voiced by: Sebastian Stan

Scott Lang/Ant-Man

Voiced by: Paul Rudd

T'Challa/Black Panther

Voiced by: Chadwick Boseman

Phil Coulson

Voiced by: Clark Gregg

Nick Fury

Voiced by: Samuel L. Jackson

    Anime SHIELD 


Home Series/Debut: Toonami
Voiced by: Steve Blum


Home Series/Debut: Toonami
Voiced by: Dana Swanson


Home Series/Debut: Toonami / Space Ghost
Voiced by: C. Martin Croker

Akane Tsunemori

Home Series/Debut: Psycho-Pass
Voiced by: Kate Oxley (EN), Kana Hanazawa (JP)

Spike Spiegel

Home Series/Debut: Cowboy Bebop
Voiced by: Steve Blum (EN), Kōichi Yamadera (JP)

Haruhi Suzumiya

Home Series/Debut: Haruhi Suzumiya
Voiced by: Wendee Lee (EN), Aya Hirano (JP)


Home Series/Debut: Hellsing
Voiced by: Crispin Freeman (EN), Joji Nakata (JP)


Home Series/Debut: Doraemon
Voiced by: Mona Marshall (EN), Wasabi Mizuta (JP)

Jimmy Kudo/Conan Edogawa

Home Series/Debut: Detective Conan
Voiced by: Alison Viktorin (EN), Minami Takayama (JP)

Monkey D. Luffy

Home Series/Debut: One Piece
Voiced by: Colleen Clinkenbeard (EN), Mayumi Tanaka (JP)

Sailor Moon (Crystal)

Home Series/Debut: Sailor Moon Crystal
Voiced by: Stephanie Sheh (EN), Kotono Mitsuishi (JP)

Taichi Yagami & Agumon (tri./canon)

Home Series/Debut: Digimon Adventure tri.
Taichi voiced by: Joshua Seth (EN), Natsuki Hanae (JP)
Agumon voiced by: Tom Fahn (EN), Kyle Hebert (EN as WarGreymon), Chika Sakamoto (JP)

    Megas XLR 
Home Series/Debut: Megas XLR


Voiced by: David DeLuise


Voiced by: Steve Blum


Voiced by: Wendee Lee


Voiced by: Scot Rienecker

The S-Force

Argo voiced by:
Mac voiced by:
Duchess voiced by:
Sloen voiced by:
Jax voiced by:


Voiced by: Clancy Brown

Evil Coop

Voiced by: David DeLuise


Voiced by: Bruce Campbell

    Other Participants 

Ford (Original Character)note 

Voiced by: Jason Liebrecht

A young Thai-American man who's in a relationship with Jessica/Skogul by showing her the experience outside of her native home. Ford is then briefly kidnapped and assaulted by Geirskogul before the Valkyrie saves him in fighting her clone off for their prize. In the final chapter, he and Jessica are married.

Ford cosplays as Akira Takizawa from Eden of the East.

  • Asian and Nerdy: With the glasses and black hair. Though, he's more of a normal person than a genius.
  • Attempted Rape: In Chapter 18, Geirskogul is about to do so only that it's foiled when Skogul saves him.
  • Author Avatar: Of Ford1114, but not a completely one unlike Takeru as he's more of his own character.
  • First Kiss: With Jessica in Chapter 7.
  • Official Couple: With Valkyrie Skogul.

Takeru Cage (Original Character)note 

Voiced by: Keith David

A legendary figure who is the owner of a multiversal wrestling company. He and Tabaga arrive to meet with the Dragonball and Digimon Fusion Kai and help fight against the Time Breakers and the Shadow Dragons.

Takeru cosplays as Spawn, though more likely its power merging his own body.

  • Author Avatar: Of Kanius (SSJ4Takeru).
  • Celibate Hero: Has no interest in finding a relationship. His time with Tabaga is simply professional.

Tabaga the Saiyan (Coral)

Voiced by:

A female Saiyan OC who is Takeru's right-hand partner. She dresses up as Ellen Ripley from Alien.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool

Home Series/Debut: Marvel Universe
Voiced by: Ryan Reynolds

Aw yeah, I get to appear in this massive fanfic crossover! First, I celebrate with my fans that I got my own live-action movie. And secondly, I tell them the part of how Guilty Crown uses my title in one of their sidestories. Bet I wish I wanna appear, but hey, free chimichangas for everyone!


Voiced by: Andy Serkis

An intelligent chimpanzee who befriends Sailor Ixion, Valkyrie Gondul and Kenta & MarineAngemon. He helps them against Da'ath such as facing Koba again.

    Spoiler Characters (Appearing in Ch. 20 onward) 

Highschool of the Dead cast

Home Series/Debut: Highschool of the Dead
Takashi Komuro voiced by: Leraldo Anzaldua (EN), Junichi Suwabe (JP)
Rei Miyamoto voiced by: Jessica Boone (EN), Marina Inoue (JP)
Saeko Busujima voiced by: Taylor Hannah (EN), Miyuki Sawashiro (JP)
Saya Takagi voiced by: Maggie Flecknoe (EN), Eri Kitamura (JP)
Kohta Hirano voiced by: Mark X. Laskowski (EN), Nobuyuki Hiyama (JP)
Shizuka Marikawa voiced by: Monica Rial (EN), Yukari Fukui (JP)
Alice Maresato voiced by: Brittney Karbowski (EN), Ayana Taketatsu (JP)
Zeke the Dog voiced by: Real dog sound-effects

Inside Out cast

Home Series/Debut: Inside Out
Riley Anderson voiced by: Kaitlyn Dias
Bill Anderson voiced by: Kyle MacLachlan
Jill Anderson voiced by: Diane Lane
Joy voiced by: Amy Poehler
Sadness voiced by: Phyllis Smith
Anger voiced by: Lewis Black
Disgust voiced by: Mindy Kaling
Fear voiced by: Bill Hader

The Walking Dead cast

Home Series/Debut: The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes voiced by: Andrew Lincoln
Glenn Rhee voiced by: Steven Yeun
Carl Grimes voiced by: Chandler Riggs
Daryl Dixon voiced by: Norman Reedus
Maggie Greene voiced by: Lauren Cohan
Michonne voiced by: Danai Gurira

The Power Rangers cast

Home Series/Debut: Power Rangers
Lord Zedd voiced by: Robert Axelrod
Rita Repulsa voiced by: Barbara Goodson
Goldar voiced by: Kerrigan Mahan
Rito voiced by: Bryce Papenbrook

Woody & Buzz

Home Series/Debut: Toy Story
Woody voiced by: Tom Hanks
Buzz voiced by: Tim Allen


Home Series/Debut: Hellboy
Voiced by: Ron Perlman

South Park Boys

Home Series/Debut: South Park
Stan Marsh voiced by: Trey Parker
Kyle Broflovski voiced by: Matt Stone
Eric Cartman voiced by: Trey Parker
Kenny McCormick voiced by: Matt Stone
Butters Stotch voiced by: Matt Stone

The Norn Sisters (Alfheim Online)

Skuld voiced by: Julie Ann Taylor (EN), Saki Fujita (JP)
Urd voiced by: Karen Strassmen (EN), Houko Kuwashima (JP)
Verdandi voiced by: Olivia Charles (EN), Mai Nakahara (JP)

Space Dandy Crew

Home Series/Debut: Space Dandy
Dandy voiced by: Ian Sinclair (EN), Junichi Suwabe (JP)
QT voiced by: Alison Viktorin (EN), Uki Satake (JP)
Meow voiced by: Joel McDonald (EN), Hiroyuki Yoshino (JP)

Jaco the Galactic Patrolman

Home Series/Debut: Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
Voiced by: Todd Haberkorn (EN), Natsuki Hanae (JP)

Rexy the T. rex and Blue the Velociraptor

Home Series/Debut: Jurassic Park / Jurassic World

Two famous dinosaurs that first appeared in the post-credit scene in Chapter 25.


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