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    YYGDM Founders 

The seven main superheroes of Japan. They dress up as the Justice League/Unlimited founders.

Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon

Home Series/Debut: Sailor Moon / YuYuGiDigiMoon
Voiced by: Stephanie Sheh (EN), Kotono Mitsuishi (JP)

Leader of the Sailor Senshi, she cosplays as Superman.

  • Crossdresser: Some people see her as Supergirl, but Usagi is Superman.
  • The Leader: She and the Planetary Senshi are the first Japanese heroes known to public.
  • Official Couple: With Tuxedo Kamen.

Takato Matsuda & Guilmon

Home Series/Debut: Digimon Tamers / YuYuGiDigiMoon
Takato voiced by: Brian Beacock (EN), Makoto Tsumura (JP)
Guilmon voiced by: Steve Blum (EN), Masako Nozawa (JP)

The main characters of the Tamers, and are part of a sub-group called the Beast Tamers. Takato dresses up as Green Lantern.

  • Nice Guy: To the point in Chapter 4 that he, Guilmon and Rika are the first characters outside of the Lost Kingdoms group to interact with Canon!Shu and his two friends.
  • Official Couple: Takato with Rika.


    The Valkyries/Norns 
Home Series/Debut: YuYuGiDigiMoon / Norse Mythology

Sasha D'Anjou/Valkyrie Skuld (Original Character)note 

Oooh, I smell a thirst for blood and mayhem.

Voiced by: Karen Strassman (EN), Ayako Kawasumi (JP)

A Valkyrie who is a French girl that has the power of darkness and necromancer. Her civilian self is shy and excels at academic leading to her career in theater musicals, but her Valkyrie self is shown to be quite sadistic in battle.

Jessica Nightwood (Nightwind)/Valkyrie Skogul (Original Character)note 

Voiced by: Annie Wood (EN), Sanae Kobayashi (JP)

The oldest of the Valkyries who is a Native American girl and has the power of Time/Space. Destined to become Pluto's time guardian successor.

  • First Kiss: With Ford in Chapter 7.
  • Magical Native American: A Native American Valkyrie.
  • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: The masculine to Ford's feminine.
  • Official Couple: With Ford.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives one to Geirskogul about her action on Ford in Chapter 21.
    Skogul: You can't force love on someone! You have to allow them to willingly accept! Also, if you're questioning whether you're complete, why don't you ask yourself what your true purpose is! Even if you love Ford, I doubt he feels the same way about you now. You kidnapped him and tried to force yourself onto him.

Kara Summers/Valkyrie Sigrun (Original Character)note 

Voiced by: Colleen O'Shaughnessey (EN), Marika Matsumoto (JP)

An Australian Valkyrie that has the power of Midgard's weather and is part of the Olympics.

  • Awesome Aussie: An athletic young woman.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: She's part of the Olympics swimming team.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives one to Reginleif on her choice to become an Erinye in Chapter 13.
    Sigrun: What was there to envy, Reginleif? We were friends, but you're no longer the friend I knew. I chose to ignore you because I hope we've never have to fight. But, now that you attacked me, you've forced my hand. I can't believe you've sold your soul to that conniving witch. At least my canon self can redeem your canon counterpart, but between us, I'll have to put you down.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Sigrun to the villainous Reginleif of her actions of murdering a couple in Chapter 21.
    Sigrun: How can you do that?! Just because a guy you thought liked you chose another girl, that gives you no right to take their lives! No matter how much of a dick move that is by that guy! If a guy dumps you, you go find another guy! Or not. It's that simple, but taking other people's lives just because you don't get your way... just shows how petty you are.

Ayanna Nazawi/Valkyrie Gondul (Original Character)note 

Voiced by: Karen Dyer (EN), Megumi Toyoguchi (JP)

An African Valkyrie who wields the power of light and shapeshifting, alongside being a runner.


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