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Characters appearing in Rumble Pack


Characters in current release

Charlotte is the queen of the netherworld. she has close political ties with Tom, though personally, she finds him odd and creepy. Charlotte is hard to read sometimes. She's not necessarily a bad person but you probably wouldn't want to run into her in a dark alley... or perhaps you would if you're in to that sort of thing. Charlotte belongs to a specific sub-group of vampires that neither sparkles nor concerns themselves with happenings in Louisiana. She still suffers discrimination under a group of malicious vampire hunters run by her rival Nadia.
A girl who is a fan of Street Fighter.
  • Shotoclone: DEC and HEX Maya are this. However, DEC Maya's Shoryuken is a Gouken style forward dash punch instead of an uppercut. HEX Maya's special move names are also Shout Outs to Ryu and Ken's special moves.
    MC Supercut 
A german chicken who wields fire and two short swords.
A vampire hunter who has electric powers.
A russian girl.
A girl who uses flowers and a whip to fight.
A cat that used to be in a gang with BadCat, but quit after a dispute over the gang's name.


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