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Characters / My Superhero Academy Bad Future Students And Descendants

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Squad 1 Descendants

     Mikoto Hirschbaum 
     Saori Hirschbaum 
     Percival Everett 
     Elan Calston 

Shane's son, and an outcast from by and large the rest of society. Known for his dark arts and strange behavior, this loner could not be more different in a social light than Shane. He keeps his appearance concealed by a very familiar hood and cloak.

  • Dark Is Not Evil: With his powers, dark nature, and hidden away fort, he more than half resembles an incarnation of Xehanort...and he's a painfully awkward, shy dork who is most often left to his own devices.
  • Laser Blade: makes use of powerful Ethereal Blades.
  • Loners Are Freaks: In the eyes of a number of the other kids. His history with the Dark and his outcasting left him with few friends.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He started out frail, barely able to do anything, the things he inherited from his father being by and large superficial. Then he started working on dark magic and forbidden arts. Deconstructed a bit in that people aren't exactly good with what he's done to become powerful.

Iridium Wonders/Squad 2 Descendants

The Tiny and Kind Daughter
The future daughter of Sally Martel. Clementine is an android made from the ground up to be Sally's daughter. She was made five years prior. Despite being an A.I. in a android body, she behaves like a human.She is a tiny girl, around 4'7" with short orange-red hair and a red heart hair clip to keep her bangs out her face. She looks physically like a 14-year old. She is like how her mother was once like. She is innocent, sweet and has nary a cruel word towards anyone. However, she understands her situation and is worried about her mother's well being and never got to meet the man her mother said would have been her father. She is scared but, tries to stay strong. She also looks somewhat uncanny in how she moves.She has the same powers as her mother such as enhanced durability, robotic wings and hand beams. She can also scan the area on a base level.
     Genbu Fuuji 
     Uriah Langley 
     Mania Precossini 
Squad 3 Descendants

     Caspar Freisch 
     Lydia Bates (Inferno Phoenix) 
     Elizabeth Raleigh (The Amazing Sewer-Girl) 
     Anya Alexander-Armstrong 
     Joe Acker (Other-Sider III)
The Perpetually Scared Grandson
The son of Alpha and Flora Acker and Finn's grandson. He has recently joined the future Class 1 to end Gaea's rule. He was raised by his parents and his great-auntie Celia the best they could.Joe is 5'5" with light brown slightly messy hair with bags under his eyes. He is perpetually scared and worried. He often jumps to the worst conclusion. This all due to being born into a world that hates people like him. However, with enough force, he can be brave. He wants to be more like his late grandfather who he has heard stories about from his father and great-aunt. He wants to make everything his family went through not be pointless.
     Alpha Acker 
The older of Finn Acker's future twin children. He is in every way Finn's opposite. He is stoic, serious, humorless and somewhat uptight. He also does not like his name, feeling like it is ridiculous. It may be the reason he named his son Joe. However, he loyal to his family and loves them to death. He also hates tyranny and oppression.After the death of his father and his twin sister's disappearance, he was raised by his Aunt Celia. He kept fighting till he was greatly injured which permanently put him on the sidelines. A young lady around his age named Flora took care of him and eventually they fell in love. A few years later, they had an underground marriage and later had their son, Joe Acker.
     Omega Acker (Other-Sider II) 
The younger of Finn Acker's future children. If Alpha is Finn's opposite, then Omega is his similar. She is brash, upbeat and always willing to fight. However, she is reckless and stubborn. She has always been a Daddy's Girl, to the point of calling herself Other-Sider II.After the death of her father, something in her died as well. She couldn't handle it and left her family and the others. Some say she mentioned how she was going to stop Gaea for murdering her father. No one has seen or heard from her since...
Squad 4 Descendants

    Pandora Phaeteis 

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