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This page serves as a listing for those original and semi-original characters which appear in the Pokemon/Touhou Project crossover Monsters In Paradise. Currently under construction.

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     Character Analogues 

Zanthia Quarry

Analogue: Fujiwara no Mokou

One of the first characters Yukari meets during her journey. The two don't interact for too long, but Yukari still gains some worthwhile information out of their encounter...

  • Berserk Button: Serena Caretti's very existence.
  • Hair Decorations: A distinctive red-white bow in her hair, which stands out against the rest of her clothing.
  • Immortality: Yukari is able to detect "the scent of agelessness" around Zanthia. This, the aforementioned bow, and her animosity towards Serena convince Yukari that she is Mokou's dimensional counterpart. Whether or not this means that Zanthia is truly immortal is unknown.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Is always willing to battle, to the point where she deliberately tries to aggravate people into a challenge, and comes off as a bit rude. She doesn't put more than a token effort into those endeavors, though, and when her Blaziken goes missing she worriedly starts scouring the routes north of Mauville for it.
  • Playing with Fire: Zanthia's choice of Pokemon, at least those that aren't pure Fighting-type.
  • The Rival: To Serena.

Serena Caretti

Analogue: Kaguya Houraisan

Shows up towards the end of Yukari's meeting with Zanthia. She's essentially present only to drive home the fact that Gensokyo's denizens have their counterparts in the Pokémon world.

  • Immortality: Has the same "scent of agelessness" that Zanthia has. Again, it's unknown whether she's truly immortal.
  • Multicolored Hair: Red, tipped with white.
  • Proud Beauty: According to her as-yet-unreleased profile, Serena is more than willing to test the truth that beauty and strength are temporary.
  • The Rival: To Zanthia. Hates being this as far as the other trainer's grudge is concerned, though.

Merril Elliot

Analogue: Remilia Scarlet

Grade-A computer geek and the youngest member of Mauville's Violet Vigoroths gang.

  • Blinding Bangs: Because of these, Amber believes that she really is blind.
  • Delinquent: Is part of a rough-and-tumble street gang, though it isn't known if this is of her own initiative or whether Lindsey encouraged her to join the gang so as to keep an eye on her.
  • Geek: And proud of it.
  • Ill Girl: Is stated to have lupus.note  This means that most of her activities are done after sunset, and those that aren't require her to have as much of her skin protected as possible. Note, however, that none of this stops Merril when she decides to chase after Yukari.
  • TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life: It has certainly ruined her life, in any event. Aside from being an Internet junkie, it is implied that she visits the Pokémon-verse's equivalent to this wiki whenever she can and refers to tropes by name in her dealings with others. The rest of her gang just believes she spends too much time online.

Lindsey Elliott

Analogue: Flandre Scarlet

The Violet Vigoroths' leader, and Merril's older sister.

  • Cute Little Fangs: Her canines become more pronounced part-way through the story, serving as a parallel to Flandre's discovery that her fangs have degenerated into normal teeth.
  • Delinquent: The leader of the aforementioned gang, so of course.
  • Promotion to Parent: Took up raising Merril after their parents died.
    • My Beloved Smother: Takes it a bit too far, though. Her foremost worry is that something severe will happen to her little sister while she's out on the road, and that neither she nor Merril's Pokemon would be in a position to help her. She thus takes whatever measures she can to keep Merril from leaving Mauville's city limits, and is responsible for keeping her indoors during daylight. It isn't until Merril makes it clear that nothing will stop her from chasing after Yukari that she finally forces herself to let go.

Ellen Harrison

Analogue: Patchouli Knowledge

A cynical child seen at the Rustboro Public Library whenever it's open. Unknown to many, she's not there entirely by choice.

  • Little Miss Snarker: Deals witty comments left, right, and center, and isn't much older than 10 or 11 years.
    • Stepford Snarker: Past the sarcasm and blunt observations lies a smoldering frustration with her status: it's not that she doesn't want to be a traveling trainer, but that she can't, and she doesn't fully understand why she can't just leave the library behind for good.
  • The Stoic: Not even witnessing Yukari crashing into the library and slamming onto her desk dented Ellen's half-lidded look.



Get That D—n Fairy Out Of The Kitchen!

One of many maids at the Scarlet Devil Mansion. None of the lights are on upstairs for this little fairy.

  • Love You and Everybody: Good-natured. Too good-natured. She loves everyone at the mansion (plus several of those in the Village), but those affections are returned almost never. Her mentality extends to anyone who gives her sweets. If neither of these cases apply, then her friendship level is about average.
  • Sweet Tooth: Like all fairies. This also ties into her special ability, which allows her to detect any nearby sweet treats.
  • The Ditz: Frequently forgets that you're supposed to open the door before you hurry through it. It is noted that compared to her, the rest of the fairy maids at the Mansion look good; Flandre even uses "Miss Ditz Queen" as a nickname for her.
  • The Klutz: How she got her name.

Leonard Kirisame

Marisa's father, and one of the most annoying people in the Human Village. Freely insults friends, foes, and daughter alike.

  • Arch-Enemy: According to his character profile at Fanfiction.Net, Leonard is this to Kanako. Their relationship is described as being similar to the one between Firefly and Trentino in Duck Soup, minus the resulting war.
  • Expy: Pretty much is Groucho Marx in all but name.
  • Meaningful Name: For Leonard, anyway, as he changed his family name to Kirisame to reflect his unhappy mood after his marriage.
  • Odd Friendship: With the Hieda clan, as well as Martin and Pie.


Was once a "student" at Cromartie High School. Now a farmer at the Human Village who turns up periodically.

  • Cool Horse: Natch, though he's swapped out Kokuryuu for a Rapidash.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Drives Patchouli to distraction through his mere presence, though she doesn't understand why and is more inclined to believe that it's her illnesses getting the better of her.
  • Mysterious Stranger: Turned up one day working in the fields as if he'd always been there. Since he never talks, the villagers only know he's from the outside world and nothing else.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: The source of both a good deal of confusion on the Village's part and his unwitting status as Patchouli's apparent crush.


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