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This is a list of Shout Outs for the Touhou Project/Pokemon crossover Monsters In Paradise. Currently under construction.

  • Starting in Chapter Two, the author encourages the reader to locate a specific reference (and to celebrate with a snack when it is found). As follows, we have:
    • (Chapter Two) Ninetales enthusiastically greets Yukari at one point by jumping on her, driving her to the ground and making her remark: "A lot heavier than they look, aren't they, Kevin?" This mirrors one of Bob Newhart's comedy sketches involving a vicious Doberman Pinscher that does the same thing (for more threatening reasons), prompting the same response.
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    • (Chapter Three) Delcatty's name Creampuff, as well as Blastoise's drawn-out taunt, both come from an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast that had the cast and guests mocking Birdman the same way.
  • The events of The Inspector General, one of Mr. Kaye's films, and Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame have both taken place in this universe. Remilia even claims that Victor Hugo's novel was loosely based on those events.
  • While relaxing after analyzing Flandre's Skarmory, Patchouli becomes engrossed in what is implied to be Timothy Zahn's ''Heir to the Empire''.
  • After losing control of her bike and plowing through the routes between Mauville and Rustboro, Yukari briefly considers naming the bicycle "Calvinbane."
  • Marisa's father is portrayed by Groucho Marx. Several other villagers match up with Chico and Harpo.
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  • During a meeting with Akyu and Patchouli, Pie starts switching the latter's cap around in a scene that wouldn't be out of place in Duck Soup.
  • Freddie has gone from roaming the halls of a Japanese high school to farming in the vicinity of the human village. He's even swapped out his normal Cool Horse for a Rapidash.
  • In Chapter Seven, Marisa expresses her desire to punch out a dimensional portal and emotion-sapping superweapon, following up her declaration with a cry of "Ride the Dreamland Express da ze~!" Sounds like someone's trying to channel Mr. Sandman.
    • Spock makes an audio-only cameo after Mismagius mishears "Magicannon: Final Master Spark" as "Music Crayon: Final Mister Spock".

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