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YMMV / Monsters In Paradise

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  • Name's the Same: Remilia's head maid and the Swadloon that comes to live at the Mansion both have the same name, making the simple act of requesting information into an exercise in confusion.
  • Never Live It Down: Rustboro City's local librarian and her family take every chance to remind Yukari that she caused a swathe of destruction between Mauville and Rustboro while learning to ride a bicycle.
    Yukari: Honestly. You take one bike ride, and suddenly you're a pariah. I knew I should've flown.
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  • Tear Jerker: Fifteen years prior to the dimensional breach, Yukari dreamed that she spent three months in a small town in Hoenn. During that time she grew to enjoy the friendship of the couple that helped her acclimate to her surroundings, and found herself taken in by the wonders of Pokémon and their relationship with humans. After waking up from her hibernation in the 'real' world and initially passing off her experience as one long dream, Yukari discovered that an injury she sustained in Hoenn hadn't fully healed. This signals to her that everything she had seen and felt during those months had been completely real, driving her to tears for the first time since Yuyuko's death.


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