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This is a page about the Original Characters appearing in Fate/Grand Order fanfiction, Fragments of Chaldea.

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    The Four Chaldean Masters 
The two protagonists we know, along with last two original Masters that will join them throughout the fanfic.

Gudao Fujimaru

Gudao moved to Florida at an early age and became quick friends with the neighbor, Gabrielle Rutherford. Though their parents were initial worried and distrusting of the other family, their bond connected the two families in a strong, everlasting alliance. Their parents would even joke they’ve become one family, and that their kids are destined to marry each other someday.

Gudao grew up introverted and constantly bullied, but Gabrielle helped him improve. He became one of the popular kids in High School, where he understood what it was like to be left out and bullied. His social skills were sharpened, and he was famed for his silver tongue that could diffuse tense standoffs and broker unexpected bridges between people. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for a living, so he wound up following Gabrielle to London to improve his Magecraft while he considered his options.

His Magus family lineage is new, yet holds some promise. Though his mother’s Magecraft lineage is fresh, Gudao father comes from a long-standing tradition of US Military service that stretches back decades before the American Revolutionary War of 1776. If he couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do, it was likely his father would try to convince him to enlist or join a campus’ Reserve Officers Training Corps Program.

He wound up getting accepted as the 48th Chaldean Master instead. He is now well known for his negotiation skills, and his attempts to try and spend quality time with all servants regardless of their disposition to him. He’s the most universally respected master in Chaldea because of it. Servants generally have no issue with him except for the fact he’s too permissible and lenient for his own good. In his attempt not to be invasive or overbearing, he also tries not to get too involved with personal affairs between servants unless it becomes a serious issue.

It is well known that Gudao, despite his element of Earth, has an avid appreciation of flight which he adopted from his father. Any strategy he comes up with will inevitably pivot on the reliance of air support in some way. Regardless, all his plans are founded on the overall safety of the servants, and he’s less willing to take risks if it puts anyone in serious danger. That won’t stop him from measuring the cost and gain of smaller risks though.

Gabrielle Rutherford (Gudako)

Gabrielle moved to Florida at an early age and became quick friends with the timid neighbor, Gudao Fujimaru. Though their parents were initial worried and distrusting of the other family, their bond connected the two families in a strong, everlasting alliance. Their parents would even joke they’ve become one family, and that their kids are destined to marry each other someday.

As someone who wore every emotion on her sleeve like a badge, Gabrielle acts on her intuition and desire to set things right. She cares deeply for those she loves, and she staunchly defended and helped Gudao in their early years. Her spitfire nature had a tendency to bring her into drama, but she still remained one of their school’s most popular girls because of her loyalty. The teachers didn’t appreciate her willingness to literally fight for those she cared for though.

Her magus family line is promising, though still fledgling. Her Magic Crest was inherited from her father, and contains her family’s current expertise on manipulating fire without causing damage to oneself. She adapted it further by using it to enhance her chosen fighting style: Close Combat through reinforcement and elemental attunement. It’s high risk, and many classmate mages at the Clock Tower scoffed at the ridiculousness… until they got hit with it the self-defense classes.

Though she qualified as a Master Candidate, she was only accepted into Chaldea as a temporary Magus Employee for the summer. She still came to watch over Gudao and ensure he was fine around the “elitists.” She wound up becoming Chaldea’s 49th Master after Gudao finally stopped trying to shoulder everything.

Her forward attitude and willingness to do what’s necessary to set things right in her eyes has caused friction on several occasions. All the servants are wary how stubborn and seemingly reckless she can be, but no one doubts she’s willing to do what it takes to get the job done. They’re also aware her actions mean well, even if the outcomes aren’t exactly what anyone was expecting. Though universally accepted, she’s the polarizing wild card of the Chaldean masters.

Anishka Sharma

Though Anishka was born into a prestigious Indian magus line, she was raised differently from traditional magus thinking at the Clock Tower. Every day involved practicing their magecraft, religious traditions, and learning how to properly help others. Though her life was already planned since her birth, she didn’t dislike it. Rather, her mother was excited Anishka was so genuinely excited to continue the family’s tradition of Altruistic healing and become a doctor.

The big families there barely gave her family any notable credibility due to the perceived ‘heresy’ of their magecraft applications. To the public, they were seen as miracle healers who cleansed the injuries of all who visited their temple. In truth, they were just a long-standing magus lineage of the Brahmin Caste that have barely shifted their practice since two millenia ago.

She had very few problems growing up due to her beauty, kindness, and grace, but she was troubled in her love life. She couldn’t understand what was wrong with her when she wasn’t feeling any powerful emotions for those she dated. It was only when she went for schooling in the United States did she inevitably experiment and found her heart yearned for women. It troubled her to no end because of how homosexuals were seen in India, and she hid it from everyone. It became an ever-growing regret and secret she still hides from all.

Anishka was brought to Chaldea after her graduation. She worked with her father in the Medical Bay under Doctor Roman until the Fuyuki Incident. Since then, though traumatized for a month, she was reassigned to Leyshift staff. She helped there until the search for another Master of Chaldea began, and they found she was qualified with 100% Leyshift Compatibility. Since then, she’s become known as the kindest, sweetest Master of Chaldea with the highest-grade supporting abilities.

Even if she’s well-accepted, her greatest boon is her problem. Anishka is far too respectful, and is often a doormat that doesn’t know how to say no. Her orders often feel more like hopeful requests than actual orders. Rama, Arjuna, Karna, and Sita wind up having to back her up on her orders at times with more prideful and questioning servants. Due to the nature of most of her magecraft, she’s also completely incapable of defending herself, though the tradeoff is healing capabilities on par with some servants.

Skyler “Cloud” Albanese

Gudao’s cousin is often considered Vanguard’s most lazy soldier, but that’s often used sarcastically. Though he’s often found lazing around and relaxing when he can, on duty he’s a strict, careful, and very active member of the unit. It’s in part because he follows his family’s long line of US military service which dates back well before the American Revolution. His servant can’t even find fault in his motivation when he’s on the clock.

Not much is known how he became Arturia Alter’s master, but she’s taken a shine to him. At least enough that she hasn’t killed him, but rather has an unusually abrasive yet accepting friendship. His steadfast determination when it comes to his goal likely plays a part.

After an incident occurs that forces him to relinquish his connection with Arturia Alter to Chaldea to prevent her from fading, Skyler considers and eventually agrees to become a Master of Chaldea.


    Major OCs 

Naomi Stolarz

Naomi is the former tailor and best friend of the late Olga Marie Animusphere, hired by her father. She shut herself further away from everyone after her horrific death, and believed to have come to terms through her strict adherence to discipline and work. She earned the nickname “Stitch Witch” due to her magecraft background and stringent attitude as supervisor of the Furniture Department.

Her attitude shifted upon unknowingly befriending Medea and Vlad through knitting sessions during lunch. Since then, she’s become more relaxed and happy thanks to their company. She and Medea now openly declare themselves as the Stitch Witches as a friendly joke. Boudica had recently joined their knitting party, making her the next closest friend she has within Chaldea.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Thankfully Averted. During Who We Are, she used the last of her willpower to impale Flauros with a pole, unintentionally poisoning him and successfully incapacitating him. Afterwards, she falls into a coma, but eventually recovers as of Fragment 82
  • Tragic Keepsake: Wears a bright red crocheted rose in her hair, a secret birthday present from her late friend, Olga Marie.

Tyler Fields

Tyler is the most laidback employee in Chaldea, and everyone knows it. His consideration for anyone often wins him new friends easily. He’s more than happy to help out where he can, especially when it involves his friends like his coworker Anton. When he’s not working, he’s almost always found playing games.

He earned a friendly rivalry with Lord El-Melloi II. Their gaming group slowly grew to expand more servants with the help of Tyler’s welcoming and friendly personality. Even after being placed under Da Vinci’s direct supervision with Anton, not much has changed. He remains a stable anchor that allows servants to wind down when talking to him.

  • An Arm and a Leg: Lost a leg after Lev sliced it off during the events of Who We Are. Gains a prosthetic leg, courtesy of Da Vinci.
  • Useful Notes/Capoeira: Tyler's choice of martial arts. Used to great effect during his match with Valeria, until he knocked himself out.
  • Official Couple: With Serenity.

Anton Schneller

Originally one of the most reclusive employees in Chaldea, Anton’s primary pursuit was understanding. As a sheltered child with a parent-forced career path, he had a tendency to be very socially awkward. This hardly changed through his schooling, and eventual run-away status. As an employee in Chaldea that survived Fuyuki, he was considered a strange case, though he was a genius.

He made very few friends, but his first few outside of Tyler were by accident. His thirst for understanding and hobby of quietly reading introduced him to one of his closest friends, and a later to be significant other. With their help, he grew more confident and socially capable to become a respected employee among the Chaldea Staff.

Rena (Designation R1-N4)

As a prototype from Babbage and Da Vinci’s curiosity, Rena was often left alone on a shelf. After it came came to life of its own accord, it hid in Serenity’s room where it quickly bonded with the sad assassin. They became absolute friends, keeping each other company as the robot’s life-like personality programming began to bloom.

With Da Vinci’s permission, Rena was reprogrammed and refitted to become Serenity’s ideal assistant. She holds the only antidote for Serenity’s poison which is administered by a dart gun embedded in her chassis. Inseparable, both as friends and by need, the robot’s goal and desire is to learn as much as it can about living a life while enjoying the company it keeps.

  • Carrying the Antidote: R1-N4's original role, to clean anything Serenity touched and administer an antidote when needed. Even after Serenity was given a talisman that neutralized her poison, she still carries an antidote.
  • Robot Buddy: To Serenity

Valeria Delaqua

The most physically fit regular human in Chaldea, and Supervisor of the Furniture Department. She became very self-conscious of her body due to being overweight in her childhood; This was a point of miscommunication between her and Gabrielle. Regardless of her current physical fitness, jokes or misheard comments about her body are taken very seriously to the point she holds grudges.

She is very hard working but mostly reserved until she’s allowed to show off her favorite hobby/activity: Martial Arts. She has a habit of getting way too into it though, since it’s one of the few things where she doesn’t have lingering self confidence issues. With help from others, she’s finally gaining control over her usually flashfire temperament and confidence issues.

Omar Ali

A smart kid with a mundane life, Omar lost his immediate family during the ongoing Syrian Civil War. The Vigil’s Vanguard Platoon, operating secretly at the time, rescued him from an active warzone. While attempting to find extended family to return him to, they discovered his skill with mathematics and difficult concepts. They found several close family members finding refuge in France, but he expressed his desire to help the Vigil’s pursuit of peace a little less hypocritical.

While being tutored as one of the Vigil Edison’s proteges, he was burned and blinded in a maintenance accident involving an Angel’s hypersonic thruster. After much discussion, he was sent to Chaldea with Vanguard Platoon in hopes of an operation. Over the lengthy waiting period due to complications, he befriended and quickly grew a crush on Kiyohime for all her assistance during his current disability. The crush was mutual.

With his vision restored as of Fragment 103, he is now Chaldean staff and a Vigil representative. His current course is to improve his skills and knowledge involving futuristic technology. Since he no longer must conform to regimental standards of the Vigil, his quickly-growing facial hair is trimmed less. Thanks to those family genes genes, he looks much older than he actually is, but his higher pitched voice serves as an alternate reminder.

Elsa Santini

After being invited by Da Vinci at her uncle Leandre’s insistence, Elsa dared to be one of the first new employees to travel all the way to Antarctica for a job, working as a therapist. Her circumstances remain mysterious, but most understand she was running away from financial problems. Due to her friendly and helpful personality, plus her adorable baby, Giovanni, she was quickly considered a Chaldean Celebrity.

They say no one has a heart of gold like mothers, but Elsa stands taller above the rest. Often doing too much to help out those she’s come to like, she’s known for often forgetting her own wellbeing. Even so, any little trouble with her baby has her running to his side immediately in panic. Some call it a mother’s true love, but some feel there’s more to that fear she isn’t revealing.

  • There Are No Therapists: Averted. After the traumatic events regarding the Incineration of Humanity, Elsa was called in to serve as the therapist for the traumatized Chaldean Staff and even some of the Servants as well.

    Minor OCs 

Head Chef Leandre

Head of the regular kitchen staff for breakfast and lunch. He works with the Kitchen Servants often and has learned much from them in the ways of culinary art. He strives to provide proper meals, both for his own satisfaction & prestige. He takes the satisfaction of his diners seriously.


The Alchemical prodigy magus. She’s very young, but has the potential to become one of the greatest alchemists of her time. She is currently Paracelsus’ protégé, and he looks after her carefully because she has a terrible habit of being reckless and clumsy. She mostly keeps to herself because she doesn’t feel an overwhelming need to be social.

Damien Tavera

An overly masculine and abrasive supervisor. A very two-faced individual who does not hide his personal opinions about others when no one is looking. Caused Tyler and Anton a lot of trouble before Frankenstein dealt with him personally. He was jailed before he attempted to reprogram a robot and break out. The plan backfired, causing the haywire robot to execute him.


The rather level-headed combat magus that headed the Clock Tower Investigation Team during the events of Equilibrium. After being saved by the Vigil and Chaldea, he is assigned to Chaldea to oversee their operations as a representative of the Mage Association. There, he keeps his personal ambitions and pride in check due to a newfound fear and respect for Servants. He still tries to show off and play his cards right to win influential favor with others.

    Inconsequential OCs 


Fallout 4 Expy. Dutiful robot and head robot in the kitchen.


Dutiful robot and bartender for Club Cove (previously for the Party Cave)


An employee that helps out at the shooting range on occasion.


Recipient and assistant to the Medical Bay’s head (Doctor Roman).


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