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    Season 1 

Fragment 2

  • The shootout competition between Billy the Kid, Oda Nobunaga, and Francis Drake in 2nd Fragment.
    • In the first two rounds they end up in a three way tie.
    • As they were about to start the final round, with an odd number of targets... enter Berserker!Lancelot armed with a gatling gun at the end.

Fragment 6

  • Beowulf vs Sanzang

Fragment 8

  • Tyler playing Super Smash Bros. with Cu Chulainn and Sakata Kintoki, then enters the King of Conquerors, Iskandar.

Fragment 9

  • Arturia in full "Mysterious Heroine X" persona.
  • She goes up against multiple Servants at once and is actually winning. It should be said that none of them were fighting to kill, only restrain, but an impressive feat nonetheless, as said servants included Diarmuid, Amakusa, Martha, EMIYA, Cu, d'Eon, Paracelsus, Siegfried and Scathach.
  • Right as EMIYA is ready to tear into Paracelsus for mistakenly thinking he's responsible for this mess, Gabrielle manages to calm him down and force him to work with Paracelsus for the time being.
  • For all their bickering, EMIYA and Cu can work well with one another, Cu even covering EMIYA when Arturia nearly blindsided him from behind, and the two managing to keep Arturia occupied on their own till Gabrielle, Amakusa, and Scathach arrive.
  • Gabrielle's almost successful master plan on defeating MHX in that Fragment. It failed but stalled Arturia long enough for Medea to show up with Rule Breaker to stop the emotion-induced rampage.
  • Right before Arturia can deliver a lethal blow to Paracelsus, Siegfried comes in for a Big Damn Heroes moment and blocks her attack, giving Medea enough time to use Rule Breaker on Arturia.

Fragment 10

  • Thanks to Paracelsus, Roman, and Scathach, Lancelot is freed of his Madness Enhancement and restored to his original form, as a Saber servant. He then proceeds to reaffirm his oath of loyalty, signifying the rebirth of the Knights of the Round Table.

Fragment 11

  • Gabrielle becomes the second Master Candidate and summons her first Servant in the 11th Fragment: Mordred

Fragment 12

  • Anton finally standing up against his Jerkass boss.
    • Anton doesn't care if anyone made any insults on him, but on his friends, especially Fran, he's not okay with it.
    • A fight breaks out. Anton was losing, but before Damien can finish him off, Fran saves Anton by sending Damien flying into the bar counter several meters away, knocking him flat out.

Fragment 13

  • Andersen, in usual fashion, performs his hobby of Deconstruction, tearing apart Edmond Dantes' jerkass behavior with his scathing critique.
    Andersen: No one appreciates you pecking at our refined balance simply for your entertainment. Do you really find it so disgusting that a sanctum of optimism and happiness can be forged in the darkest of hours? You claim we hide behind something we're proud of creating, yet you're the one hiding behind a theme of your own legend as an excuse to refute adaptation. To refuse trying and risking when presented a golden opportunity... It is very apparent that you're clinging desperately to the most common theme that defined your story like an infant to its mother's bosom. Vengeance is the milk of your sustenance and you, yourself, refuse to mature past it.You may have escaped that hellish prison, Dantes, but you are still a prisoner... Though your class is unique, you are currently but another boring tale of blind vengeance, insanity, and angst. How droll.
  • Beowulf started a food fight, just to diffuse a bad situation. Also counts as a funny moment.
    • Mordred nearly went on a rampage from a flirting employee who tried to ask her out and called her a girl.
    • Beowulf used watermelons as nukes.

Fragment 18

  • The whole curry cooking competition
    • The judges, the audience, and even the other pirates were initially surprised and confused about Blackbeard participating in the competition. He takes it seriously.
    • The judges were truly amazed on not only how artistic his curry, "Caribbean Treasure", was presented, but how the curry taste. They all loved it. The taste was so phenomenal that it help EMIYA get over his previous taste from Team MLG's disastrous "360 No Scope" curry, winning Teach the competition.

Fragment 20

  • Gawain is summoned by complete fluke, and attempts to take revenge on Lancelot for his lost family. Lancelot manages to hold his own, thankfully however Arturia swiftly puts a stop to it with her presence, making Gawain fall in line and proving why she was their king.
  • The Irish Servants playing Beer Pong together and a crowd gathers to watch.
    • They made this more challenging by putting cups on moving Roomba vacuums.

    Their Guiding Light 

Chapter IV

  • Gawain of Chaldea vs Sir Gawain of Camelot Singularity. Too bad Chaldea!Gawain was losing, then Mordred save his ass there. And when things about to get worse, Bedivere saves the day.
  • Rapid fire from Nobunaga and Lancelot against the Camelot Knights
  • the Flash Bomb near the end of the chapter

Chapter V

  • Sir Lancelot of the Singularity is pursuing the heroes with cavalry. He unfortunately learns first hand why you don't use cavalry against Nobunaga and her Three Thousand Worlds.

Chapter VII

  • Sir Tristan vs Edmond Dantes: "What's the matter, knight? Never fought someone who could move at the speed of thought?"

Chapter IX

  • Nearly every moment involving with The First Old Man of the Mountain.
    • King Hassan's trial: He made Lancelot become the candidate that Gudao's Servants must battle against by temporarily "cutting" Lancelot's ties to his sanity, making him revert back to his mad Berserker state and trying to attack Arturia again. What makes it more difficult in this trial? Before the trial even began, King Hassan had already "cut" Gudao's life away from him, which made his heart stop beating (despite his survival, anytime Gudao tried to cast his spells to support his Servants put him in agony), and he also paralyzed Cursed Arm Hassan so he wasn't able to provide aid to his allies.
    • As Arturia questions King Hassan for the reason of not guiding his people if they stray from their path as she defends Cursed Arm Hassan, the first Hassan then question her back if she guided her "lost flock" when they went astray, which left her speechless and questioning her own past actions, such as her choice for Guinevere's execution, her choice to stop Mordred's rebellion, etc. Points to Arturia, however: she still convinced King Hassan to grant Cursed Arm a stay of execution until the Lion King was dead.

Chapter X

  • Counts as a Heartwarming moment as well, when Gudao gives Mashu The Big Damn Kiss before the team split.

Chapter XII

  • Mashu takes a level in badass against Sir Lancelot as she achieves her second Ascension.
    Mashu: I am Mashu Kyrielight, heir to the true name of the Heroic Spirit Galahad! I swear on this body, on this Saint Graph… I will cleanse this filth from the Round Table! Have at thee, Sir Lancelot!

Chapter XIII

  • Chaldean Forces vs Camelot Forces
  • Mordred utilizing Clarent Blood Arthur against the Camelot's Vanquishers and Sentinels midair after jumping off Astolfo's Hippogriff, completely vaporizing them.

Chapter XIV

  • EMIYA, Mordred, Medea and Jackie VS Sir Mordred... in UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS!
    • Mordred discards her Armor to fight against Sir Mordred, to prove herself that she doesn't need it. Also, without her armor, she's much faster than Sir Mordred. Later on, Sir Mordred realizes that the way Mordred discarded her armor was done in a specific way to communicate its weak points to her allies without saying a word and is shocked that they were planning that far ahead.
    • Medea using Rule Breaker on Sir Mordred. Though it's still not enough to neutralized the Blessing, but she successfully disables Sir Mordred's noble phantasm.
    • Maria the Ripper in Unlimited Blade Works
    • A villainous one, but Sir Mordred gets credit in that she survived all of the above punishment. It took Bedivere getting in a sneak attack from behind while she was charging one last Clarent Blood Arthur in order to finish the job.
  • Jekyll lets Hyde take over and fight against Camelot's Sentinels in order to get all the refugees to escape.
  • Arash's Dying Moment of Awesome, of course - already mortally wounded, he gives the last of his energy to fire Stella, completely obliterating Rhongomyniad's Kill Sat strike.

Chapter XV

Chapter XVI

  • Arturia bringing down the gates of Camelot using Excalibur!
  • The Golden Hind and Queen Anne's Revenge bombarding the city. And then Queen Anne's Revenge rams into Camelot's cathedral.
  • Like in the game, King Hassan utterly schools Sir Gawain. He's not even trying and Sir Gawain's Excalibur Galatine is blocked with a single swing. The only reason Hassan doesn't finish him off is because he knows his fate is somewhere else... but he did slice Sir Gawain's left arm off before he left. That's the Grand Assassin for you.
  • Ozymandias drops his temple on the Lion King's barrier stating that if he is going to die, he shall do it his way.

Chapter XVII

  • Agravain refuses to fall and unlike the game, Sir Lancelot kills him. In his final moments, Agravain keeps thinking about helping his king.
  • Gawain and Lancelot vs Sir Gawain. Gawain defending Lancelot is Heartwarming and Awesome at the same time, since both put aside their differences and defeat the opposing knight.
  • Cursed Arm Hassan unleashes the Shaitan sealed in his arm, that consumes every life form in its path. It finishes Sir Gawain and keeps attacking the construct soldiers until King Hassan kills it. Even better, his actions earn him King Hassan's praise, the founder declaring he had redeemed himself as a Hassan.
  • The initial battle against the Lion King. It also fully solidifies the reconciliation between father and son as Arturia declares Mordred as a fine knight in front of her counterpart.

Chapter XVIII

  • Illya, Heracles and Irisviel arrive with reinforcements.
  • Mashu using Lord Camelot to block Rhongomyniad and her resolve keeps it standing.
  • After enduring the Lion King's attack, Mashu calls for Medusa who brings forth Bellerophon and their maneuver throws the Lion King straight into Iskandar's Reality Marble.
  • Iskandar and Gilgamesh (freshly reverted back from his Ko-Gil form) face off against the Lion King in Ionioi Hetairoi!! Iskandar's dream alliance is finally here.
    Gilgamesh: King of Conquerors. It appears as though that alliance you dreamed has finally formed. I will agree, that a worthy stage has been set once more, and a worthy opponent as well.
    Iskandar: Aye… I know you like to ramble, goldie, but we can't keep a lady waiting.
    Gilgamesh: It is rare I indulge in compliments, King of Conquerors... Do not test my patience.
  • Gilgamesh uses Enuma Elish to severely weaken the Lion King. This time, Alexander's army gets out of the way of the blast.
  • Bedivere's Heroic Sacrifice, enough said.
  • The Lion King shrugging off everything the heroes throw at her, up to and including Excalibur through her heart and literally pulling it out, and declaring her intent to have one last fight despite the singularity collapsing around them.
    The Lion King: I will not apologize for this battle... And there is no reason for me to let those who have defied the king to go free. I have the holy sword in my hand. You can hardly say that you have defeated me when I have yet to swing this even once!
  • Arturia surpassing her older self during their final duel, despite both being technically the same and having the same sword. The masters and the other servants let her fight alone since they know she has it under control. Arturia then finishes the Divine Spirit with Excalibur.

    Season 2 

Fragment 23

  • Astolfo manages to convince Ozymandias to start treating everyone else as equals with just one sentence:
  • Ozymandias is going around trying to prove he can treat everyone else as equals when he runs across Hans, who does his usual hobby of deconstructing motivations, pointing out he's only doing this so that people might like him. Ozymandias's response is to accept that, leaving Hans absolutely speechless and forcing him to admit that even if the motivation isn't quite right, it still means Ozymandias really can change after all.
  • After a chat with Arash, Ozymandias gains the proper resolve to reign in his ego and actually manages to earn the respect he desires. It culminates in Gilgamesh confronting him over his recent humility, claiming that he's lowering himself to the level of "lesser people". Ozymandias then proceeds to prove that he really is the better person, acknowledging that everyone else at Chaldea is his equal while still retaining his pride, flabbergasting Gilgamesh into fleeing the room in spirit form and earning him a round of applause from the entire room.
    Ozymandias: A pharaoh sits at the very top, but that does not make those below any less special. I may shine like the sun, and they are the stars that help light the night to come.
    Gilgamesh: And you still believe in your grand importance... even after your actions. You will continue to fall off that throne, and I will gladly watch as you do so. You are no longer my rival, for you will no longer be worthy of even that gracious title... When the time arrives when you've lowered yourself to their level, will you still dare to declare you are the King of Kings? Will you still believe that you have the right to acknowledge yourself as the greatest of pharaohs when you've mingled with the street's curs? What will you do then Ozymandias?
    Ozymandias: I will wish them good morning, like a true pharaoh.

Fragment 33

  • In 33rd Fragement, Scathach and the Peacekeepers of Chaldea stepping up between Arjuna and Karna to prevent Arjuna's attempt to start a fight within Chaldea.

Fragment 36

  • Alice calling out to Andersen near the end. She was able to prevent him from leaving the party wit her words.
    Alice: You hate seeing people happy but that's all you really want, you big meanie hypocrite!
  • Gabrielle taking her lumps like a champ for hurting Kiyohime in Fragment 30, as she suffers an absolutely textbook Curb-Stomp Battle against Furniture Department supervisor Valeria, a massive Statuesque Stunner and Muay Thai master, who batters the hell out of her and completely tanks every blow she manages to land. Gabby utterly refuses to yield for the duration of the match, lasting over thirty minutes and only losing the fight after a horrified Kiyohime called for the match's termination because Gabby was nearly dead on her feet. You can call Gabrielle Rutherford stubborn, reckless, and a shameless wielder of the Female Gaze, but you cannot call her a weak, unreliable pushover.

Fragment 37

  • Siegfried managed to beat Gilgamesh by winning the top prize of Ozymandias' game: Sphinx Kittens!
    • Upon learning of the modern's world's love for cats and just how much additional acclaim this happy coincidence has earned him, Ozymandias wastes no time in rubbing Gilgamesh's nose it, with nothing more than a triumphant smirk that sends Gil into a second fit of stymied rage.

Fragment 42

  • Tyler vs Valeria. Despite knocking himself out, he had some awesome moments of displaying his skills during the fight.

Fragment 43

  • Mozart, Tristan, and Jeanne performed their cover of Lindsey Stirling's Electric Daisy Violin in the 43rd Fragment. Yep, you heard that right, Mozart is performing this composure with electric beats, as this song one of the only exceptions he can accept from the modern time.

Fragment 44

  • Paracelsus' bar flaring. He's apparently really good at it.

Fragment 45

Fragment 48

  • Shuten-douji owning the dance floor against Tyler and Kintoki as they play Taio Cruz's Dynamite in Just Dance 3.

    Redemption from Sin 
  • King Gilgamesh matching Chaldea's Gilgamesh with his own Gate of Babylon is quite impressive, showing they're indeed the same person.
  • An old man (King Hassan) gives Gilgamesh a talk of how, even if he's proud of his people, he doesn't understand them, giving Gil a necessary blow to his pride.
  • Arturia, alongside the Knights of the Round Table and the Irish Servants, faces a horde of monsters wielding a weapon for the first time since her previous life: Rhongomyniad!
  • After a rocky first go of it (in his defense, the first run was dropped on him by surprise), Chaldean Gilgamesh proves himself a very capable administrator and temp replacement for King Gil while the group has to go fetch him from the underworld, even making a few decisions just as King Gil did in the game.
  • Ishtar unleashing her Noble Phantasm for the first time on an army of monsters: An Gal Ta Kigal She!
  • Just like in the game, Merlin and King Hassan arrive just in time to aid Chaldea in defeating Tiamat, especially King Hassan giving up his status as Grand Assassin to inflict death on the goddess.
  • Gilgamesh's final confrontation against Tiamat is one awesome final fight.
  • The events leading to the much more successful second attempt summoning Enkidu in the epilogue are a meta moment for the author, given that he intricately weaved the Foreshadowing for King Gil's friendship cord ending up in Gudao's satchel several chapters ahead of the payoff. That Gil and Enkidu were tearfully reunited and Gil openly accepted Gudao as Master and ally is almost icing on the cake.

     Season 3 

Fragment 50

  • The entire volleyball game. It starts off normal, but then gets increasingly more chaotic and insane as they bring their Noble Phantasms and familiars into play, but they stay within the rules.
    • Gilgamesh still ends up winning but he and Ozymandias both take it in humble stride. Ozy gets one over on Gil a third time however: he spends his week of servitude wearing a woman's maid uniform (with Astolfo doing the same), leaving his rival embarrassed and extremely uncomfortable.

Fragment 51

  • Also funny, but Cursed Arm owning Arash in the "Superfight" card game with his Raccoon that is literally afraid of its own shadow but can only be killed by a shot to the head, against Arash's Hercules who is armed with a machete and is walking 12 kids on leashes.

Fragment 52

  • Kuro winds up winning the exact same car Irisiviel used to own.

Fragment 55

  • Elizabeth is unknowingly singing to Chaldea but everyone loves it thanks to Robin's newly gifted microphone. There's a montage of several reactions from different places.

Fragment 58

  • Atalanta took Jack's angered, vengeful stab to the gut like a champ. She even holds her in a hug even with the blade still in her stomach.

Fragment 60

  • Despite being happily lazy, Hector still is a hero of troy who can hold his own. He manages to make Li Shuwen stagger backwards in surprise by simply letting out a battle cry no one was expecting.

Fragment 63

  • Arjuna took a hit from Beowulf that sent him flying into a mountain. He simply jumps back onto the field with a bleeding mouth and acts like nothing even happened. They continue their spar.

Fragment 67

  • In a sub-singularity, Saber Gilles confronts his crazed Serial Killer Caster version. Not only does he reaffirm his faith in God and rebut everything that his counterpart says, he personally lands the final blow to behead his other self.

Fragment 70

  • Hundred Face manages to convince King Hassan to re-evaluate his assessment of her by admitting to him (and herself) that she is not one entity and never will be, but a gestalt - all of her faces are her, and to remove or change any of them would mean she is no longer herself. She also surprises and impresses the founder by giving him the name of her public avatar, Asako, giving that part of herself a true identity. He wishes her well on her continuing path of self-discovery as a result.

Fragment 72

  • Despite Mephistopheles, Nobunaga, and Merlin doing their level best to wreck Shakespeare's play, Arash, Mata Hari, and Phantom all improvise with the skill of veteran actors - which makes sense for Mata and Erik, given their backgrounds - compensating for pretty much every scene that goes wrong. Then Erik pulls a true fast one in the finale: with a simple ad lib, he changes the entire play from a darkly comedic tragedy into a spectacularly heartwarming comedy. Shakespeare's certain that his comeback piece is ruined, but the audience absolutely loves it. It even convinces him to get back to his comedy roots after some prodding from Hans.
    • Erik also completely nails a operatic musical number during the play, reminding everyone why Christine accepted him as a tutor in the first place - the man's singing puts Pavarotti to shame.
  • Hundred Face should be commended as well, using her entire gestalt as extras and stagehands, with Asako and Zayd directing the group and helping to minimize the damage from the culprit's antics.

Fragment 73

  • Tesla being able to come up with the theory of Solomon's whereabout and finding the location, that is enough to make Edison congratulate his rival.

    Who We Are 
  • A villainous example, when Goetia managed to withstand all the best Servants' attack, including King Hassan's.
  • The series' Major Original Characters make a tag team effort that utilizes all of their specialties to deliver a grail and open the way for Roman.
    • Tyler, with the Grail in his hands, kept running and evading demon with Anton while Fran defends them.
    • Naomi, feeling cornered while being surrounded Lev and the demons, went all out using everything with her telepathy, despite the consequence, that she used her last resort to fatally wound Lev with every debris, including the pole soaked with Serenity's blood.
    • Valeria, thanks to Leonidas' training, continues to evade demons, with Beowulf and Jack continues form a clearing for her and the grail.
  • Merlin singlehandedly holds off Goetia long enough for his real self in Avalon to bring in the cavalry.
  • Naturally, the Final Battle is as exciting and tense as it was in the game, but who is it that fights Goetia for the future of humanity? Why, the original nine that started it all!
  • Using command seals for extra power, Gudao, with Mashu's shield, and Gabby tag team attack Goetia in its final moments.

  • The United Nations secret new military branch: Task Force Vigilance. They're high-tech and laser equipped thanks to their caster Edison. Their HQ is in Area 51.
  • The entirety of the Battle of Tumangang
    • The Vigil get total air superiority within minutes and ward off fighters from nearby countries without shooting them down.
    • Saber Alter's reveal from nowhere to one-hit-KO Shadow Sanson.
    • Tomoe and Shadow Ushiwakamaru have a one-on-one duel without interruptions that Tomoe uses to vent anger.
    • Anishka quickly calls in Medea with a command seal so they can rescue Carmilla from Flauros' own command spells. She uses Rule Breaker and Carmilla decides to stay in Chaldea after.
    • They corner and systematically defeat Flauros since Chaldea are now experts on fighting them.

    Season 4 

Fragment 76

  • The revelation that this time around, Fou managed to retain his sentience when reviving Mashu.

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