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It's a Slice of Life fanfic. Of course there's going to be a lot of Heartwarming moments.

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    Season 1 

Fragment 1

  • Jeanne's friendship with Marie Antoinette.
  • Jeanne sing Ave Maria in Salon de Marie, especially when it's revealed she sings in memory of her former host body Laeticia.

Fragment 2

  • The friendship between Nobunaga and Souji with hilarity ensure.

Fragment 3

  • Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme, nicknamed Jackie and Alice respectively, helping out EMIYA and Tamamo in the kitchen on baking a cake for Boudicca.
  • Atalanta being a mother figure to both Jackie and Alice
  • Boudica's birthday at the end of the chapter

Fragment 4

  • Francis Drake, Robin Hood, and Fergus Mac Roich being drinking buddies

Fragment 5

  • Some are a bit of a Tear Jerker for Naomi, but there's a bit of a heartwarming moment between Naomi and the late Olga Marie, as they were childhood friends.
    • Before meeting her untimely demise, Olga Marie had already prepared a birthday gift for Naomi that she wanted to give to her after Fuyuki.
  • Naomi being accompanied by Vlad and Medea, forming their own knitting circle
    • Also, the way Medea and Vlad comforts Naomi who just had a break down and was grieving when she discovered her last gift from her late friend

Fragment 6

  • The friendship between Beowulf and Nightingale.

Fragment 7

  • Altera trying to fit in. Even going through a couple of wardrobe change (one is a long sleeve maxi dress, and the second is a toga in hope she could try to join and fit in with the Roman servants), thanks to following Dr. Roman's advice. Near the end, Nero confronts Altera about why she didn't wear her first dress, which she thought looked more beautiful in it. This is a start of their friendship
  • Also, Altera experiencing memories of the other Altera from Moon Cell, the only peaceful memories she ever experience are Her Savior (Hakuno) and his two Servants (Nero and Tamamo).
  • Altera thanking Dr. Roman near the end of the Fragment.

Fragment 8

  • Tyler's own gaming buddies: Waver Velvet (also a gaming rival), Cu Chulainn, Sakata Kintoki, and a new addition to the team: Iskandar
  • The reunion between Iskandar and Waver at the end

Fragment 9

  • The friendship between Arturia and Jeanne
  • Jeanne d'Arc and Amakusa Shiro finally set aside their differences and are now allies.

Fragment 10

  • Arturia's birthday
  • Paracelsus, with Dr. Roman, helps Lancelot regain his sanity thanks as a birthday gift to Arturia.

Fragment 11

  • The friendship between Gudao and Gabrielle (nicknamed Gabby or sometimes "Gudako")
    • Especially how Gabby recalled the time they became friends in childhood. How Gudao was originally a shut in, until Gabby starts sticking up for him the time he got picked one. Thanks to her influence, Gudao was able to gather enough courage for himself. And even times during that childhood, Gabrielle develop a crush on him when she was young, but grew out of it when she got older and love him as a sibling more often. Even when the young Gudao tries to ask her out three times, she turned him down, not wanting to face date-then-rejections to ruin their friendship. Despite that, Gudeo moves on from trying to ask her out and the two decided to continue on being friends no matter what.

Fragment 12

  • Anton and Frankenstein (or "Fran").
    • At first, it was a rocky start when Anton try to understand Fran's existence and functions that almost lead to trying to make some sort of experiments, that Fran avoid him despite things finally calm down after making an apology to her and his staff. Later, Fran discovered Anton has a bionic left leg that he's been hiding from his staff, that she decided to approach him and ask. After some talking, Anton deeply apologize to Fran again about what happen, and Fran reassured him that she forgive him, which lead to a start of friendship.
    • Even though she still has trouble of being with anyone involved with that Science Division, Fran wants to come with Anton to that party where the other Science Division staff members are attending.
    • Fran tried to get Anton to stand up for himself against his Jerkass supervisor Damien
    • Anton finally got guts to stand up against Damien after hearing the Jerkass' rude comment about Medusa, but mostly insults about Fran. Which lead to fight. But Anton was losing, and when Damien was about to finish him off, Fran steps in and knock him away from Anton.
    • Through some parts of the chapter, Anton is trying to figure out his feelings for Gabrielle. Near the end, he finally found the answer. At the last part of the chapter, Fran thought that Anton finally asked Gabby out already when she brought a red rose, but instead, it reveals that Gabby help bring the flower for Anton so he can give to someone he going to confess, and guess who?
    Fran: You... I... you...
    Anton: Fran, have I ever told you you're the best thing that's ever happened to me?
  • Also, Anton getting along with Tyler and Medusa.

Fragment 13

  • Throughout the chapter, Edmond Dantes tried to sow discord of everyone's daily lives within Chaldea for his entertainment. But, after the food fight and the stern talking from Florence Nightingale, he slowly start to change. Near the end of the chapter, Dantes did a simple morning greeting to every Servant he encounter in the halls, much to the Servants' surprise. Then on the Salon de Marie, when Jackie and Alice noticed Dantes has finally arrived to his usual spot, they were about to leave, but he reassured them it's alright and that they can stay.
    • Also, the conversation between him and Gudao:
    Dantes: Reality is a bitter guardian. What has been forged here, I now acknowledge, is at least genuine. Unique. The fruits of your labor are bountiful. But should something dire happen to threaten this delicate balance...
    Gudao: No amount of attitude or caution can prevent everything, Dantes. We'll simply bear the weight together and move forward, maybe even as a family.
    Dantes: Good answer.
    Gudao: You're part of it now too, whether you like it or not. Chaldea is your home now
    Dantes: I suppose so. We made a contract, and you have my word. I will unleash my wrath on your enemies for humanity's sake. But the Eternal Avenger has no place in relishing in that final victory at the end. It is for those who have struggled together to save humanity. It will be a victory for the honest of hearts, and not for an avenger who only lives for vengeance.
    Gudao: When will you sto-
    Dantes: But...
    Dantes: ...but maybe Edmond Dantes can have a role in that epilogue.
    Gudao: I believe he will.
    Dantes: Is that so?
    Gudao: Wait and hope, Dantes.

Fragment 15

  • Gudao interacting with the Servants during his day off.
    • Gudao hanging out with Alice and Jackie, especially when they all play fetch with Fou with their black crayon.
  • Despite being back love rivals at the end, Tamamo and Kiyohime did admit each other they had fun during their temporary alliance while going on a stake out on Gudao's activities during his day off.

Fragment 16

  • The interaction between Kiritsugu, Irisviel, and EMIYA.
    • Also, the Emiya family reunion with Illya at the end.

Fragment 17

  • Sasaki Kojiro's interaction with Okita and Benkei.
  • The interaction between Sakaki Kojiro and St. Martha in their small dinner date at the end.

Fragment 18

  • The friendship between Illya, Jackie, and Alice and how the three work together in the curry cooking competition.
  • Blackbeard, a pervert he may be, but he is also a Friend to All Children. Especially how he motivate Illya to join the competition to earn her brother's attention after noticing Illya's stalking attempt. Also, even though he won First Place and earn his prize money and his curry will be served in dinner every Thursday, he offer his other half of his prize, a months worth of desserts, to Illya's team.

Fragment 19

  • Some of the Servants and Gudao helping out a bed-ridden Mashu

Fragment 20

  • Illya, Kuro, Jackie, and Alice going trick-or-treating together.
  • Elizabeth takes Janice to go trick-or-treating with her, not wanting to latter to spend her time in her room studying by herself on this holiday
  • Blackbeard, Drake, Anne and Mary playing World of Warships, and the pirates are really enjoying this. Especially this first exhange:
    Drake: I am so sorry for judging you. It's rare I will ever say that, so don't let it get to your head, ya' hear?
    Blackbeard: Aye, aye, Vice Admiral.
  • Count as a minor awesome moments, but the Irish Servants playing Beer Pong together, especially to make this more challenging by putting cups on a moving Roomba vacuum.

Fragment 21

  • Though it quickly goes to Tear Jerker when it switches to Mordred's point-of-view, Irisviel, Illya and Arturia all laughing and joking together is quite heart melting to watch.
  • Mordred bonding with Iskandar and his group of friends, be it drinking at the bar or playing fighting games.
  • Mordred admitting that she misses her old master Kairi Sisogou and how she smokes in his memory every now and then.
  • You learn why Tyler willingly get along with the Servants within Chaldea: his religious mother taught him to treat everyone with respect and kindness. Even if he's not as religious as her, he still follows her lesson. So, he treats everyone, including the Heroic Spirits, regardless whatever past they have, as decent human beings. Especially Mordred.

    Their Guiding Light 

Chapter II

  • Even though there's no alliance to form, Ozymandias did offer some information and warning to Gudao and his team about the upcoming threat of the Lion King, and also allow his citizens to provide enough supplies and materials for their next journey and allow Gudao and the rest to stay in his temple just for the day.
  • Lancelot accompanying Mashu and Fou around the markets and housing districts while she takes photos.
  • Medea trying to help Mordred out with her issues. Though still didn't work out, but Jekyll appreciate Medea's help.

Chapter III

  • After defeating Hassan of the Intoxicating Smoke, Jeanne invokes her prayer rites, easing her and the other assassins' spirits. Even though the Hassan thanked and forgive Jeanne for this, she still harbors a grudge against Mordred and Gawain... which is reasonable considering the singularity they're in.

Chapter V

  • Mashu comforting Rashid, the recently orphaned refugee boy she rescued in the previous chapter.
  • The little refugee girl Takisha being brave enough to have a conversation with Gawain.
  • When Bedivere finally revealed himself to Chaldea team, you can tell he's really happy to meet his king and his fellow knights again, including Mordred.

Chapter VI

  • Emiya and Jeanne trying to comfort Arturia after the revelation of the Lion King's identity.
  • Atalanta reading Aladdin to Jackie, Takisha, Rashid, and the other children.
  • The villagers became more lively thanks to the help of the Chaldean force.
  • Jackie introducing her new friends, Rashid and Takisha, to her "Auntie" Arturia. Takisha was really curious and facinated of Arturia after her previous conversation with Gawain, and meeting her made her happy and look up to her, saying that Arturia is so much better than the feared Lion King.
  • Emiya having a talk with Mordred in hope to resolve the issue between her and Arturia.
  • Takisha's parents apologized to Gawain for their behavior to him in a previous chapter, which is a bit reasonable. But, Gawain reassure them that there is nothing to be sorry about.
  • Nobunaga's advice may be a bit harsh to Arturia, but she does have a point. Nobunaga want Arturia to not despair about this truth and show the world and the Lion King to know and remember how the real King of Knights acts.

Chapter VII

  • Hassan of Serenity rescue her villages' Saracen archers from the knights.
  • Hassan of Hundred Faces, the same one that Gudao faces in the previous chapters to rescue Nitrocris, is not happy to see him. But, the Elder and the other villagers defend Gudao and reassure her that he and his force are their allies now.
  • Gabby and Mashu rescuing Hassan of Serenity.

Chapter VIII

  • As Gabby goes through her breakdown of her mistake nearly got everyone killed, but Serenity and Gudao reassure her that it's alright and despite the injuries, everyone are still alive.
  • Jeanne decided to cheer Arturia up (after executing Sir Tristan in the previous chapter) by get her to join her with Mashu, Rashid, Takisha, and Jackie to playing soccer. Arturia is a bit unsure about teaching the refugee children soccer (because once they leave after resolving this singularity, the children will forget), but Jeanne reassure her that even if they will forget these moments, it's important to give these children a chance of happiness right now and that Arturia and the rest of the Chaldean force will remember the impacts they made in this singularity.
  • The exchanges between the Cursed Arm Hassan and Rashid (his son) and Takisha. Despite his appearance, these two children looked up to him and greet him kindly every time they see him.
  • Even though the Masters had already planned to send Gawain and Mordred back to Chaldea previous chapters ago due to their behavior, they decided to give the two knights another chance to stay as long they act civil. Especially after a few anonymous servants vouched for both of them to stay.

Chapter IX

  • Arturia defending Cursed Arm Hassan from getting his execution from King Hassan. Despite her uncertainty with the Cursed Arm Hassan previously, as the alliance formed and after seeing how the refugees and the assassins look up to him as their defender and leader, she now sees him as her treasured ally. Despite technically losing the argument, she convinces King Hassan to postpone Cursed Arm's beheading until after the Lion King's defeat.
    Arturia: Cursed Arm Hassan has been a courteous host, friend, and defender, with his only mistake being he came to you! He had the best intentions, yet for his actions you wish the people's guardian to be executed when he could continue to help us! To help them! Why do you not simply guide them back onto your path if they stray!?
  • The exchanges between Arturia and Lancelot at the end of the chapter, with Arturia thanking him for his indirect support to her in this singularity and his Undying Loyalty to her.

Chapter X

  • Arturia joining in Vlad and Medea's knitting circle to make a gift for Takisha.
    • Also, the conversation between the three. Especially how Vlad and Medea try to help Arturia to understand and make amends with Mordred.
  • Remember the anonymous servants that vouched for Gawain and Mordred to stay? Turns out they were Lancelot and EMIYA. The former vouched on his own accord because he believed Mordred deserved to be present as much as any other Knight of the Round; while the latter had expressed doubts about her since the beginning of their mission, but over time, his doubts have been proven wrong and he knows that they will still need her help for this singularity, and he also wanted to help her make amends with Arturia.
  • When it comes to Gudao's plan to dividing the team into two, especially sending Mashu to Gabby's team, everyone was concerned and doubtful about his plan, until Mordred shuts everyone up and tells them about her experience with him in London, how she trusted him then and trusts him now.
    Mordred: I put my trust in your insane strategies many times in London. We could have died many times over, but we didn't! So I will continue to follow because you proved I can believe in you. You're a great master! Do you all not trust him and his plan? I don't think Gudao would be pushing this if he had any other options.
  • Count as an Awesome moment as well, when Gudao gives Mashu a Big Damn Kiss before the team splits.

Chapter XI

  • As Arturia was about to send Takisha and her parents to seek refuge from an upcoming attack, she gave the crocheted flower she made for Takisha as a gift, which made her happy and thankful to Arturia.
  • As Gabby's team learn that Mashu is fused with Galahad, which also confirmed Gawain's guess, Mashu asked Gawain and Mordred if she had done his name justice. Gawain's response?
    Gawain: Even in a different age, and among a different people, he would surely entrust his legacy to someone like himself.

Chapter XII

  • Gawain finally apologizes to Mordred for his past behavior and mistreatment of her since he was summoned.
    Gawain: I… apologize for misjudging you so greatly… I thought you still wished for the king's demise, but I was obviously wrong. While I still don't understand many things… from here on, I will do my best to work alongside you in a friendly manner.
  • Kiritsugu encouraging Arturia in his own way.
    Kiritsugu: But if there is any honor to be found on this battlefield today, you and your knights will provide it justice... If those words are not an illusion, that chivalry and honor do exist… I wish to see it here… swung at the faces of enemies who commit genocide in its name.

Chapter XIV

  • Though it's painful to see Jackie wounded by Sir Mordred, Medea was able to catch her and start healing the crying Jackie while saying reassuring words to her.
  • As Arash fires Stella to Go Out with a Smile, Lancelot bows underneath the starry sky to express his gratitude to Arash and bid his friend farewell.

Chapter XV

  • A bit of a Tear Jerker, but when Gabby apologized to the Village Elder and Cursed Arm Hassan, they both reassured her that it's alright.
  • A Call-Back when Shirou and Kiritsugu walk through the burning village filled with corpses, but both were relieved to find one survivor: Rashid. Now Shirou finally understands what it was like for Kiritsugu when he was saved back then.
  • Mashu and Lancelot having a conversation after she talks about Galahad.
    Mashu: I know you two didn't get along but… I hope-
    Lancelot: I would never do anything to hurt you, Mashu. Galahad or not, you have been nothing but kind to me. I will continue to watch over you as you have I… I assure you of this.
    Mashu: Thank you, Lancelot. I look forward to the end of this singularity so we can get back to Chaldea.
  • Though it's a bit short, Arturia and Mordred finally have a decent conversation with each other, especially how Arturia expresses her worry for Mordred when she was nearly attacked midair. Even though they have to leave to confront the Lion King, they promised to each other they'd finish their conversation.

Chapter XVI

  • Ozymandias' last words before he drops his temple on the Lion King's barrier:
    Raise your head, Nitocris… For there is nothing to fear. My temple will still guard my people, as will the sphinx. The armies shall continue their conquest… and I shall deal a decisive blow against the Lion King! This is our victory! So let it be known, Nitocris, if you are to still hope for anything…
    …Then hope, one day, we pharaohs will be reunited once more and see what Chaldea is like with our own eyes… May my twin receive this… memorial essence… someday, to remind those masters how much they owe us for this day!
  • EMIYA and Arturia share a Big Damn Kiss right before the latter heads out to confront the Lion King with the former professing that even if he won't be joining her, he has no doubt that Arturia will be the one to come out on top.

Chapter XVII

  • Arturia declaring Mordred as a fine knight and she is also glad Mordred stands beside her once more.
  • Regardless of what happened in the past between Lancelot and Gawain, Gawain still defends him:
    Sir Gawain: He killed our family members in front of us! Do you not remember!? Do you not still feel that pain of betrayal!?
    Chaldean Gawain: Of course I do! I always see it in my sleep! But I also saw much in this singularity! He has made mistakes in the past, as we all have. Maybe I'll never be able to forgive him. Maybe I won't forget. But I definitely won't forget how much he's been trying to earn his redemption through sheer loyalty and consideration to our king.
    • After that, Gawain turns to Lancelot:
      I wish to defeat myself… I would have liked to do it alone, but I know I can't… Lancelot, I need your help.
    • And Lancelot nodded without hesitation.
  • A bit of a Tear Jerker as the dying Cursed Arm Hassan was greeted by King Hassan, who grants him his final wish to see his son one last time before he disappears. He also praises Cursed Arm for redeeming himself, and will be allow him to pass on with his head intact.
    • Mordred boasting with pride that she's the son of Arturia Pendragon and that she will defeat the Lion King to restore her father's honour.

Chapter XVIII

  • Iskandar acknowledging Arturia's growth as a King.
  • In the Lion King's final moments, she recognizes the strength of her counterpart.
    I see… Sir Bedivere… your mistake had meaning, more for her it seems than for me… May your shine never dull, Arturia Pendragon…


  • Mashu and Lancelot becoming father and daughter, even if Mashu knows Lancelot and Galahad didn't get along. Lancelot says that she's her own person and that he would be proud of having her as a daughter.
  • Arturia comforting and reassuring Mordred that her actions were not useless. Their father and son moment (even if they're both women), especially the hug is tearjerker and heartwarming at the same time.
  • Lancelot and Gawain agreeing to try to mend their relationship and become friends once more.
  • Gabby requesting a replacement Round Table to be made. Arturia and the knights are touched by the gesture.
    • Mashu and Mordred earning their place at the Round Table. Merlin (watching this through Fou's eyes) is also happy about this turn of events.
  • Bedivere's summoning.
    Bedivere: Is this the continuation of your dream?note 
    Arturia: Not quite... but it's just as beautiful.
  • Not too long after that, a memorial essence comes through which brings forth Caliburn.

    Season 2 

Fragment 22

  • Hans Christian Andersen being understanding towards Saber!Gilles' inner struggle with his demons, and also reassuring him that Jeanne is in Chaldea.
  • The reunion between Jeanne and Gilles. You can tell that they're both happy to see each other again. But, Gilles is still struggling and keeps apologizing to her for the sins he committed. Jeanne calms him down (with a hilarious Eye Poke) and wants to introduce him to her friends: Marie, Mozart, Sanson, and D'Eon.
    • Also, the four were aware of his history. Although they were initially unsure when they first saw him, after seeing how much of a good friend he is to Jeanne, they all decided to give him a chance and welcome him.
    Marie: Oui oui! A friend of Jeanne is a friend of ours, non? Enchanté!

Fragment 23

  • Arturia showing Jeanne the picture of Mordred finally getting a piggyback from her father, and you can tell in the picture that Mordred is really enjoying it.
  • David wanting to help out Dr. Roman, his first friend in Chaldea and the first to ever welcome him so readily and eagerly on the day he was summoned. The doctor's welcoming makes sense, given the fact that Roman is the true King Solomon, the son of King David.
  • Ozymandias still remembering Moses and Nefertari.

Fragment 24

  • The interaction between Dr. Roman, Alice, and Jackie. It's just so adorable that the two girls want to play games with him.
  • David mentioning to Dr. Roman that he doesn't believe Solomon is truly behind the singularities. It becomes heartbreaking because Roman is Solomon and is incredibly touched by his father's trust in him.
    • Especially this:
    David: I had only one real disgrace in my reign... But I do not regret it. Not because it was right to chase after Bethsheba, it was not. She was a married woman… and it cost me dearly to obtain her. Seems I will always be bad with women…
    David: But I would make that one mistake a thousand times over if it was the only way to get my son Solomon. I believe that much in him as my rightful son.
  • The moment of true friendship between Marisbilly Animusphere and King Solomon after they had won the Holy Grail War and Solomon had become Roman.
  • It crosses with Tear Jerker but Da Vinci's talk with Roman about him telling David he's actually his son and how much she cares about his happiness is incredibly touching.
  • Dr. Roman having a good time with Altera and the roman servants.
    • Also, Altera is still thankful for Dr. Roman's advice from the 7th Fragment.

Fragment 25

  • Cleopatra realizing that, despite disliking Caesar's current form, she still has feelings for him.
    • Nero telling Cleopatra Caesar's wish of wanting to be with Cleopatra and Caesarion once more is even nicer.
    • After Cleopatra witnesses Caesar's training, she dashed over and landed in front of him to stop Romulus and Altera from trying to harm him any further.
  • Altera and Romulus also care deeply about Caesar's happiness.

Fragment 26

  • Dantes being Joan's first friend. It shows how much Dantes has changed, despite technically having the same outlook on life.
  • Ishtar admitting that Rin's personality does influence her, as she starts to call EMIYA and Arturia by the same names Rin did.
  • Joan, Beowulf, Florence, and Dantes have a snowball fight. It shows that Joan is indeed opening herself to others.
  • Jeanne and Joan's meeting and subsequent talk, showing they're Not So Different, including the fact that both are a Friend to All Children.
    • Jeanne telling her Alter version she doesn't hate her and wants Joan to become her sister. Joan's incredulous reaction is funny and heartwarming at the same time.
  • Jackie and Alice defending Joan as Marie and her staff mistook her for causing trouble to Gilles (who was just struggling with his inner voice after seeing Joan).

Fragment 27

Pretty much the entire chapter Tastes Like Diabetes and risks killing readers with its cuteness.
  • Medea Lily being far more cheerful than her older self, much to the surprise of Vlad and Naomi.
    • And she starts knitting a present for her former master Souichiro Kouzuki.
    • Boudica approaches the Knitting Group and asks if it's alright for her to join. They all don't mind and she is always welcome to join them.
  • Asterios looking after the Gorgon sisters. Gentle Giant for a Berserker indeed.
    • And Medusa Lily being teased by Euryale and Stheno in a more playful way than how they treat her adult self.
  • Mordred can't believe her father can be this cute.
    • Also just Arturia Lily in general, who's such a bundle of energy and happiness that all of her knights can't help but smile and laugh at her antics. Also, there are her interactions with EMIYA Lily (really just Shirou now), where it's clear on both ends about their feelings for each other.
  • Joan Alter Lily's Sleep Cute moment and Jeanne acting as a Cool Big Sis for Joan.
  • Martha's enjoyment of having successfully taken a picture of everyone. Her joy is amusing and adorable.

Fragment 28

  • Joan seeking advice from the young girls of Chaldea.
  • Gudao, Jeanne, and Amakusa helping out Joan with the Christmas Shopping.
  • Though a bit of a Tear Jerker, it's a bit heartwarming as Jeanne comforts Joan when they see the ocean, something that Jeanne dreamed of seeing.
  • Remember the Guidebook that Joan gave to Arturia Lily? Well, as Arturia finally revert back to her original age, she assured Joan that she actually like the gift, seeing this book would be helpful for her.
  • Joan giving a gift to Jeanne, and the sisters hugged.
  • Then the mental conversation between Joan Alter and Joan Alter Lily:
    Joan Alter Lily: You liked watching Jeanne treat me like a sister. Admit it!
    Joan Alter: Y-You can't prove anything you little-
    Joan Alter Lily: That was a stutter! Therefore, I'm right! Confuted!
    Joan Alter: ... Thanks for the memories, kid...
  • As promised, Joan finally let Gudao have his gift, but he must go to his room to see what it is. There, his room was decorated with Christmas themes, and even a quilt blanket with signatures and messages by his friends: Dr. Roman, Marie, Asterios, Saint George, Mata Hari, Babbage, Leonidas, Ushiwakamaru, AND EVEN GILGAMESH! Also, Joan leaves Gudao's room so he can enjoy his next present, spending time with Mashu.

Fragment 29

  • Despite a little rivalry, Nero and Tamamo gave each other Christmas, which they both love as they are craft coins containing the image of Hakuno, the Master that they both cherished. The two were overjoyed with these gifts and became thankful to each other.
  • No wanting to harm others due to her lethal presence, Serenity's been mostly confined to her room since her tour since her tour. So the other two Hassans spend their Christmas with Serenity in her room, with Gabby and the others visiting.

Fragment 30

  • Tamamo stops Andersen from continuing his deconstruction of Kiyohime, believing that the Berserker had gone through enough. She even tried to calm Kiyohime down as well.
    • Also, Tamamo mentioned that she still loves Hakuno very dearly.
  • The reason Medusa is helping Gudao and Mashu because the Shielder reminds her of Sakura.
  • Also a tear jerker, but Kiyohime decided to grimly accept the fact Gudao loves Mashu and wishes for both of them to find happiness together.
  • Kiyohime hanging out with Stheno and Euryale.
  • Kiyohime and Tamamo pushing aside their love rivalry to start over as friends.
    Kiyohime: Maybe… but then I was a blind, coercive, and clingy bitch, so who am I to judge…
    Tamamo: But you won't be anymore. I hope when this ordeal is over, you'll be the strong, graceful girl I remembered.
    Kiyohime: No, Tamamo. I will be the strong, graceful friend of yours again. I'm still getting over this crush on Gudao, but it won't stand between us anymore, nor anyone in the future. I promise... I want to be great friends again!

Fragment 31

  • Mordred's a bit anxious when Tristan is summoned to Chaldea, almost certain that he'll be gunning for both her and Lancelot's necks. But, Jekyll reassures her that it will be alright. Indeed, things appear to go smoothly between Tristan and the rest of the Knights in Chaldea, including Mordred.
  • Jekyll having conversations with Gilles, understanding what it's like to have a fiendish personality within him.
    Gilles: I do not appreciate that side of me. I wish nothing to do with that evil any longer. I have more than enough within me that I want to be rid of.
    Jekyll: Whether or not we want it is not our decision. It is the simple duality of human nature, Gilles. I experimented with that arrogantly myself… and tried to get rid of it, yet I made it worse. I refused to acknowledge it was really a part of me, and thus helped it sever itself to become its own horrendous identity. Whether I wanted it or not, Hyde was a facet of myself I had long since buried and refused to acknowledge.
    Gilles: Are you saying I should accept it? Accept a child murdering… fiendish personality in my head?
    Jekyll: If it arrives… it is only your choice. It is a burden I wouldn't wish on anyone. If It is any solace, we have many fine examples of inspiration. The avengers in particular have shown us that even if they embody hatred and retribution, they can still be who they desire to become.
    Jekyll: But we only have the absolute worst in mind… What if you only get memories, and use them to be a better person? Good cannot exist without evil to measure it, but we can use it as a way to redeem in the future.
    Gilles: I hope it comes to that then. Thank you, Jekyll.

Fragment 32

  • The friendship between Serenity and her new robot companion, "R1-N4" aka Rena.
  • Tristan apologizes to Serenity regarding his actions from the Camelot Singularity.
  • Knowing how much Rena means to Serenity, Cursed Arm and Hundred Face decide to keep her companion a secret for the time being. Especially nearly keeping Tyler as a hostage when he rediscovered the missing robot he's been searching for just to make him let Serenity keep it.
  • Tyler and Anton helping out Serenity to figure the problem with Rena. As long as Babbage and Da Vinci doesn't know, as Rena is an early project that the two Heroic Spirits developed.
  • Da Vinci decided to let Serenity keep Rena. With her robot companion being given the responsibility of carrying the antidote for the Assassin's toxin, Serenity can walk freely in Chaldea.

Fragment 33

  • Tamamo and Nero are really happy when they see Karna finally arrive in Chaldea. The two even offer to give him a tour.
  • Karna's continued friendship with Helena.
    • Later, the two being reunited with Edison at the end, with some hilarious hindsight regarding Tesla being present at his summoning.
  • Anishka, an Indian employee of Chaldea, finally gets to meet Karna and have a conversation with him.
    • Later, when the air gets tense as Karna and Arjuna cross paths within Chaldea, Anishka grew concerned about the situation and quickly informs Scathach and the Peacekeepers of Chaldea about the situation.

Fragment 34

  • Illya and Kuro having tea with Hercles and Asterios.
  • Asterios enjoying most his free time watching the butterflies fluttering around in Chaldea's Biogarden.
    • Also, the berserker helping out the employees.
    • Asterios hanging out with the Gorgon sisters, especially when the sisters gave him a movie as a gift for them to watch together.
  • Ishtar vs Gilgamesh. The goddess tries to make that golden king leave her friends alone.

Fragment 35

  • Okita doing her best on being Captain of the Chaldea Defense Force.
  • Helena gives Nobunaga her own android troop of chibi Nobus.

Fragment 36

  • A tearjerker bit, but Kiyohime and the hospitalized Gabby apologize to each other about what happen during the match and decided that Gabby had already suffered enough punishment. The two decide to try to forget what happened and move on.
  • A bit of an awesome moment near the end that Alice insists for Andersen to join them in the small party. Alice finally convinced him to stay. Two hours later, Andersen finally admits to himself that he actually enjoys it as he finally sheds a single tear of happiness.
    Andersen: Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.

Fragment 37

  • The friendship between Siegfriend, Jeanne, and Astolfo.
  • Delaqua and Gabby make peace with each other.

Fragment 38

  • The Masters, Servants, and the Employees enjoying their time at the newly constructed beach resort.

Fragment 39

  • The friendship between Delaqua and Leonidas.

Fragment 40

  • Anishka enjoys spending her time working with Rama, one of the Hindu deities she looked up to when she was young.
  • Rama still wishes to see Sita again.
  • Despite the intensity between Karna and Arjuna, the brothers try their best to silently acknowledge each other. Also, they both still respect Rama.
  • Gilgamesh does seem to have some respect for Rama, Karna, and Arjuna, but it's still obvious that he's not here to make friends with them (especially when Rama learned from Karna that the King continues to view Enkidu as his only friend). Even Marie was still surprised about King of Heroes being decent to them.
    • Also, Rama learned from Gabby that the only Master of Chaldea Gilgamesh would usually obey is Gudao.

Fragment 41

  • Ishtar and Mata Hari enjoy hanging out together in Valentine's Day, whether it's causing something mischievous or matchmaking other people... or both.

Fragment 42

  • Helena teaching the children and Jeanne in Chaldea's class.

Fragment 43

  • Tristan becoming Mozart's Music Student due to his skills with string instruments. And the scene when the two did a duet in Fantasia Resort.
  • Tyler offering his headphones to Mozart so the Caster can listen to Thomas Bergersen's Promise, one of the few modern music pieces that Mozart took interest in.
  • The mention of Tamamo and Kiyohime taking polearm lessons from Brynhildr, a subtle Mythology Gag to the pair's summer versions in the game.
  • Mozart, Tristan and Jeanne (with Tyler's help) performing a cover of Lindsey Stirling's Electric Daisy Violin not just to entertain their audience, but also cheer Gabrielle and Serenity up.

Fragment 44

  • There's a mention of Serenity and Brynhildr becoming good friends.
  • Nearly every moment involving Arash:
    • Arash comforting Serenity as she tries to deal with Gabby' rejection. And also cheering up Gabby.
    • Arash playing tag with the children.
    • Archery practice with Tota.
    • Arash hanging out with Jekyll, Paracelsus, Brynhildr, and Serenity.

Fragment 45

  • Arash being the first Servant of Tokyo's Grail War to meet Arthur again.
  • Arthur being reunited with the rest of the Servants of the 1st Tokyo Grail War. Even Ozymandias is overjoyed that Arthur finally arrived to Chaldea and invites him and the rest to a banquet in honor of Arthur's arrival.
  • The scene where Arturia finally meets her male counterpart.
    • Arturia invites Arthur to have dinner with her and the rest of the Knights of the Round, which all slowly accept him.
    • Arturia and later Arthur stand up to each other against Gilgamesh's insults.
    • Jeanne find the interaction between Arturia and Arthur adorable for being like brother and sister. The two Kings of Knights easily accept the idea of being siblings.
  • Arthur having a painting of a field of flowers bathed in moonlight, in his room. Something to remind him of Ayaka and her Garden.

Fragment 46

  • Hyde having a normal conversation with Gudao and Mashu, as the two want to get to know him.
  • Hyde trying to talk Mordred to understand what Jekyll's really feeling about her... in his own way. But, it's still enough to get her attention and a chance for Jekyll to make up with her.
  • Jekyll apologizes to Mordred and confesses his true feelings to her, which she returned as well as the two finally made up with a Big Damn Kiss.
  • Jekyll thanking Hyde at the end of the fragment. And in a rare showing for the pair within any franchise they appear in, the two shake hands and laugh together, finally reaching a level of mutual understanding.

Fragment 47

  • A normal conversation between Iskandar and Gilgamesh.
  • Fun time in the game room.
  • Iskandar playing Risk against Altera and Nero

    Redemption from Sin 

Chapter II

  • Merlin thanking Gudao and Mashu for helping Arturia, saying he's glad she has achieved everything she wanted with her life.

Chapter IX

  • Ozymandias and Gilgamesh having a normal conversation with each other in King Gilgamesh's garden. Especially the part where the pharaoh talk about having a garden like this with Moses and Nefertari. He even treasure the desert flower that his wife love.
    • Even though it saddens Ozymandias as he watched Moses departs, he still bid his surrogate brother farewell and wished him a happy life. Regardless, he still doesn't regret anything, and the pharaoh remain hopeful that he will meet Moses and Nefertari again someday.

Chapter XI

  • Despite his overwhelming arrogance, Chaldean Gilgamesh admits he is infinitely proud of how his people in Uruk have weathered the storm of Tiamat's alliance, and especially of his secretary Siduri. He even grants her a final kindness after seeing her transformed into a monster, letting her flee his presence despite deeply wanting to Mercy Kill her, which she is still sentient enough to thank him for. She later continues the chain of kindness by saving Kingu from his own minions after Tiamat betrays him and steals the Grail.


  • Thanks to King Gilgamesh's Memorial Essense, he now knows Roman's true identity, but promise to keep his secret from the others while reassuring the Doctor and Da Vinci that they all still have time to prepare for the final battle against Solomon.
  • The final payoff of Enkidu's friendship cord, foreshadowed by the prologue: it turns out to be a dud summon, bringing forth Caster/King Gilgamesh as a memorial essence, leaving Archer!Gil completely destroyed, and grimly accepting that he deserved their separation. But it turns out that King Gil's own cord had fallen into Gudao's satchel, remaining unnoticed due to him being out cold for over a week. As Gil sullenly mopes to what he presumes is another hallucination brought on by his grief, his words turn to a farewell, horrifying his delusion into grabbing him... but it's not a delusion. It's Enkidu in the flesh, summoned as a Lancer. Gil breaks down in tears as he clings to his friend, and in his gratitude, he finally accepts Gudao as his Master, implicitly calling him a near-equal and possibly even a friend. In the words of the author, "Congratulations, Gudao, you just Bond 10'd Gilgamesh."

    Season 3 

Fragment 48

  • Medusa thinking that while Gudao is terrible as a magus in terms of personality, that makes him a good friend and a very acceptable master.
  • After watching Medusa nearly break down from the memories of Ana and the possibility of turning into Gorgon again, Euryale and Stheno show how much they care about Medusa, admitting they're actually jealous of her beauty.
    • Helena, Hans, Asterios, Anton and Fran all express their concern for the youngest Gorgon.
    • Merlin explaining to Medusa why it is very unlikely she will turn into a monster.
  • The Gorgon sisters decide to join Kiyohime and Tamamo in their manicure sessions, since they want Medusa to become more confident in her looks.

Fragment 49

  • Sanson making ice cream sundae for Jack and Alice. They love it so much that the two sneak out late at night to Sanson, who is still there in his shift, for more. And Sanson doesn't mind and make some. But, just as he finally finished, the two girls are already fast asleep, and not wanting to disturb them, he let them rest and tuck them in.
  • Kiritsugu comforting his son after the latter received a Memorial Essence from Emiya Alter.

Fragment 50

  • Enkidu and Asterios having a small conversation while admiring the butterflies.
  • Enkidu and Gilgamesh playing Jenga with Iskandar, Waver, and Jaguarman.
  • Ozymandias accepting defeat in the Volleyball game and congratulates Gilgamesh and his team.

Fragment 51

  • A flashback of Cursed Arm Hassan and his son during the Camelot singularity. You can tell that even though Rashid remains unaware that Hassan was his father, he is still content with the Servant's presence at his home.
  • King Hassan doesn't fully understand Chaldea or how his heirs have adapted to it, but he's more than willing to accept that things are very different from his era, and he must hold things to a different standard than he once did the Hasshashin. After all the Hassans proved their worth in Camelot, he is content for now to observe them with quiet interest. Cursed Arm even talks him into trying a milkshake, which the founder seems to genuinely like.

Fragment 52

  • The new extended Emiya family scene at the end shows them all happy together and is almost reminiscent of some scenes from the Visual Novel.

Fragment 53

  • Almost any scene of Mata Hari's interaction with the Servents of Chaldea.
  • Mata Hari trying to get Mephistopheles to leave Dr. Roman alone.

Fragment 54

  • Quetzalcoatl reunited with Gabby by tackling the Master in excitement when she was finally summoned.
  • Regardless of a small rivalry between Quez and Jaguarman, the goddess decided to call it even and get along (as she's been informed about the Jaguarman saving her), as long as the Jaguarman doesn't get on her nerves.
  • Quetzalcoatl meeting Medusa and asked if it's alright she can sit with her for dinner, just to understand and befriend her.

Fragment 55

  • Robin shows he's truly interested in helping Elizabeth become an idol.
  • He succeeds in doing so by secretly broadcasting her performance for all of Chaldea to hear. Thanks to a new microphone project, her singing actually sounds great and many in Chaldea are talking about it in good favor.
    • She happily sobs as Vlad and some others come to congratulate her after her supposed recording.

Fragment 56

  • The friendship between Gabby and Medb.
  • Medb and Fergus still being in love with each other.

Fragment 57

  • Xuanzang getting along with Anishka.
  • The scene where Tota reassure Xuanzang when she was upset with herself.

Fragment 58

  • The flashback of how Atalanta chose to become a mother for Jackie, especially after what previously happened.
  • Mephistopheles genuinely apologizing to Atalanta for making Alice cry a couple of chapters ago, showing that the demonic Homunculus is really capable of remorse.
  • While a bit funny, the conversation between Okita and Nobunaga, which sounds just like a married couple apologizing for not spending time with the other, is nice to read.

Fragment 59

  • The entire chapter shows Caligula struggling through his mad enhancement by using whatever stimuli possible to keep him from ruining things for others.
  • Caligula spent months trying to write a single letter that explains he's still sound of mind behind his mad enhancement. He is also willing to suffer his Mad Enhancement until Solomon is defeated because he knows his parameters as a servant are about as bad as those of Hans, if not worse, without it, and that Chaldea needs every edge it can get.

Fragment 60

  • Phantom of the Opera becomes extremely antisocial and uncomfortable after his mental pollution is released but Shakespeare still sticks by him as a true friend.
  • Erik is playing his cello at the beach waiting for the sunrise. He is joined by Tristan and Mozart who he didn't know practice there all the time. They compliment his ability and offer him to join them more often.

Fragment 61

  • The fragment opens up with a new addition to the Memorial Hall: a photo to commemorate a successful first joint mission between the Egyptian Servants and the Uruk Servants with Iskander tagging along for the ride. After seeing Ozymandias and Gilgamesh butt heads for many chapters, it's remarkable seeing them having friendlier, respectful relations.
  • At the end, the other party guests assure Nitocris that she has nothing to live up to: She's already been a true pharaoh but still never accepted the idea for herself. Nitocris finally feels comfortable enough to show her true self without trying to live up to her title all the time. An extra Sphinx kitten for her helps too.

Fragment 62

  • Hector babysitting Atalanta's girls for her.
  • The proposal scene between Caesar and Cleopatra.

Fragment 63

  • Anishka is finally shown speaking to her father and it's revealed he's been dead the whole time. It's both uplifting and sad because she held her sexual orientation from him the entire time.
  • The command seal ceremony ends with a summoning and Anishka manages to bring Sita to Chaldea. She is immediately reunited with Rama.

Fragment 64

  • Even after witnessing the nightmare together through the link, Anishka reassures him that no matter how imperfect he is, Arjuna will always be one of her heroes she admires, and promised to keep a secret for him.
  • Geronimo passing on words of wisdom to Arjuna about the dual nature of the human heart.
  • The conversation between Arjuna and Karna, especially with Arjuna's confession about his resentment and jealousy toward Karna. The latter is pleased to see his sibling finally grow and begin moving to a better direction, even offering him a genuine smile.
    Karna: I look forward to our healthy rivalry from here on. I'm glad you've found your way, brother.
  • Arjuna giving his arrow he used to shoot Karna with to Anishka as a way to thank her for accepting his darkness and have her keep it as a symbol of trust.
    • After that, the way Arjuna shows deep respect to her, as a way to promise her to better himself to the Master he owes a lot to.

Fragment 65

  • Regardless of the warning, Kuro had a friendly chat with Angra Mainyu when they ran into each other.
  • Angra still thinks about Bazett and Caren.
  • Tyler letting Angra join in with his gaming buddies in the arcade.

Fragment 66

  • Mata Hari finally gets an adoptive child: Paul Bunyan. She and others proceed to smother her with affection and care almost immediately.

Fragment 67

  • Jeanne Alter Santa Lily, a botched attempted summon by a maddened Saber Gilles, is crying because the teams never told her they can't bring her to Chaldea. Da Vinci experiments with unknown variables and successfully brings her back with the team. Her tears of potential abandonment are changed to tears of happiness.
  • Li Shuwen being acquainted with Cu, a nod from their time together in Nero's campaign.

Fragment 68

  • Okita's reunion with Hijikata.
  • Hijikata playing chess with Benkei.

Fragment 69

  • The Celtic group cares a lot about each other and it shows as they worry over Gabby.
  • Cu bonds with Angra over the fact they both were Servants to Bazett.
  • Cu teaches Scathach how to fish.

Fragment 70

  • King Hassan meets Yedda, the youngest member of Hundred Face's gestalt and a mere child. He greets her kindly, assuring her he is (at least currently) not a danger to her. He even decides to allow her to call him "Grandpa Hassan", a subtle and cute nod to the "Chibi Gudako" fancomics by Eirri, where King Hassan is affectionately referred to as "Gramps" and is a rather doting guardian to his tiny contractor.
  • Hans explains he never tried to deconstruct Hundred Faces Hassan because she wasn't some self-entitled jackass needing a dose of reality, she was and still is genuinely ill, and he can't bring himself to add to this.

Fragment 71

  • Anton proposes to Fran. She says yes.

Fragment 72

  • Phantom takes advantage of all the hijinks surrounding the play - culminating in Arash and Mata Hari having an impromptu kiss that quickly ceases to be accidental - to perform an ad lib that allows his character to leave Arash and Mata Hari's characters in peace, a lovely Call-Back to how he, eventually, allowed Christine to leave with Raoul all those years ago. As the cast takes their final bows, Marie and Paula proceed to demand they kiss again, and the audience joins in. Mata Hari and Arash decide to simply take the Relationship Upgrade gracefully and oblige their fans.

Fragment 73

  • Tesla having a pet automaton pigeon named Grace.
  • As Tesla and Edison work together to find Solomon's whereabouts, Edison offer Tesla a handshake to congratulate his rival, which surprises Helena.

Fragment 74

  • Janna becoming one of Brynhildr's students.
    • Janna also mentioned that she's going to help Kuro and Jackie with their homework (without cheating, of course).
  • Brynhildr playing poker with Bedivere, Karna, and Siegfried.
  • Even if Sigurd is her only love, there's implication that Brynhildr slowly falling for Arthur, but still restrains herself so that their trust remains strong.

Fragment 75

  • A flashback of Mashu promise to Ereshkigal that the goddess will be happen once she arrives to Chaldea. 28 Fragments later, Ereshkigal finally arrived to Chaldea.
    • Also, the friendship between Ereshkigal and Mashu
  • Ereshkigal finally meeting Enkidu again during her tour.
  • The conversation between Ereshkigal and Ryougi.

     Who We Are 

Chapter 2

  • The childhood flashback of Gabby cheering up Gudao after he got bullied.

Chapter 3

  • Naomi still has Olga's present, a crocheted red rose, with her always. And, as much it scares Naomi, she doesn't want to die yet, because she want to keep on living with her friends.

Chapter 4

  • Da Vinci deliever her last kiss to Roman.
  • David knew that Roman was Solomon all along by chance (noticed familiarity from the doctor for some time, and Roman's arrival to the battlefield was able to confirm his suspicions). Regardless, David still express his understanding while comforting his son. And these dialogues alone shows that no matter what, David will always be proud of him.
    David: If anyone has the means to take down Goetia… It's going to be you, Solomon. That thing was made by your hands, so it's only right to believe you can do it.
    Roman: I can... I don't look like it, but I have the means to defeat Goetia.
    David: I won't stop you then... I'll just yell at you for keeping all this secret once we get back to Chaldea, alright? So... Do what you must, and make me proud, son.
    Roman: ...T-Thanks, dad.

Chapter 5

  • The Servants cheering for Roman to kick Goetia's ass into the stratosphere, immediately after The Reveal of his true identity. Roman very much appreciates it since he fretted over the possibility of Chaldea hating his guts because of what Goetia did impersonating Solomon.


  • The returned Chaldeans are quickly becoming sad because of Roman's demise but Shakespeare quickly swings it around into a round of cheers.
  • Da Vinci and David tearfully reminisce about what Roman would do if he were at the celebration.


Chapter 2

  • Da Vinci has tea with David. He acknowledges her not as another target for his womanizing but a future daughter in law. He's holding firm Roman could still return as a servant as his way of coping.

Chapter 4

  • David and Mashu come to Da Vinci's aid when Lord El-Melloi II suspects her of working with an outside organization to pit the Mage's Association and UN against each other.

Chapter 12

    Season 4 

Fragment 76

  • Quetzalcoatl spending time with all the children.
  • Merlin tells Gudao and Mashu Fou is the one who revived her. They keep the secret after showing Fou how much they appreciate him and honor his request for more chin scratches.

Fragment 78

  • The meeting between Semiramis and Amakusa. The assassin was, for a while, worried she would only have Shakespeare as a sort of friend and meeting the former Red Faction leader did a lot to allay her fears for her stay in Chaldea.

    The Lost Shards 

Shard 20

  • Illya and Kuro meet Heracles. Even if they don't know each other, the Berserker still remembers his Master.

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