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Because the characters don't have officially released names yet, they'll be indexed by the tropes or stereotypes they portray.

In General

  • Apathetic Citizens: Other than the ones engaging the player, everyone else turns a completely blind eye to the chaos and mayhem as long as a random thrown bottle or stool doesn't hit them.
  • Blood Knight: Nobody in the bar will turn down an opportunity to engage the player in a fist fight if provoked, even by accident, making the entire bar a room full of blood knights.


A simple, skinny, unassuming guy that gets taller and stronger by drinking booze and decides to battle an entire bar full of people.
  • Booze-Based Buff: He grows taller and stronger by drinking alcohol.
  • Glass Cannon: Despite his ability to pound the entire bar into the pavement, a single blow to the head (even a weak, limp-wristed slap) will send him sprawling.

Angry Drunk

An angry middle-aged man with a receding hairline and a perpetual scowl. Usually the first opponent the player will face.
  • Flipping the Bird: Usually starts off the fight with these, and tosses them out periodically while fighting.

Asian Businessman

A short, skinny Asian man wearing a shirt and tie. Typically becomes the second opponent for the player.
  • All Asians Know Martial Arts: Inverted. He's actually the worst fighter in the room and can't even throw a decent punch.
  • Finger Wag: Does this as his opening taunt. Like most opening taunts, it leaves him open to get smacked in the face.
  • Wimp Fight: One of his attacks is to turn his head away and wildly flail his hands in front of him.



A man with a small goatee and quaffed hair. Usually comes into the fight third.
  • Surprise Difficulty: One of his maneuvers is to duck down to his right and then come up with a right hook. It can be tricky to spot, but it's made easier by the fact that he performs it as a normal attack rather than reactively using it to dodge your punches.

Country Boy

A tall man in a plaid shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots with a shaved head and a vandyke beard.
  • Difficulty Spike: He's the first opponent to introduce a new mechanic. He will reactively duck your punches, and is the first opponent in the usual order that reacts to your attacks by dodging or ducking.


Beach Guy

A bald man wearing a surfer shirt and board shorts.
  • Bring It: One of his taunts is to lean forward and point at his chin, challenging the player to throw a punch.

Annoying Woman

A short, scowling woman with brown hair dressed in a pink blouse and capris.
  • Dirty Coward: She'll act tough, approaching you unprovoked and strutting around like a chicken to taunt you, but the moment you lay a hand on her, she'll retreat behind a wall of advancing guys eager to defend her honor.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: The bar patrons will stand idly by while this unprovoked woman lays into you with slaps and kicks, but the moment you make any attempt to defend yourself, they'll all attack you for it.
  • Women Are Delicate: The whole bar seems to think so, since the second you lay a hand on her, the rest of the patrons charge in to her defense.

Fat Guy

A balding, overweight man in a blue shirt and jeans.
  • Boisterous Weakling: He'll taunt you just like anyone else, but he's one of the weakest fighters. A lot of this has to do with him having a large hitbox and relatively short arms, meaning he has to step well into your reach to attack you.

Muscle Head

A muscular man with a proportionally small head wearing a skin-tight tank top.
  • Paper Tiger: Despite his large muscles and athletic appearance, he's relatively easy to take down as he tends to spend more time taunting than actually attacking you.

Biker Guy

A large, bearded, muscular biker wearing leather and covered in tattoos.
  • Badass Biker: He's a biker (or at least he's dressed like one) and he's one of the best fighters in the bar.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather: He's dressed head to toe in leather biker gear.


A bald, broad-shoulders, muscular black man wearing sunglasses, a t-shirt, and black pants.
  • Bouncer: It's in the name, and he even looks almost exactly like the page image for the Bouncer entry.
  • Scary Black Man: Given his occupation, this is probably intentional.

Blonde Girl

A thin girl with a blonde ponytail.
  • Martial Pacifist: She's one of the only patrons in the bar that will never engage the player in a fight unless the player hits her with a projectile.
  • Neutral Female: She's capable of fighting more effectively than some of the male patrons, but she'll completely ignore the chaos unless she's directly provoked.


A woman wearing a white collared shirt that spends most of her time behind the bar.
  • Neutral Female: Like the blonde girl, the bartender is fully capable of fighting, but will not attack the player unless she's hit by the player first. Of course, due to poor pathfinding, she often can't get out from behind the bar.

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