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The Doctor

The titular Doctor is an alien from another universe called a Time Lord, wrapped in mystery and a history spanning eons. With him he's brought a sense of fun, justice and firey passion for life, dedicated to doing the right thing and stopping disaster across the cosmos... and having the time of his life along the way across time and space. A unique ability of their race is the ability of regeneration, where their face and personality is altered at their time of death with the same memories, beginning life anew.

This incarnation, nicknamed Hourglass, or Hours for short, is an unnumbered version as he genuinely cannot remember how many times he's regenerated. This unfathomable age hasn't done anything to affect his youthful energy, always on the move and having a cheesy smile to see him through whatever danger comes his way.


His recent past is a mystery even to himself. His current incarnation has no recollection of how he got to this universe or the final moments of his native, humanoid one.

  • Adorkable: Undoubtedly.
  • All-Loving Hero:
  • Apologises a Lot: So, so frequent, oblivious to it as well, as he tells Trixie often she has nothing to apologise for.
  • Awesome by Analysis: Can decipher quite a lot of a situation and/or technology just by looking at it or a few moments to play around with it.
  • Badass Boast: Is a big fan of these
  • Back from the Dead: How regeneration works.
  • Butt-Monkey: Often the butt of jokes from Trixie. And whoever else needs to vent.
  • Crossdresser: Makes no secret of it as he is often seen in what would be considered mares clothes
  • Death Glare: Has been known to give these, betraying that innocent charming look he usually has to reveal something that can look downright sinister.
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  • The Dreaded: Uses his past reputation to his advantage to install fear in his first opponents.
  • Noodle Incident: Given how long he's been alive and around, its no wonder he has a few stories that context can't even explain.
  • French Maid: Frequently is seen as one in artworks outside the show.
  • Gay Best Friend:
  • Guttural Growler: When angry he can get rather deep and savage sounding.
  • Large Ham: Oh very much yes.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: Even more yes.
  • Tranquil Fury: From how much he frequently is loud and booming, when he goes quiet and angry, it is not a pleasant sound.
  • Younger Than They Look: And how!

The Great and Powerful Trixie
"I wish my life would change completely..."

Traveling magician by day and traveling magician by night, as well as traveling magician whenever possible, Trixie makes sure she's the star of every story, be it with her daring escapes, her ingenious ideas or her brilliance in presentation and splendour!

...Or as she wishes to portray herself. Beneath that exterior lies a vulnerability she is loath to show anyone. Not that its necessarily false, but having lied to herself so long she doesn't always believe her own accomplishments and hides behind showboating and snark. When she is first introduced she's down on her luck, threatened with the possibility to go back to the rock farm she dreaded so much, but after saving the world in her own special way with the help of the Doctor, she takes a bit of convincing but is now his manager/boss/assistant/bestie/whatever title they can stick on each other.


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