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  • The Adam Carolla Show has TONS of catchphrases and Running Gags in the form of various sound drops from Bryan. Some of the more common ones include:
    • Brian Whitman impersonating Tom Leykis laughing, usually dropped when someone says something that could be a double entendre.
    • "Oh My God It's Exciting" Adam's wife Lynette. Usually played when the topic of her comes up and her (lack of) interest in Adam's interests.
    • "Boom," Matt Fondiler's nonchalantness.
    • An annoyed whine, Adam's impersonation of his wife when Adam turns on the ceiling fan at night.
    • Adam saying "Who?" in an exasperated, high pitched whine, usually in response to mentioning someone that's not well known.
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    • Dr. Drew saying "you're an alcoholic" usually in response to Adam talking about his drinking.
    • Alison saying "Nooooo" very high pitched.
    • Sunny (Adam's son) saying "It's just a waste of my time" and "What are you talking about."
    • And Natalia (Adam's daughter) saying "Daddy stop talking" when Adam won't shut up.
    • Carl Weathers saying "Not. Interested."
    • Adam's mother saying "How should I know?" usually in the context of Adam talking about how little interest his parents have in his life.
    • His dad saying what sounds like "Hell yeah" (probably just a mumbled up "hello-yeah?") when the topic of his dad comes up, particularly Adam's perception of his dad being somewhat lazy and lethargic.
    • Also his dad malaproping the name of his home improvement podcast (with his old buddy Ray) Ace on the House as Ace on the Roof.
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    • Anytime someone is talking around obvious stereotypes of a certain ethnicity (usually blacks or hispanics) without specifically mentioning them, Adam will invariably say something like "come on, we all know who you mean. The jews."
    • Joe Walsh asking "Weren't We Doing The News" when Adam goes way off subject during Alison's news segment.
    • "Let's drink some beers and rape!" from Adam talking about frat boy type douchebags, now used whenever Adam gets in an excited mood.
    • Adam saying "I do horrible live reads" when he's in the middle of, well...
    • A drop of Will Ferrell from Anchorman saying "Great story" when someone is giving a long-winded, boring, or nonsensical ancedote.
    • A drop of the "The More You Know" lock out sound effect from the 80s NBC PSA's, when someone gives (often terrible) life advice.
    • Alison sounding mentally disabled while saying "My fiance Daniel."
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    • Often when Adam is trying to get Dr. Drew to listen, he'll say: "OK, Drew. Dig.". To which Drew will reply (if he wants to listen): "Dig."
    • Announcer Dawson adding an H to the beginning of the word "enter" during commercial plugs, based on his once messing it up that way.
    • Lampshading how well (or not well) Adam, Drew, etc transition from whatever they're talking about into a commercial plug.
    • Bryan almost always picks something Alison (sometimes Adam or others) says during her news segment to play as a drop out of context at the end of the news, generally sexual or just funny/messed up.
    • Additionally, he plays the "top drop" during his intro of every show, as requested by twitter. These can be classics (going back to the Loveline days) or something said the day before.
  • Canadian interviewer extraordinaire Nardwuar the Human Serviette has several:
    • After the first song of every radio show ends: "AND you're listening to CiTR; FM 102, cable 102, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! And it's time right now for The Nardwuar the Human Serviette Radio Show! And you just heard, right there..."
    • Nardwuar's first question at the beginning of every interview is a pointed "Who are you?"
    • "Winding up here, ____________..." when he's a couple minutes away from finishing all his questions.
    • "Anything you wanna add to the people out there at all?", said after he's finished his questions.
    • To end the interview: "Thanks so much, _______, keep on rockin' in the free world, and doot doola doot doo..." (to the tune of Shave And A Haircut, to which the interviewee is meant to respond "doot doo!").
    • "Ba-BOOM!" when an interviewee has made a good joke or zinger, or has quoted someone else's.
  • The Brewing Network: Jamil's "Hey howdy hey my brewing brothers and sisters", followed by John's "greetins cretins". For a long time listeners would sign off letters with "suck it JP". Scott signs off his segments with "This is Scott the Jew, saying la hiem". For a long time Tasty Mc Dole would try to squeeze a mention of his popular recipe Janets Brown into a discussion, to a point where he would sometimes just say its name with no actual reason.
  • Hamish in I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue and Hamish and Dougal: "Ah, Dougal! You'll have had your tea!"
  • The jingle to Radio Disney was Radio Disney, We're all ears!'' back in the 90's until 2003.
  • Arthur in Cabin Pressure thinks everything is "brilliant".
  • Tons in The Goon Show:
    • Neddy Seagoon: "Whatwhatwhatwhat?", "And this is where the story really starts", "I did not wish to know that".
    • Eccles: "Fine, fine, fine."
    • Bluebottle: "I hear you call, my captain!", "I don't like this game" "You dirty rotten swine! You've deaded me!" "Waits for audience applause, not a sausage."
    • Major Bloodnock: "Nurse! The screens!", "You've done me a power of good!"
    • Grytpype-Thynne: "You silly, twisted boy!"
    • Jim Moriarty: "Sapristi!", "Owwwwwww!"
    • Minnie Bannister: "We'll all be murdered in our beds!"
    • Henry Crun: "You can't get the wood, you know."
    • And many characters who exist purely to say their catchphrases, such as Little Jim ("He's fallen in the wa-ter!") and Willum ("You can't park there, mate.")
  • Journey into Space:
    • Jet often says "Good heavens!" when shocked. On occasion, he says "Good grief!"
    • Whenever Lemmy says something silly or unhelpful, Jet chastises him by saying "Quiet, Lemmy!" A chastened Lemmy typically replies "Yes, Jet."
    • Lemmy frequently says "Do me a favour, Mitch!" when disagreeing with his crewmate. In The World in Peril, the catchphrase is changed to "Turn it up, Mitch!"
  • Ghost from True Capitalist Radio had to be given his own page.
  • The Frantics built an entire career's worth of comedy around the phrase "BOOT TO THE HEAD!", and inventing situations in which that phrase might be used to humorous effect. The two most famous are the reading of a will ("Last Will and Temperament") and a martial arts instructor dealing with an overenthusiastic and arrogant student ("Ti Kwan Leep")
  • The Shadow
    • “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!”
    • “The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay. The Shadow knows!”

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