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Ed, Edd n Eddy's relationship with the fourth wall seems to be something between a regular TV show and No Fourth Wall. The best way to think of it is a show where Peach Creek is a regular town and some TV director decided to make a documentary about their neighborhood. He tells them not to do anything they wouldn't do if the camera wasn't trained on them but from time to time, they will comment about their status in the show, which doesn't get edited out because it doesn't break the flow of the show (in other words they're still being themselves).


  • One example is Rolf saying "Rolf finally feels safe enough to appear in this episode!" in "Look Before You Ed"
  • This infamous scene from "From Here to Ed":
    Ed: Prepare to meet your maker!
    Jimmy: Antonucci? note 
  • The episode "One Plus One Equals Ed" was largely devoted to breaking the fourth wall, with the Eds making observations about the things they could do that broke the laws of physics (Stealing Jimmy's outline, going from the foreground to behind the background and crushing stuff), taking notes, and eventually warping all of reality, until the balloon they were using to fly pops on the animator's pencil.
    (The checkered road Edd is standing next to begins flowing like fabric, slowly covering the screen)
    Edd: Hello? An original screen transition, interesting. note 
    • Another example is Eddy's hand being put behind the sun instead of in front of it. He notices this, and he literally eats part of the sun and turns it into a crescent moon.
    Eddy: Well, if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em!
  • "Every Which Way but Ed" has them parodying the Flashback technique in a way that has to be seen to be believed. For instance, they manage to get caught in a flashback that's in a flashback that's in a flashback that's in a flashback that Eddy's having.
  • In "Key to My Ed", Cloudcuckoolander Jonny is found sleeping in the middle of the street. The second time the Eds encounter him, Eddy asks "Does this kid sleep through the whole show?"
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  • In "Mama's Little Ed", Eddy apologizes to Edd for an earlier outburst, blaming it on Ed and Kevin, and Edd points out that the latter didn't appear at all during the episode.
  • In "Ed Overboard", Eddy is being sworn in as a temporary member of the Urban Rangers, and remarks, "I'd swear, but Standards won't let me."
  • Kevin gets one in as well in "For Your Eds Only". After the Eds tie him to a tree so he doesn't blab about Eddy stealing Sarah's diary, Eddy shouts "Hasta la vista, baby!" and Edd apologizes before following, ending with "C'est la vie!"
    Kevin: This show needs subtitles.
  • In "Run, Ed, Run" the fourth wall is literally smashed to pieces when the Eds are thrown into the sky - and hit it. The "sky" then breaks and falls away to reveal television static.
  • "Here's Mud in Your Ed" ends with Edd saying, "An iris-in would be appropriate now, don’t you think?" iris out on Eddy "Thank you."
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  • The opening sequence for the show features the Eds mugging for—and at one point knocking over—the camera.
  • "Don't touch that dial, kids." - Ed
  • In "Stuck In Ed", when Eddy starts to doubt Jimmy's ability to come up wit a scam, Edd reminds him of the events of "Ed in a Half-Shell", when Eddy taught Jimmy everything he knows.
    Eddy: Oh, yeah! Didn't we win an Emmy for that episode?
    Edd: (deadpan) Hardly.
  • In "Knock Knock, Who's Ed", when Sarah locks the Eds out of her and Ed's house during a monster movie marathon:
    Edd: We could just go to our house, Eddy.
    Eddy: What, and ruin the plot?
  • The first act of "Ed in the Bush" has Ed quip "End of first sequence and fade to black!" right before a fade to black.
  • In "Brother, Can You Spare an Ed?":
    • Eddy offers to carry the money Ed got from Sarah "So you don't contaminate those badly drawn fingers."
    • Eddy's response to a melodramatic rant from Edd is to ask Ed "Who writes this guy's stuff?"
  • During the deleted scene of "Take this Ed and Shove It", Eddy blatantly smashes the fourth wall.
    Eddy: This is some kind of joke. This is one of those stupid done-to-death cartoon nightmares. (shouts to the sky) Okay you can wake me up now Mr. Cartoon Director... HEY ANTONUCCI, WAKE ME UP!!!
  • After injuring himself in "If It Smells Like an Ed", Ed quips "I should have all the feeling back in my feet after these words from our sponsors, Double D!" Edd, who is forced to lift a slab of pavement the Eds have been using as a clue, mutters "Curse broadcast commercialism!"
  • During The Movie, this gem of a moment occurred while the Eds are reading the following instructions on an emergency kit:
    Edd: In case of movie, break glass?!
    Eddy: BINGO!
    (Eddy breaks open the case and pulls out a peanut)
    Eddy: ...a peanut?
    Ed: Cheap movie.
    • At the end of the same film after the Eds have finally become popular, Edd gleefully notes that "it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials, and a movie, Eddy!"
  • In "Robbin' Ed", Edd thinks they've gone too far with their latest scam.
    Edd: You've falsely swindled those children out of their allowances! Oh, I know; that's why we do in every show! But not like THIS!
  • In "The Good Ol' Ed", Ed's response to Eddy bringing up the "Canadian squirt guns" from "Know-It-All Ed" is "Funny it was, as though it were only second season."
  • In "Don't Rain on My Ed", during a series of close-ups Ed shouts "EXTREME CLOSE-UP!" during... well, an extreme close-up on his face.
  • After getting distracted from his latest scam through the whole episode in "Who's Minding the Ed?", Eddy snaps "HOW ABOUT MY DIFFICULT TIME OF HAVING YOU ON MY BACK THROUGH THIS WHOLE SHOW?!"
  • Edd's response to having to run around after Eddy in "Cry Ed" is to moan "I think I've lost ten pounds this season!"
  • At the end of "A Fist Full of Ed", after Eddy shouts down the Kanker sisters into leaving Edd alone, Edd is touched: "Eddy, you'd subvert a cliche episode ending for me?"

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