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Awesome Music / Dear Evan Hansen

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Music just makes you move, doesn't it?

Considering that the composers were the same ones who wrote music for the Academy Award nominated La La Land, this entire page was guaranteed to be made.

  • "Waving Through a Window" is the most famous song for a reason. It's simply beautiful, and a great showcase for Evan's actor's vocal range. Special mention to Owl City's excellent cover, especially since it practically sounded like an Owl City song to begin with.
  • "For Forever". A heartwarming song about Evan's fake friendship with Connor.
  • "Sincerely, Me". The entire thing, from its bucketloads of humor (especially from Will Roland), to its catchy rock tune, and finally, Will Roland, Ben Platt and Mike Faist dancing to its tune (seen in the page image). Conclusively, its exuberant energy makes the song.
  • "If I Could Tell Her", with its guitar and awe-inspiring lyrics.
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  • "You Will Be Found" gets its message across very quickly: that no matter how alone or broken one feels, there will always be someone to help. The two slow violin chords, as well as the sudden rush of strings at the end, are a highlight.
  • "Good For You". A good representation of Evan's guilt beginning to bubble to the forefront. These lyrics from Ben Platt, combined with the rock melody, in particular:
    All I need is some time to think
    But the boat is about to sink
    Can't erase what I wrote in ink
    Tell me how can I change the story?

    All the words that I can't take back
    Like a train comin' off the track
    As the rails and the bolts all crack
    I gotta find a way to stop it, stop it, just let me out!
  • "Words Fail", which is one of the saddest songs in this play. A BSoD Song by Ben Platt, the combination of his crying and singing sell the grim tone throughout the song, which all builds up to a tearjerking reprise of "Waving Through a Window".
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  • "So Big / So Small", where Rachel Bay Jones combines not only the grief that Heidi feels for her husband leaving her, but also the desperation and determination to support her son Evan. There's not a dry eye in the house when this one comes on.
  • "Finale", a reprise of "For Forever", containing one last changed line that is a great summation of Evan's Character Development:
    All I see is sky, for forever...


  • The official webpage for the musical, and its official Twitter account, put together a virtual choir from fans from around the world (31 countries, to be precise). The editing, the harmony, the diversity shown, it's all simply stunning and moving as can be, truly encapsulating the theme of You Are Not Alone: "You Will Be Found".


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