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Dear Evan Hansen: do not get Jared to write fake emails about a fake friendship with the loner at school. Ever. Sincerely, us.

It isn't just Jared that delivers the laughs. There are more hilarious moments from this emotionally devastating play than you think.

  • This exchange between Murphys.
    Cynthia: It's your senior year, Connor, you are not missing the first day.
    Connor: I already said I'd go tomorrow. I'm trying to find a compromise here.
    Cynthia: Are you going to get involved here or are you too busy on your email, Larry?
    Larry: You have to go to school, Connor.
    Cynthia: That's all you're going to say?
    Larry: What do you want me to say? He doesn't listen. Look at him. He's probably high.
    Zoe: He's definitely high.
    Connor: Fuck you.
    Zoe: Fuck you.
    Cynthia: I don't need you picking on your brother right now. That is not constructive.
    Zoe: Are you kidding?
    Cynthia: Besides, he’s not high.
    [Connor can only lift his head up slowly, with a look that screams that he took drugs]
    Cynthia: Are you high?! We have talked about this, Connor. You are not going to school high!
    Connor: Perfect, so then I won't go. Thanks, Mom!
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  • Jared thinks Evan broke his arm because of a date with rosie palms.
    "Paint me the picture: you're in your bedroom, you've got Zoe Murphy's Instagram up on your weird, off-brand cell phone..."
  • During the Murphys' dinner, Cynthia remembers ski trips together with nearby neighbours the Harrisons.
    Evan: Connor loved skiing.
    Zoe: Connor hated skiing.
    Evan: Well, right. That's what I meant. Connor loved... talking about how much he hated skiing.
  • When Evan lies about Connor shoving him at school...
    Evan: He didn't really want people to know we were friends. I guess he was embarrassed. A little.
    Zoe: Why would he be embarrassed?
    Evan: Um... I guess because he thought I was sort of, you know...
    Zoe: A nerd?
    Larry: Zoe!
    Zoe: Isn't that what you meant?
    Evan: Loser, I was going to say, actually. But nerd works, too.
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  • Jared isn't convinced by Evan's secret email account plan.
    Jared: Oh, right, one of those secret email accounts! Sure! For sending pictures of your penises to each other!
  • This exchange between Evan and Jared, when Jared makes an offer to make fake emails from Connor.
    Jared: For two grand.
    Evan: Two thousand dollars?
    Jared: Five hundred.
    Evan: I can give you twenty.
    Jared: Fine, but you're a dick.
  • "Sincerely, Me" from beginning to end is hilarious.
    • Jared's first draft of an email.
      Connor: Dear Evan Hansen, We've been way too out of touch. Things have been crazy, and it sucks that we don't talk that much. But I should tell you that I think of you each night. I rub my nipples and start moaning with delight!
      Evan: (to Jared) Why would you write that?!
      Jared: [gives a wicked laugh to what he's just typed] I’m just trying to tell the truth!
    • "I've gotta tell you life without you has been hard-"
      "has been bad-"
      "has been rough!"
    • "'Smoking drugs'?" "Just fix it!"
      "If I stop smoking crack-"
      "If I stop smoking pot then everything might be alright.
    • "My sister's hot!"
      "What the hell?!"
      "My bad."
    • Evan and Connor stopping their declarations of friendship to hastily remind/assure people that they aren't gay.
    • Listen to the drug section again. When Connor sings the “crack” line, it sounds like he's tweaking only for the line to change to “pot” where he sounds much more laid back.
  • Zoe pointing out Evan's Apologizes a Lot tendencies.
    Zoe: You really don't have to keep saying that.
    Evan: Okay.
    [Evan stands around awkwardly]
    Zoe: You want to say it, don't you?
    Evan: Very much so, yes.
    Zoe: You're weird.
    Evan: I know.
  • Jared’s reaction to finding out that Evan kissed Zoe at the end of "If I Could Tell Her":
    Jared: (Laughing) YOU WHAT?!
    Evan: I didn’t mean to, okay? It just HAPPENED!
    Jared: I can’t believe you tried to kiss Zoe Murphy, on her brother’s bed, after he DIED.
  • Alana recounting her being partners with Connor in English. She recounts that they did the book "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", and that Connor was laughing so hard, because he called the protagonist something other than "Huck Finn"note .
  • When Evan suggests to Zoe that she, along with the Jazz band, could perform at the school assembly commemorating Connor, and Zoe half-heartedly agrees, Jared suddenly yells, "GREAT IDEA, EVAN!".
  • Larry and Evan are hanging out at the Murphys' garage. Zoe arrives, and we can say that the following exchange clearly shows her Deadpan Snarker side.
    Evan: Your dad had a good idea for the orchard. To do an auction.
    Larry: Evan's helping me go through my collection here.
    Zoe: Dad, are you torturing him?
    Larry: What?
    Zoe: Evan, is he torturing you?
    Evan: No. What?
    Zoe: You can tell him he's being boring and you want to leave. He won't be upset.
    Larry: He can leave whenever he wants.
    Evan: I don't want to leave.
    Zoe: Evan, do you want to leave?
    Larry: If you want to leave...
    Evan: I don't want to leave.
    Zoe: Okay. Well. Don't say I didn't warn you...
    [After Zoe leaves...]
    Larry: Women. Right?
  • When Evan reveals his part-time job to Zoe in the Distant Finale:
    "In the meantime, though, I can get you a friends and family discount at Pottery Barn, if you're looking for...overpriced home decor."
  • At the 2017 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS "Easter Bonnets" concert, "You Will Be Found" was performed in the context of an Easter egg that nobody found. See it here.

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