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Awesome Music / Anna and the Apocalypse

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We could probably just say "every single song" and be done with it.

  • The movie starts us off with "Christmas Means Nothing Without You", a sweet Christmas song that may remind a viewer or two of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You".
  • "Break Away", sung by Anna, John, and Steph and serving as an "I Want" Song for all their goals (Anna's desire to leave her small town, John's desire to start a romance with Anna before she leaves, and Steph's desire to show a seemingly uncaring world the misfortunes people go through).
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  • The film's Signature Song, "Hollywood Ending", is also the the most High School Musical-esque performance in the film, and the musical personification of This Is Reality (the irony being that, in the genre of movie they're in, they probably won't get a Hollywood ending anyways).
  • "Some Things Will Never Change", a heartfelt duet between Tony and Anna. Tony reminisces over happier times before his wife died, and conflicted over letting Anna go. Meanwhile, Anna reaffirms that she's making the right choice.
  • "The Fish Wrap", a Stylistic Suck rap about penguins eating fish that is pure Narm Charm. What else can you say about a song that starts with the line "My favorite dish is fish, motherflipper!"?
  • "It's That Time of Year", aka "Santa Baby" taken Up to Eleven, is a fun, innuendo-laden song sung by Lisa for her boyfriend.
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  • "Turning My Life Around", a cheerful, peppy Distant Duet sung between Anna and John. It's good already, but in the context of the film, it's even better. Why? Because they sing it while acting cheerfully oblivious to the Zombie Apocalypse around them.
  • "Which Side Are You On?", a surprisingly jazzy, and upbeat Quarreling Song between Tony and Mr. Savage on whether they should leave the safety of the school to help survivors.
  • "Human Voice", a somber Distant Duet sung by most of the cast, as they lament how they can't contact their loved ones and make sure that they're not dead or zombified.
  • "Soldier at War" is a Badass Boast in song form, sung by Nick as he and his friends take down zombies with relish.
  • "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now", a manic Villain Song sung by an increasingly unhinged Mr. Savage as he taunts Anna and her friends in a safe place while they're attacked by the zombies he's set on them.
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  • "Give Them a Show", a show-stopping Quarreling Song sung between Anna and Mr. Savage that doubles as an argument between the former's optimistic view that she can try to save some of the good on Earth and the latter's belief that the world is going to Hell more than ever, and that he might as well have some fun while it lasts.
  • "I Will Believe", the last song in the movie before the credits, is a somber, yet hopeful tune, sung by Anna (and on the soundtrack, her dad) as she's about to make what she believes will be her last stand.
  • "Hollywood Ending Reprise", the actual last song (in the US Cut only), reminds the audience that this ending isn't the happy ending they might've expected.
  • Both versions of "What a Time To Be Alive" - one's a breezy, cheerful song about living life to the fullest, and the other is a sweeping orchestral song that involves much of the cast and was featured in the first trailer.

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