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  • Leo manages to pull out all the stops at the end of the first game, saving his home colony and killing the psychotic Viola in the process.
    • He returns in the second game with the Vic Viper. Already a walking Gradius homage, the real kicker is that he's piloting a heavily-customized LEV - essentially a bog-standard industrial mecha that pales in comparison to the real Orbital Frames that dominate the storyline. Word of God stated that it's a hybrid between LEV and Orbital Frame technology, but he's still holding his own as a Badass Normal kid with a massive handicap, and can even be That One Boss despite Dingo being an experienced pilot and having Jehuty.
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  • Jehuty's destruction of BAHRAM's entire offensive force, including their primary fleet and planetary siege Orbital Frame, single-handedly.
  • The final battle with Nohman in The 2nd Runner. You get an upgrade that almost makes Jehuty feel like a Physical God, and then, you fight him inside the BAHRAM headquarters Aumaan, with both you and Nohman being superpowered. And, when you defeat Nohman, after the following cutscene that shows Nohman gloating about how he killed Dingo's comrades, Dingo simply and calmly tells him that they're waiting for him now, then you get to do the finishing move on Nohman by either blowing him up or by slashing him to pieces.
  • The 2nd game got a lot more awesome moments
    • Air Fight. You versus six flying battleships with More Dakka, Roboteching Beam Spam and naturally, Wave Motion Guns. All accompanied by Awesome Music. And when you manage to destroy one with your own Wave Motion Gun, you can see it falling for miles and breaking up in the air. Troperrific.
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    • The Mars Melee. You, the Vic Viper, and 20 or so LEVs against hundreds if not a thousand or more enemy Mecha Mooks. From the opening salvo of attacks, to the scramble to save your troops, to the inevitable Oh, Crap! you feel when the on-screen radar shows a wave of enemies coming down at you, the whole thing is an intense, frantic, and awesome battle that really shows off what the game's about, and how much power Jehuty really has.
    • Rescuing Ken. The mission, the music, and just the sheer amount of mooks you'll obliterate on your way up and out of there is beyond description in how heroic and awesome it will make you feel.

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