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Fridge Brilliance

  • In Zone of the Enders: Anubis, despite being supposedly BAHRAM's ace fighter, Ken is shown to be an apparent Faux Action Girl for being unable to pilot her Orbital Frame, Ardjet, without AI assistance. However, in the Anime of the Game Dolores, I, protagonist James Links decides to use his frame without AI. In response, Dolores decides to show all the status screens he needs to be watching at once, at that point James decides to give up. On top of that, just a few minutes prior, Viola practically possessed Ardjet, requiring a purge to get rid of it. The fastest way to definitively clean it is, as any computer user would know, is by formatting the whole drive. So, it's understandable that Ken got a little panicked, since "computer stick" is the only way left to drive her Orbital frame.
    • Something like the Ardjet's weapons may be more AI assistance intensive compared to normal weapons and there may be trends of more AI intensive Orbital frames as well compared to Dingo's days in BAHRAM.
  • You'll notice that Jehuty is considerably more capable and powerful in the second game as opposed to the first, even though there's no indication of any modifications to the frame itself. The difference, I realized later, is that in the first game, Jehuty's being piloted by a scared teenage kid who's letting the AI do the work. In the second game, however, Jehuty's being piloted by an ace, someone who really knows how to work a frame, accounting for the apparent power discrepancy. — Mr Death
    • Lot of evidence for that. Considering Leo could later standoff Jehuty while in a Vic Viper, that shows just how much he's improved in the time between games.
      • Leo's improvement is especially blatant given that Vic Viper doesn't have onboard A.I. like the Orbital Frames do. Meaning aside from basic tasks, Leo is doing most of the work, and he still stands toe to toe against an Ace in a Super Prototype Leo is not actively trying to down since ADA is still in it.
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  • One thing that confused this Troper for a while was the fact that Jehuty and Anubis seem to be quite a bit stronger than Dolores/Isis or Hathor, even though all four were built around the same time (or at least Jehuty and Anubis were built before Isis or Hathor could possibly have seen any combat experience). Dolores and Hathor were built from the first Orbital Frame (Idolo), so what made Jehuty and Anubis so special? Well, the main property of Metatron seems to be controlling Gravity. And where were Jehuty and Anubis built? Jupiter, the second-most powerful gravity-well in the solar system. Edit: The design schematics for Anubis and Jehuty were conceived before even Idolo. They're creations of Dr. Rikoah Hardimann, the father of orbital frame and Metatron technology, and the creator of Project Aumaan. It's not just the locations, they're the products of superior design. And Metatron controls space, not gravity. The Urenbeck Catapult is a compressed space tunnel. Similar concept to Zero Shift, which uses vector traps to compress space allowing light speed movement.

Fridge Logic

  • Considering how the Mosquitoes compared to the main games and The Fist of Mars, going from a literal threat to complete Cannon Fodder, it makes one wonder how the BIS pilots could shoot down Orbital Frames with slightly modified LEV's yet be shot down by an enemy they would barely register as a fly. — That One Guy Named X


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