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  • Bond is upstaged by his own car. Even if he was driving it by remote control...
  • Wai Lin gets a moment where a bunch of Mooks follow her to her safehouse... and she wipes the floor with them. Enhanced immediately afterwards, when Bond is making a minor idiot of himself setting off her disguised gadgets by accident, a recovering Mook gets up behind him — and Wai Lin nonchalantly KO's him with a spring-loaded baby carriage. Awesome.
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  • Admiral Roebuck tells M that she may not have the balls for her job, to which M responds that at least she doesn't need them to think.
  • This statement that demonstrates that although she had her doubts in the previous movie, M is now on Bond's side:
    Roebuck: What the hell is he doing?
    M: His job.
    • "His job" is freaking awesome in and of itself! He utterly demolishes an Arms Fair (to Awesome Music, naturally) with every weapon imaginable, from pistols, to machine guns, to grenades, up to and including jet engine exhaust. Then, after stealing the nuke-packing jet, he takes out the enemy jet above him by ejecting the "backseat driver" that was garrotting him. And topping it all off with some Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    Bond: Ask the Admiral where he'd like his bombs delivered.
    • And then he hits the afterburners on his jet and blasts us into the awesome opening credits. Hell. Yeah.
  • Bond's first appearance on screen is nothing short of awesome. He distracts a couple of terrorist mooks at the bazaar's edge by lighting their cigarettes, then knocks them unconcious with a quip of "Filthy habit" before setting off an explosion that sends the bazaar's guards in the wrong direction while he makes a break for the jet.
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  • The scene with Dr. Kaufman, specifically:
    Kaufman: Wait, I'm just a professional doing a job!
    Bond: Me too.
  • The Chinese and the British fleets sort out their differences just in time to avoid a war after Bond and Wai Lin tell their governments that Carver is behind it all. Both fleets have spotted the stealth boat on their radar.
    Chinese radio message: "To Royal Navy Task Group: We also have the unknown ship on our screens. We will not fire unless it turns towards China. Until then, she's yours. Good hunting."
    British Admiral: Now Captain, whatever the hell that thing is, sink it.
    British Captain: Right sir. P-WO, is that echo too weak for missile lock?
    PWO: Uh, yes sir.
    British Captain: Right, we'll do it the old fashioned way.
    British Admiral: [grins as the Captain begins giving gunnery orders]
  • By the end of the film, Carver has done a fine job of getting under Bond's skin, especially by having Paris killed. So when Bond finally dispatches of Carver, it's one of his most angry and ruthless kills in the whole series: He activates the sea drill that Carver had been using to wreck the ships and holds him in its path.
    Bond: I may have some breaking news for you, Elliot. You forgot the first rule of mass media, Elliot! (Punches Carver in the face) Give the people what they want! (Lets go just seconds before the drill shreds Carver)
    • Moments before this, Bond pulls himself out of a pile of rubble after Stamper dropped several rifle-launched grenades on him and walks up on a pair of Mooks who are manning the missile launch station. The Bond music swells as they go for their guns, and Bond sprays them down with a looted submachine gun one-handed without even breaking stride. The look on his face shows just how done he is with taking the stealthy route.
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  • After everything has been said and done with Carver, Bond goes after the missile, only for Stamper to show up. A hand-to-hand fight on top of the missile that's about to launch ensues, with Stamper ignoring several serious stab wounds from Bond and winding up with Stamper dangling Bond in front of the missile's exhaust cone by the back of his tactical vest with Bond's knife in his chest. The missile's about to launch, and Bond can't get loose, so he yanks the damn knife out of Stamper's chest and cuts himself free, dropping into the water just before the missile's engine ignites.
  • Really, anytime Michelle Yeoh shows off her martial-arts skills.


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