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Fanfic / A Necromancer's Wild Card

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A Necromancer's Wild Card by Sorata Shioya is a crossover of Persona 3 and Is This a Zombie?.

On January 31st, before heading off to his final battle with his friends, Minato Arisato decided to spend what time he had remaining to go around Iwatodai City, eventually coming to Paulownia Mall, where he found and met Eucliwood Hellscythe. After spending some time together, they both considered each other as friends prior to Minato having to leave.


Three months later, which by that point Minato had been dead for one month, while maintaining the Great Seal, Minato suddenly found himself in a graveyard with Eucliwood under a moonlit sky. He then learned that he had been resurrected by her, and he had become a zombie and her servant.

Tropes found in this fanfiction:

  • The Ace: When it comes to cooking, acuity, or combat, Minato is undeniably respected by his housemates.
  • Apathetic Citizens: The students from Ayumu's high school if Megalos are involved, much to Minato's annoyance.
  • Back from the Dead: Minato was deceased for about a month before Eucliwood revived him.
  • Brick Joke: Minato offhandedly muses to himself in chapter 3 that he would never taste anything more worse than Fuuka Yamagishi's food from when she started cooking. Come next chapter, he is subjected to Seraphim's hot pot and immediately faints upon tasting it.
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  • Calling Your Attacks: On the occasions where Minato summons a Persona, he sometimes says the name of a skill that he'll be using, such as Ziodyne or Maragidyne. He also says percentages of power that he's going to utilize aloud.
  • Chekhov's Gun: In chapter 1, it's assumed that Eu dug up Minato's grave before she brought him back to life. Near the beginning of chapter 2, Aigis, out of coincidence, goes to visit Minato's grave and subsequently learns that it has been disturbed, much to her horror. By the time Minato and Eu realized that they forgot to re-bury the grave, they had been in Tokyo for a whole day.
  • The Comically Serious: If Minato seems like he's being funny, he's usually trying not to be and is merely being honest. One example of this is when Orito wonders why Minato is so "lucky" (popular with girls) and if it's because Minato's a Bishōnen. Not certain if it was really true or not, Minato simply replies with a "maybe".
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  • Death Is Cheap: Comes with being a zombie for Minato and Ayumu.
  • Deliberate Injury Gambit: Minato did this when he fought Sera. Without anything to block her sword, he used one of his arms to shield himself so he wouldn't get completely sliced up.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: "Enraged" is a strong word, but Minato was rather upset when he noticed students of Ayumu's school showing no signs of interest or bewilderment from the crawfish Megalo that Ayumu killed. Especially since most of them actually saw it.
  • Famed in Story: Apparently within the span of a few months after his sacrifice, vampire ninjas have become aware of who Minato is and regard him as a Messiah.
  • Flipping the Bird: Orito did this to Ayumu when the latter claimed that the former can't beat Minato in bowling.
  • Foreshadowing: In chapter 3, it's stated that Eu sometimes watches detective TV shows. Jumping ahead to the end of chapter 3, Naoto Shirogane is called in by Mitsuru to search for Minato.
  • Harem Seeker: Ayumu's friend, Orito, believes Minato is one and also assumes Minato has a harem that includes Eucliwood, Haruna, and Seraphim.
  • Hospitality for Heroes: Seraphim is quite cordial with Minato, possibly because she knows who he is.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: Despite two encounters that he had with Megalos, Minato felt there was never a point in time in which he actually needed to exert most of his power until Seraphim bisected Ayumu.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Ayumu dies the same way he did in canon, even after meeting both Eucliwood and Minato.
  • Just Smile and Nod: Or what Minato did to some girls from Ayumu's school: smile and wave.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: Though normally reserved like Eucliwood, Minato is a force to be reckoned with if a situation that involves his friends becomes more dire.
  • Magical Girlfriend: Some time in the future, Minato gets a vampire ninja wife.
  • Mistress and Servant Boy:
    • After his resurrection, Eu tells Minato that he's now her servant, which he accepts with little to no hesitation.
    • In an inverted case, Seraphim was Minato's servant for less than a day before Minato stated to her that he had no interest in the prospect.
  • Mood Whiplash: Part of chapter 1 describes Minato's boredom and sadness while he was the Great Seal. The next scene then reveals that he's been brought back to life.
  • Mysterious Past: Ayumu, Haruna, and Seraphim were, for the most part, kept in the dark about Minato's past until Minato actually decided to tell them in chapter 4. Also, Eu kept tabs on Minato while he was alive, so she was fully aware of what happened to him.
  • Never Speak Ill of the Dead: Undead, in this case. Haruna sounded disgusted upon learning that Ayumu is a zombie. Needless to say, Ayumu was offended.
    Ayumu (to Haruna): "Show some respect for the undead."
  • The Nicknamer: Just like in canon, Haruna gives people nicknames mostly because she can't memorize their names. She does, however, memorize Minato's name, but she often refers to him as "Blue".
  • Ninja Maid: Seraphim was Minato's servant, albeit for a very short amount of time. The reason why is because Minato told her that he wasn't interested in having his own servant, let alone being a master.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: In Minato's case, he's a zombie Persona-user.
  • Out of Focus: Ayumu; only just a little. While he has his time in the spotlight and is still an important character, Ayumu is slightly less focused on since the story mainly revolves around Minato.
  • Precision F-Strike: Shortly after Eu resurrects Minato, he asks her where he is. She told him that he's in a graveyard. His response? "...What a fan-fucking-tastic place to wake up in."
  • Pre-Meeting: How the story practically begins, with Minato meeting Eucliwood at Paulownia Mall. He had no idea as to who she really is until months later.
  • Pretty Freeloaders: Minato is a male, subverted example as he does cook and goes out shopping for food sometimes while he lives in Ayumu's house.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Though not stated outright, it's rather obvious that Ayumu is the red to Minato's blue.
  • The Reveal: While their exact relationship is unknown so far, Minato and Naoto Shirogane do know each other. And Naoto refers to Minato as her brother.
    Naoto (thinking in regards to Minato): 'I will find you, Nii-san...'
  • Sempai/Kohai: When they get to know each other better, Ayumu often calls Minato "Senpai" or "Minato-senpai", and Minato usually thinks of Ayumu as a kouhai.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Starting a New Life: Minato decided to leave Iwatodai with Eu to go to Tokyo to live out his undead days because he did not want to get involved in any drama that could spring up from his resurrection.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Instead of having his normal gray eyes, Minato's eye color changed to gold after Eu revived him. Even though he made an assumption that it's a side effect that occurs when a Persona-user becomes a zombie, he isn't too sure as to why the alteration happened. He chooses to accept it, in the end.
  • Super Strength: Because Minato is a zombie, he can bypass normal human limits in strength if he wants to. Although, he doesn't like using the ability too much because of its drawbacks.
  • Tarot Motifs: Important characters that Minato interacts with can potentially trigger Social Links. With Social Links, they give him better understandings of people's personalities.
    • Eucliwood Hellscythe: Death
    • Ayumu Aikawa: Temperance
    • Haruna: Chariot
    • Seraphim: Fortune
  • Time Skip: There are a few in the story that skips about a month or so to move the plot forward.
  • Title of the Dead: Chapter 4's title is "Halcyon Days of the Dead".
  • The Unmasking: In a more blissfully unaware sense, Seraphim reveals to Minato, Ayumu and Haruna that Minato is a "Messiah" after Minato bested Seraphim in their fight. This promptly coaxes Minato into telling his housemates about his past.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Zombies can become dehydrated under sunlight. Subverted with Minato since he quickly learns that he can nullify that weakness with a Persona. Ayumu, on the other hand...
  • Willfully Weak: If Minato had just used a Persona that had Null Slash, Seraphim would have been defeated without much trouble.
  • Would Hit a Girl: Although he didn't like the idea very much, Minato was willing to punch Sera once she took down Ayumu with ease.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Prior to Minato introducing himself to Ayumu, Ayumu believed that he had seen Minato somewhere in the past. Shortly after Ayumu was killed and revived by Eu, he then remembered that he saw a picture of Minato on a news report regarding Minato's abnormal death.
    • When Theodore is introduced to Minato in chapter 4, Theodore assumes that he met Minato before but can't recall when and where.