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Awesome / The World's End

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off.

  • Gary refusing the Network's offer of joining them, after they make the offer of giving him back his 18 year old body but retaining his fond memories since that time.
  • Andy finally snapping, and dual-wielding barstools and cleaving through waves of Blanks.
    • Andy turns into a freakin' One-Man Army, but special mention should also go to his colossal "Breaking the Bat" move during the fight in the men's toilet.
  • Pete beating the living hell out of the Blank version of Shane Hawkins.
  • Steven's return after he was seemingly carted off in the Beast by the Blanks. He managed to outrun and survive an army of Blanks that also included a giant robot.
    The Network: We do not believe you speak for all humanity. You are but two men! Two drunk men!
    Steven: [rappelling down from the ceiling on some bunting] Three drunk men!
  • Andy, just before The World's End, punching through a Blank's stomach to get his wedding ring back.
  • The last scene of the film. Gary has resorted to Walking the Earth with the Blank teenage versions of his friends, whom the world is racist towards. They walk into a pub (which specifically says "No Blanks" outside), stroll up to the bar and ask for five waters, mirroring Andy's speech earlier in the film about how that takes serious balls. When the patrons get rather upset with this, Gary and his team pull out their weapons, and, presumably, a kickass bar fight ensues over the credits.
    Publican 13: Who the hell do you think you are?
    Gary: Me? [blanks eyes light up behind him] They call me the king. [yells and lunges at the publican]
    • Even more awesome is when you realize Gary has kicked his alcoholism.
  • The guys fighting the teenage blanks in the bathroom at The Cross Hands.
  • Gary and Sam, and later Steven, fighting the Twins at The Two-Headed Dog.
  • Andy smashing Guy Shepard's head with one headbutt.
  • Andy knocking Gary out and forcing him to get into the Beast by carrying him there, exactly like he threatened he was going to, but as usual, Gary just didn't listen.
    • Gary, subsequently after drinking a pint in The King's Head, makes a mad dash towards The Hole in the Wall, chased by an army of Blanks-including the giant statue one! And Andy, who pretty much destroys the Blanks in his way.
  • As expected, from the guy who made the music of Gravity of the same year, the music can be pretty awesome on their own accord.
  • The group walking in slow motion to the first pub while "So Young" by Suede is playing in the background.