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Heartwarming / The World's End

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off.

  • It's really nice to see Steven, Peter and Oliver meeting up at the train station. The implication is that they haven't seen each other in a bit, and they are generally happy to see each other, even if they don't trust Gary.
    • All five of them having chips at The Cross Hands, and reminiscing. Even Andy is having a good time.
      • Not just that, but as Gary's friends are talking about all the good times they had, Gary looks over at another group, far younger than he and his friends, all playing snooker together. The warm smile on his face speaks volumes about how many great times he can remember having with his friends.
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    • On the ride there, Andy cracks a half-smile as Gary and the others jam out to a song.
  • Even though he's facing divorce, Andy still takes his wedding ring back from the blanks. Turns out it's a good thing too, as he gets back together with her in the ending.
  • Steven admitting his love for Sam just after she's been dragged into the crisis. It's partly Played for Laughs, as he's doing this under the belief that she's gotten back with Gary, but the combination of his sincerity and his promise to immediately dump his much younger fitness instructor girlfriend really are touching to watch.
    • Gary even admits to Sam that Steven is better than him. She responds by saying that Gary isn't a bad person and that "they'll always have the disabled's," meaning they both look back on it fondly, as she tries to convince him it's not all about that night.
    • It's actually Gary who decides "they'll always have the disabled's." When you consider how perpetually stuck in the past he is, the fact that he's willing to let Sam go and let the past be, shows that there may be some hope for him.
    • And with that, seeing that Sam and Steven end up both surviving the apocalypse and getting together.
  • Gary choosing saving Sam from Blank!Oliver over his pint in The Beehive.
    • Actually, any moment where they're fighting the Blanks and Gary chooses to save his friends or Sam, showing that even though he's a Manipulative Bastard, he still cares about his friends. The first of these is in The Cross Hands, when Steven can't fight off the Blank teenager attacking him and calls to Gary for help. Gary immediately uses the detached arm in his hand to smash the Blank teen in the face and save Steven. Then there was Gary saving Sam from the twins, revealing the truth to Sam about the town and likely preventing her from being replaced.
  • Blank!Peter returning home to his counterpart's wife and kids, making his kids laugh even in a post-apocalyptic society.
  • Blank!Oliver no longer a slave to the Network, Flipping the Bird, and returning to his old life.
  • A quick and easy to miss one occurs in the prologue, where Gary introduces each of his friends. Pete is shown talking to Gary when he is introduced, before Shane Hawkins hits him in the head with his school bag. Gary immediately starts shoving Shane away and yelling at him, defending Pete.
    • Although that could be put down to Unreliable Narrator, it's pretty notable that during the crawl, Pete and Gary are getting along the best of all of them - which makes this likely to be accurate. Plus, we can assume Gary must have at least had one or two redeeming qualities for his friends to keep hanging around with him, and he is the confrontational type.
  • Gary leading the young Blank version of his friends around and defending them when the pub he goes into tries picking on them.
    • The best thing about it; he's sober at last.
  • An easy to miss one, unless you hear the commentary. Andy's secretary, Felicity, is named after a deceased fan of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's work.
  • In The World's End pub, Andy refutes Gary when he questions why Andy would care about him finishing the crawl. Andy's response is "Of course I fucking care. Why do you think I'm angry at you?" and eventually defends him when the Network insults him.
  • The joyous reaction from Andy and Gary when Steve returns and they're all jumping up and down and cheering.
  • Meta example: After the better part of two decades working together, Nick Frost finally gets to play the (more) responsible and level-headed foil and Simon Pegg gets to be the wild, irrepressible manchild.