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Nightmare Fuel / The World's End

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I am so disappointed in you.

  • After the Reverend Green talked to the group, he gets called by his "supervisor" via the pub's telephone and gets told that he has to get killed because he was telling too much. For a second, you can hear the "supervisor"'s voice through the receiver, and it sounds terrifying:
    Hello, Trevor...
  • Gary's mental state deteriorates over the course of the film and when Peter dies, he completely snaps and tries to finish the crawl at any cost, even going so far as to attack Andy when he tries to stop him having the last pint. It's scary from several points of view:
    • Gary is constantly trying to rationalise everything back towards the pub crawl, because it's all he has left, but he also seems to be aware of his problem and seems to consider himself doomed to the same cycle for the rest of his life.
    • Andy is forced to watch his friend lose his mind, someone he'd known since school, someone he'd considered the coolest guy on Earth, someone he'd once considered his best friend.
    • It can be frightening for the audience primarily because it's unexpected from Simon Pegg, but because there are people like this in real life and may make younger fans who came to watch the latest of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy scared of ending up like this.


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