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Heartwarming / The World of Suzie Wong

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  • When Robert finally admits his feelings for Suzie, she says she has to leave because if she is to be like "nice, English girl" then she can't stay with him the first time he asks. She leaves the room, pauses and then goes back inside to say that it's now tomorrow - so they can be together.
    • To elaborate, it's a part of Suzie's characterization that she's been made to feel inferior to the rich white expats of Hong Kong, and she tried to mold herself into the image of an ideal European woman as Ben's mistress. This moment shows her pretty much going "fuck it, I'm going to be myself" - abandoning English propriety to be with the man she loves. Big Damn Kiss.
  • Early in the film Gwennie says she hopes to open her own knitting shop, and Robert casually asks for a pair of socks. Later after Suzie has disappeared and Robert is worried sick, Gwennie produces a pair of socks for him. A little thing but it clearly makes Robert feel better.
  • A bittersweet one is the presence of Minnie Ho, Wednesday Lu and Gwennie Lee at the funeral for Suzie's son. It's implied they never knew Suzie had a child, but they make things to burn on the pyre for him. True Companions to the end.
  • And the closing line between the lovers right after Robert proposes.
    Suzie: Robert, I'll be with you until you say "Suzie, go away."
    Robert: That long?
  • It's quickly forgotten because of the earthquake climax, but Kay does mention that someone is interested in Robert's paintings - so it looks like he will be able to make a living as an artist after all.