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DasBoSchitt's shorts contain many CMoAs.

  • Idiot Box One
    • Dr. Hax. If he sees you hacking, he will summon a computer monitor to smack you in the face, removing whatever cheat you've been using, from CS hacks to God Mode itself. Repeated throughout the series in various fashions, and almost always a CMOA for himself.
    • "I can...break these...cuffs!" Taken from an infamous scene from the TV Show Cops, a man tries to break out of his handcuffs. He fails...after bursting into flame and knocking over everyone in a several hundred-yard radius.
  • Idiot Box Two
    • No one can prove that a headless man flipping off the man who shot him with someone else's arm isn't awesome.
    • Louis kicks Francis in the crotch and sends him rocketing miles into the air.
    • Pyramid Head killing someone through their computer screen.
  • Idiot Box Four
    • Francis kicking through a computer screen and taking off Dr. Magnusson's head.
  • Idiot Box Five
    • "Bob", one of many infamous spammed comments on Youtube, hunted down and killed by Civil Protection in an epic (and short) battle. I mean, hey, a stick figure can't be too hard to beat.
    • "I am full of...Demoman!" * explosions*
    • Father Grigori's various (excessive) methods of disposing of common pet peeves.
    • Louis' fight for pills.
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    • Francis beats up The Count and counts two birds while roaring like a T-Rex.
    • The ending, where Chuckles uses the noclip cheat to outwit a Hunter, and ends up flying into the distance, laughing while Dr. Hax futilely flies after him, trying to catch him.
  • Idiot Box Six
    • PC exploding when confronted by Mac once again.
  • Idiot Box Seven
    • Civil Protection's method of handling the idiot commenters that are so common on Youtube.
    • Zoey comforting the Witch was a CMOA (for having the balls to approach a Witch) and a CMOH (for the ice cream cone). Though this is promptly negated by Francis' arrival.
    • Heavy finds the Red his Sandvich.
    • The Boomer and Smoker teaming up to fight the Survivors.
  • GMod Arena: Billy Mays vs. Vince is chock full of moments for both combatants, though Billy eventually wins.
  • SUPER SECRIT, AKA The 25,000 Subscriber Video, AKA the Billy Mays Tribute video
    • Billy Mays pulling off a Houdini and faking his own death.
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    • Dr. Hax going nuts when Billy disappears. This is the man who is able to generate a computer monitor from nowhere and hit you in the face. And he's rendered useless. Though his reaction can be considered awesome as well.
    • Billy Mays staging a massive operation to ruin Vince Offer's career. With the help of Civil Protection.
    • "Project Early Retirement Accomplished. Your family is waiting for you outside." This phrase is a CMOA, CMOH, and Tear Jerker all at once. Considering the sorrow that comes with anyone's death, the thought of having that person back again is certainly a happy one, and the chance that it could happen (though in this unfortunate case, it won't) gives the line resonance to this troper at least.
  • The Chaotic 50,000 Subscriber Milestone is one long Moment for Das Bo Schitt and #1.
  • He even manages to give one to a random video response by giving "Oddball Matt" his request to make him "IN 3D FORM", and Matt proceeds to smash a computer ancd cause a gigantic explosion destroying the building around him.
  • Idiot Box Eight
    • #1 the Metrocop's introductory skit. Again.
    • Bill killing Ellis by throwing Renamon at him.
    • The bus barrel roll.
  • The Tale Of Dirty Renamon Is just one long, epic "Fuck You" to a group of furries who sent DasBoSchitt a cease and desist order to stop using Renamon inappropriately, but made the mistake of providing a list that they forbade him from involving Renamon in. note  The video features Renamon doing every single thing on the list.
    • The part where #1 bodysurfs on Renamon, while there's a big explosion in the background.
  • Treat or Else absolutely deserves a mention here. Therein, Metrocop #1 proves once and for all that Halloween candy is indeed Serious Business.
  • Idiot Box Nine
  • Idiot Box Ten
    • The BLU Scout kills the RED Demoman, who had been rapid fire farting bombs not ten seconds before, with one pistol shot to the head.
    • The RED Heavy kills a disguised BLU spy. He was.... bluffing. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Idiot Box Eleven
    • DBS' head+keyboard+wrecking ball=instant Idiot Box!
  • Idiot Box Twelve
    • Chuckles decides to stop using hacking just to get ahead in life and does some vigilante work alongside Dr. Hax to completely wreck a less morally-sound hacker.
      • Special mention goes to the initial confrontation between Chuckles and the hacker, where time slows down as one of Dr. Hax's signature computer monitors flies right past Chuckles' head towards Dennis the Douchebag. It's the first time he's seen that attack and not been the target.
  • Idiot Box Thirteen
  • Idiot Box Fifteen
    • Music Box Cover Song - Aducherti, in the Five Nights At Freddy's skit. Admit it, The Toreador Song sounds awesome in heavy metal.
    • In the Resident Evil 5 skit, a superhumanly muscular Chris Redfield tosses Sheva into space and she ends up hitting the moon... which for some reason is actually Albert Wesker in moon form. Moon!Wesker's reaction? After a beat he turns around and flies towards the Earth while awesome music plays. Then Chris roars in bestial rage while explosions erupt all around him. Pity we never actually get to see the subsequent battle...


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