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     Episode 4 
  • Goblin Slayer's Heroic Second Wind as his party members are in trouble is played about the same as in canon, but the way it's portrayed is just as enticing. It also helps that the actors play these lines so well.
    (The goblin champion bites into the shoulder of Priestess, causing her to let out a blood-chilling scream)
    Elf: (getting her clothes ripped off by the goblins) No! NO!
    Dwarf: Hang on!
    (Lizard Priest is assaulted by goblins. Priestess cries out in pain, with part of her arm bitten off.)
    Burglar: (in Goblin Slayer's mind) What will you do? Who will you become? Right now, you are unfocused. Your family became victims of the goblins before your very eyes, and still, you are unfocused? Who else needs to die before you learn?! The goblins took your family! The goblins took your world! How will you make them pay? What will you take from them?
    Goblin Slayer: Everything.

     Episode 5 
  • The entirety of Goblin Slayer's "Reason You Suck" Speech to Sword Maiden. Sword Maiden has been not so subtly trying to drive a wedge between Priestess and Goblin Slayer so she could monopolize him for herself. Her attempts to gain his sympathy by pointing out how despite everything she has (repeatedly pointing out her money, fame, power and resources), she still lives in terror of the goblins after what they did to her. Normally, this would incite pity as her character did in the original series. But here?
    Goblin Slayer: ...Hm. Pathetic. A waste of my time. You can turn into a cult-slaying kaiju monstrosity, and you ask for MY help? I do my job for the love of killing goblins, sure. But that's not the only reason. I do it because somewhere out there, a nameless village no one will remember might get burnt to the ground if someone doesn't step in and kill some FILTHY goblins before they attack. So that a family with a name no one will remember gets to see another day with their loved ones. You have unlimited resources. You could have asked ANYONE in the world for help. You have the God of Justice on speed dial, and you're trying to guilt trip ME into living with you? If I'm not out there killing goblins, some innocent girl out there might suffer the same fate as you... or worse. People might die because you lured us here, Sword Maiden. For your own selfish reasons. I can't believe Priestess looks up to you.
    Goblin Slayer: Tell you what. When there are no more goblins left to kill, I'll kill the ones in your dreams. 'Til then, be someone that Priestess can look up to. She can become so much more than... this.
  • Earlier on, Goblin Slayer notices the blacksmith creeping on a visibly uncomfortable Priestess, offering her a "free fitting." Thus, Slayer turns the tables and decides to take the smith's offer in her stead... by stripping off his clothes and jumping over the counter specifically to freak the pervert out.

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