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Trivia / The Gmod Idiot Box

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  • Actor Allusion: Chuckles the Cheat uses quotes from the crazy "Better Safe than Sorry" guy in Left 4 Dead as well as Scout from TF2, both played by the same actor.
  • Schedule Slip: The series hasn't seen a new episode since 2015. In an update video from 2017, DasBoSchitt explains that the series's "indefinite hiatus" status is partly due to "stir-craziness" (as he puts it) and generally poor work-life balance due to juggling two jobs. He's also believes that the skits he writes aren't funny anymore. The series wouldn't be mentioned again until 2019, with episode 16's production still going slow due to aforementioned stir-craziness.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: As the series began in the late 2000s, and is very reference-heavy, you can almost pinpoint which games were very popular at the release of the video.
  • Word of God: The Bo Schitt Blog

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