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  • His deep research into how BDSM actually works in his pre-review of Fifty Shades of Grey, including saying that Christian Grey checks off almost all lists of being an abusive partner he got from various psychological organizations. He also promised to donate the ad revenue from his review proper to organizations that help abused partners.
  • He and Terrence (okay, so technically just him since they're the same person) call out the overwhelming love for Severus Snape and how he was "Good All Along." He points out that it doesn't matter that he was in love with someone, he was a bully who targeted people who had done him no wrong, to the point where he openly states Neville might have become just as dumb and useless as Snape liked to make him out to be just from the bullying. He might think that Alan Rickman played the character well, and that the "Always" line gives him feelings, but it doesn't diminish his opinion that Snape was absolutely awful.
    • He additionally adds that he does acknowledge that Snape's actions eventually contributed greatly to the fall of Voldemort, it's just that all of his actions that didn't pertain to that goal showed that he was a bully. He offers a challenge- talk about Snape's actions towards Harry and Nevile to an actual teacher, and he guarantees that that educator's face will go white with horror.
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  • In his The Phantom of the Opera reviews, doing barbershop quartet versions of "The Music of the Night" in the latter two videos, with himself.
  • He did a charity event to raise money for the ACLU, expecting it to only achieve around 250 dollars. It hit 20,000 before the stream even started and hit 25,000 during the technical difficulties which lasted an hour and a half, leading to the stream being delayed for a week.
  • He decided to sever ties between Lost in Adaptation and Harry Potter over J. K. Rowling's Transphobia, despite his overwhelming love for the franchise.
    • On top of this, Terrence disposes of his wands and is looking pensive until he gets a letter from his father. It turns out that he isn't a Half-blood, he's a Half-Blood.


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