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  • Acting for Two: Does this in some of his reviews. Mainly in cutaway gags & sketches, but he introduced Terrance: The Douche Bag From Ravenclaw in his Harry Potter reviews to display some viewpoints The Dom himself doesn't agree with in terms of the Broken Bases the Harry Potter films created between fans of the books, like himself, as well as get some humor mileage out of the character's personality being as described by his title. Expect a possible homage paying for the Deathly Hallows movies/books at the end.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: In the episode on Goldfinger and its film adaptation, the Dom complains about how often the phrase "yellow-faced bastard" was used in the book... but a response video shows that "yellow-faced bastard" is never used at all in the book (though to be fair the responder does find another offensive phrase which The Dom may have been thinking of).
    • He also said Sir Cadogan in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film was cut out outside of deleted scenes and background events. However, he is still shown in the film for a few seconds replacing the Fat Lady as the painting in front of the door to the Griffendor common room. That said, he's still not referenced by name or context, and those who haven't read the book will just think him another background portrait.
    • He also calls the character of Nigel Wolpert, who served as a film replacement for the Creevey brothers, Colin Creevey in his LIA on Order of the Phoenix, despite the character even being played by a different actor than Colin.
  • Creator's Pest: There are some "series" that Dom hates reviewing.
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  • Dueling Shows: His show and Krimson Rogue's The Book Was Better are based around the same premise; comparing books to film adaptations based on them. However, they differ in formatting and Krimson's series is lesser known than The Dom's.
  • Missing Episode: Most likely due to copyright claims from Studio Ghibli, his LIA on Howl's Moving Castle was taken down. It's wasn't even on the Channel Awesome site when he was a part of it due to relentless copyright slams. This also affected Doug Walker's own reviews of the various Disney-dubbed Ghibli films. It was available through Vidme when the site was up, but is back to being this, since the site shut down at the tail end of 2017. Currently, it's a Patreon exclusive.
  • Schedule Slip: Not really due to laziness so much as trying to focus on popular movies and attempts to diversify his content. In October 2016 The Dom released an Upcoming video listing all of his Patreon requests as of that time, which he planned to focus on after he finished his Harry Potter-athon. As of September 2018 he still has one review on the list he has not yet done (Metro 2033).
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Because of copyright claims on his LIA on Howl's Moving Castle, the episode can now only be found as a Patreon exclusive. Also due to this The Dom has stated that he will not review anything from Japan due to their lack of Fair Use laws.


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