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  • Strong Sad surprisingly gets a lot, mostly due to his Deadpan Snarker attitude.
    Did your terrible computer explode?
    Did you get 400,000 viruses?
    Um, excardon me, but none of that stuff is cool, Strong Bad.
    There needs to be a better word for weird.
    • And beating Coach Z up in a mad frenzy, whilst spouting defining Crazy Is Cool the whole time.
    • In the "rough copy" email, the snowball sequence. Someone pelts you with balloons? Throw permafrost at them! Strong Sad has kept some in his notebook!
    • In "your edge", Strong Sad tricks Strong Bad into staying in the basement for several days by claiming websites said it was edgy to do so... and then walks away without looking back.
    • There's also the time he successfully uses illusionary magic to scare Strong Bad in "Magic Trick".
  • Pom Pom writing, producing, directing and distributing a feature film in the course of a few seconds, using his cell-phone. He then gets invited to the Sundance Film Festival.
  • In dragon:
    Strong Sad: (holding an advanced drawing of a dragon) I think I've improved on your methods a bit, too. I employed some chiaroscuro shading, and-
    Strong Bad: I'll improve on your methods!! (sets Strong Sad's drawing on fire)
    Strong Sad: What? That's not an improvement.
    Strong Bad: BWAHAHAHA! Trogdor strikes again!
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  • In the sbemail car, Strong Bad writes the word 'Deleted' backwards in fancy English font and proceeds to punch Homestar, leaving the words on his face.
  • In "stupid stuff", Strong Bad makes a bet with Kevin Grumbles that if Strong Bad can make Homestar say something smart, he gets some Grumblecakes. While he is trying to achieve this task, this exchange occurs:
    Strong Bad: (to self) Maybe if I employ a little reverse psychologies... If I ask a stupid enough question, I'll get an intelligent answer! (to Homestar) I say there, Homestar, butt's twelve by pies?
    Homestar Runner: Ooh, yes! I got Strong Bad to say something stupid! The Grumblecakes will be mine! (walks off)
    Strong Bad: What?! What the crap just happened?! Is it possible that I was just... outsmarted by Homestar Runner?! I'LL GET YOU, KEVIN (grumbles)!!!
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  • "personal favorites" shows some of Strong Bad's personal favorite e-mails, the first two of which definitely happened, the rest of which seem to have been made up, and yet one of which, in particular, does seem to account for exactly what happened to Marzipan's original answering machine... by virtue of having left such a good crank call on it that it exploded.
    Marzipan: (on answering machine) Hi, this is Marzipan.
    Strong Bad: CRANK CALL!!
    [The answering machine explodes.]
  • In the email "pom pom", Strong Bad attempts to poke Pom Pom with a pin while setting him on fire. The first time he misses due to being blindfolded. The second time his aim is accurate... and Pom Pom dodges the attack, ends up behind him, and gets seven consecutive hits on Strong Bad, which sends him flying all the way back home from Bubs' Concession Stand before he could touch Pom Pom.
  • "alternate universe" has Strong Bad celebrate his Sesquicentenn-email by traveling through the multiverse and forging the Alliance of Alternates pictured above to create a number-one jam.
  • Strong Bad has a moment for the sole purpose of annoying his fans: In "the chair", he receives an email asking him to remove his mask, while sitting in a high-backed chair that obscures most of the screen. After reminding the viewers that his mask is his face, he proceeds to rip off his face and hold it above the top of the chair, while screaming in pain. And then shows them a picture of his parents.
  • Sbemail 200. "200" typed up in all three computers' fonts. The Poopsmith breaking his vow of silence. A legendary intro song from They Might Be Giants. The Paper coming back from the dead and beating up the New Paper. Strong Bad finally getting his revenge on Homestar. A list of all the emails so far, with pictures of characters that debuted in them as you roll over them. EPIC.
    • Not to mention the revelation that Homestar has been running a parallel email show and all the instances of Homestar Runner appearing in sbemails are "really" instances of Strong Bad appearing in hremails. The Brothers Chap were a little burnt out on the sbemail format and used this to take a break from it, complete with producing several randomly numbered hremails.


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