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  • It was revealed that Saints Row: The Third has a sprint button, but the company calls it the Awesome button. Why? Well, if you hold the button to hijack someone, you dropkick them out of the car. Yes, sprinting to the side of the car will have the player fucking dropkick the driver, sending said driver out the car through the other side. Doing it in front has you hijacking from the front. Awesome indeed.
  • Falling out of a cargo plane, surrounded by huge numbers of crates and falling vehicles (Lampshaded by the Boss, "Did other planes dump their cargo too?") and gun-firing mooks, two people and one parachute. You manage to catch Shaundi...and notice the plane about to hit you. "Don't hate me for this later." You drop Shaundi, release your parachute, shoot out the front windshield of the plane, and essentially free fall through the entire plane, shooting mooks as you go, snatching another parachute off one as you fly out the still open cargo door and then proceed to re-catch Shaundi. Holy crap.
    • Shaundi gets one when she calls out Boss for this stunt.
    You're a fucking asshole!
    • The mission later gets a sequel of sort in Air Steelport. Similar setting, except you're doing it in a falling tank shooting S.T.A.G. commandos, other falling tanks, and a few VTOLs as well!
    • That part of the mission is proceeded by the Boss breaking into the STAG's plane, by free falling from his/her plane onto their plane, bouncing along the top of it for a couple of feet, until he/she grabs a hatch and sneaks into the plane.
  • There's a button dedicated to nothing but Groin Attacks. Yes, you heard right.
  • In one of the first missions when you reach Steelport, you break into their city's National Guard and hijack one of their Reaper Drones to fight back against them whilst you wait for extraction by Pierce and his gang.
    SNG Soldier: "STOP FIRING!"
    Accused SNG Soldier: "IM NOT!"
  • One of the first missions has you protecting Pierce. Using a rocket launcher from a helicopter had been done, but then The Boss needs to snipe from a building. Simply shooting from the roof isn't good enough, so s/he rappels down the side and uses a sniper rifle while hanging from a building.
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  • The early mission "Party Time". You need to acquire a new headquarters, and a large penthouse owned by the Syndicate would be perfect. How do you take it over? By parachuting out of a helicopter, landing on the roof (or in the pool, or through a skylight) during a pool party, and shooting the place up while making your way to the elevator to let your homies up. The kicker? You do all this while "Power" by Kanye West plays in the background.
    Pierce: So what d'you think?
    Boss: Some asshole's in my pool.
  • The mission where you kill Jessica in the second game was controversial... and it's also the event Cyrus Temple references (leaving out the reasons the Boss did it, of course) in order to make his point as to why the Saints must be eliminated.
  • The Power Walk you Pierce and Shaundi take as you go to take on Philippe at his skyscraper.
    • Not to mention how you manage to kill Loren without even trying by dropping a giant ball from the ceiling to cut off his escape route
      • On top of this, each of the voices all have epic lines as they are on the way down with the ball.
    Male Voice 1: I'm comin' for ya, Frenchie!
    Male Voice 2: No more runnin', Loren!
    Male Voice 3: Familiar with Agincourt, you prick?!
    Female Voice 1: Come on, Frenchie! Let's dance!!
    Female Voice 2: You will not escape me now!
    Female Voice 3: Going down!!
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  • Oleg jumping on top of a V-TOL jet and taking it down with his BARE HANDS!
  • Listen to Boss comments during the Eye of the Tiger escort mission. He or she goes from extremely terrified over it to actually being more and more unfazed by it the more courage you build up to making comments like: "Well aren't you a little kitten!".
  • The credits after beating the game has every one of the Boss' voices singing along to "What I Got".
  • One of Zimos missions can be seen as call back to the Sons of Samedi mission "Bad Trip" in which you have to fight hordes of enemies while stoned. Only this time you have to fight them stoned and naked in one of their strongholds.
    • The mission "The Ho Boat" can also be seen call back to the Brotherhood mission The Enemy of my Enemy, in which you have to sneak on board of a ship and steal a shipment after fighting of waves of enemies. Only this time you can do it with an oversized minigun.
  • After the Zombie Island mission we get a cutscene of Cyrus and some STAG soldiers inspecting the island, being attacked by a horde of zombies. Cyrus is constantly shooting them while having a heated argument with the Senator over radio, without even showing a sign of stress, except at the end when Cyrus is concerned that Monica Hughes is coming to Steelport in light of STAG's lack of results.
  • The last mission in the game: A three way war between the remnants of the Syndicate, the Saints, and STAG is raging on the streets of Steelport. You, Pierce and Oleg hit the roads doing what you can where you can to save as many Saints as possible, racing between several locations with combat all around. Then you come to the Sadistic Choice. Regardless of which you choose, you have to drive across town, through a war zone, at high speed, dodging tanks, squads of gang members or soldiers, and airstrikes, with Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero" blaring. In any other situation, that song would be high octane Narm, but after the insanity of the past several hours, it's the only song on the soundtrack you want to hear.
  • If you choose to kill Killbane instead of saving Shaundi, the ending has your character stage a press conference. In your speech, you make Steelport a freaking city-state.
    Boss: I got a message for Monica Hughes and her stooges. Dear Bitch: Steelport is under new management, and we don't answer to you. This is foreign soil now. Come at my city again, and you'll go home in a fucking box.
    • Which is then followed by "Stag Film"— in which STAG mounts a full-on invasion with the Daedalus. The Saints are at the Broken Shillelagh, when everything starts rumbling. The Saints look to the sky as the massive craft arrives overhead, and even Steelport's usually apathetic citizenry is shocked at the sight. At which point the Daedalus begins to deploy fighters and fire its' guns.
  • The mission "http//deckers.die" is reminiscent of TRON. Granted, if TRON included toilets, blow-up dolls, lags, system failures, and giant phoenix-like bosses that can only be defeated by button-mashing.
  • The "Trouble With Clones..." DLC actually gives the Boss SUPERPOWERS! Super speed, strangth, and the ability to shoot fireballs! Even better is that the mission that gives you the powers sends a whole squad of brutes for you to One-Hit Kill with your bare hands! The cherry on top is that the game lets players make their own superhero costume or Bad Ass Long Coat at the clothing stores to wear for their supercharged rampage!
  • Burt Reynolds shows when ordering Boss to clean up the zombie problem why his middle name (so s\he says) is Fucking.
    Boss: Arn't you worried about pissing off STAG?
    Reynolds: You talk as if I've never outsmarted a paramilitary organization before.
  • Awesome Music: Of course, the multiple radio stations allow for many serendipitous moment, but the "rescue the crew" ending really takes the cake with "Holding Out for a Hero" playing in the background.
    • Klassic FM has an almost uncanny habit of launching into Ride of the Valkyries whenever switched to when flying helicopters and VTO Ls.
    • The Penthouse Mission has Kanye West's Power is pumping in the background, giving the carnage an almost mythic quality to it.
    • "You're The Best Around" plays when you chainsaw the fuck out of a bunch of luchadors during Murderbrawl XIII.
    • "He's our Johnny". Played in the final mission of The Trouble with Clones DLC.
    • "Protect your princess". Played in the second half of the first mission of Gangstas in Space DLC.
  • Going after Loren he takes an express elevator to escape and Oleg believes there's no way to catch him. Boss growls, "Fuck. That," jumps on a large ornament and starts blowing away Morningstar like a, a boss and orders Oleg to knock it loose. He does so and in mid fall Boss blows away a thug, before flattening Loren with the steel ball s/he was clinging to all the way down the tower.
  • Hell, the opening mission 'When Good Heists Go Bad' qualifies as this. All down to the amazing way the Saints steal the vault, survive an ambush against endless waves of SWAT's and the penultimate scene where the Boss has to keep the police and the Syndicate at bay with nothing but his/her fully upgraded Krukov. The music helps add a touch of that awesomeness too, and sets the tone of the game as a whole.
    • The Boss : "GO ! GO ! GO !!" *re-equips assault rifle*
  • After all the crap the Prima Donna Director gives Jenny during the Gangstas In Space DLC, she finally takes the Boss' advice to stand up for herself against that kind of assholes. How does she do that? By impaling him... and she does this by ramming him full-speed with the front of a fucking spaceship.
    I'm tired of him trying to kill us, I'm tired of him being mean, and I'm tired of his stupid fucking scarf!
  • Meta-example: the game getting ported to the Nintendo Switch (making it the series' first appearance on a Nintendo system). Everyone was expecting the Switch to get a port of Grand Theft Auto V as its first major open world game besides Breath of the Wild. Nope, turns out Saints Row beat its competitor to the punch in that regard.

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