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  • It's gettin'! It's gettin'! It's gettin' KRAAAAZY! Made better by the fact that this song is oftentimes heard when things are truly getting crazy.
  • The Power Walk finale qualifies.
  • Gat has committed 387 murders and 1 attempted murder, meaning he's never failed to kill a person before that one.
  • The ambush at Aisha's house is a truly vicious shootout. It's just the Boss and Johnny Gat against perhaps a dozen Ronin killers, many armed with machine guns. The Boss' teamwork with Johnny is pure combat pragmatism, as each kills enemies in their respective blindspots, while Johnny duels Jyunichi. It ends with Johnny impaled by a katana, only to slam the enforcer on both sides of the head with his fists, stunning him while the Boss reloads their pistol. Jyunichi barely escapes with his life.
    • And when the Boss came back to settle the score, Jyunichi loses the sword fight against him even though he had a bunch of Ronins as back up and probably way more experience with a katana than the Boss.
  • Gat's "get up" sequence with Shogo Akuji at the cemetery.
    • Specifically, at his girlfriend's funeral, Gat beats the hell out of the Ronin leader's son for giving the order to kill Aisha. He finishes the kid off by emptying a nearby casket and stuffing him inside, proceeding to bury him alive.
    • Boss gets one by... not saying a damn word, and only drags Shogo to Gat. The Boss is normally a Talkative Loon, but both he/she and Gat are in a state of Tranquil Fury because of the seriousness of Shogo's actions, and just leaves the bereaved to do his thing.
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  • How about Johnny fighting off an army of Ronin to protect Wong? The man is a literal walking, talking, crowning moment, enough so to make glasses badass.
  • The climax of the Ronin mission where you go with Johnny to storm a Ronin hotel and blow it sky high. After clearing all the floors and setting all the charges, how do you get out quickly enough without being caught in the explosion? Simple: You do something straight out of a James Bond movie and base-jump off the top floor's balcony and parachute down as the place explodes all around you.
  • The fact that, thanks to the second game's custom radio stations, everything in the game can be done while The Final Countdown plays in the background. Or Misery Business. Or Hands Up. Or Ride of the Valkyries. Or Deadly Sinners. Or Tchoupa Twist. Or a whole bunch of others.
  • The whole mission "The Siege". You finally decide to cut the bullshit and go take down Maero and the Brotherhood in an attack on their compound at the docks and confront a minigun-wielding Maero on the roof. The cutscene that follows is a brutal, relentless brawl between the Boss and Maero, which even if it isn't playable, is one of the most epic moments of the game, especially considering that both characters have extremely valid reason to hate each other's guts.
    • Extra bonus points: Maero has a minigun while the Boss doesn't. The Boss is still able to win!
  • A smaller one before that is the mission "The Enemy of my Enemy", in which Boss sneaks on board of the ship containing Maero's shipment. After killing the Ultor security personnel, the ship is attacked by waves of Brotherhood enemies from boats and boats. Boss has to fight them off. Fortunately for them, the shipment in question is a fuckload of weapons.
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  • The entire premise of Saints Row 2 is a Moment of Awesome. Basically, you don't have a penny to your name when you escape from prison and proceed to dismantle three of the most powerful gangs in the world along with their mega-corporation sponsor. It's like the Kingpin's version of Born Again.
  • The entire escape from Stilwater Penitentiary is a Moment of Awesome as you fight your way out of the prison hospital bay and end up fending off helicopters and police boats with a boat-mounted machine gun.
  • Your character makes the Brotherhood leader, Maero, unintentionally run over his girlfriend, Jessica, with a monster truck.
    • It's even more impressive when you recognize the context. The main character is avenging the death of Carlos, who's basically an honorary little brother or even son to the Boss. It's Poetic Justice when you realize that Maero forced you to Mercy Kill Carlos so you force him to kill his girlfriend.
  • The entire Brotherhood arc is just brilliant. What makes it so good is how quickly it degenerates. It starts out looking like it's going to be the most "civil" gang war in the game, as in a "may the best gang win" kind of thing, as Maero tries to form an alliance with the Saints. Then you hear the terms of his proposal. He gets 80% of the weapons shipment and the Saints get 20%, and by extension, about 20% of the city. From there it degenerates into the most violent, personal, brutal, and outright vicious gang war in the entire game, if not the series. The Boss responds to the insulting offer by blowing up Brotherhood trucks and putting radioactive waste in his tattoo ink, burning his face. Maero and his girlfriend, Jessica, respond by chaining the Boss' protege, Carlos, to the back of a truck and towing him through Stilwater face-first. When the Boss rescues him, they're then forced to put him out of his misery. The Boss gets revenge by locking Jessica in the trunk of a car and placing it in a monster truck rally Maero is participating in, then taunting him about it. They also cripple his best friend's hand and so and so forth. It's part of what makes the fist fight between them in "The Siege" so brutal and awesome, they both absolutely despise each other and with perfectly legitimate reasons on both sides.
  • Dane Vogel gets his when Maero comes around a second time, trying to threaten him and demand more favors from Ultor. What does Vogel do? He calmly insults Maero (a man who had nearly dropped him out of the window and into his death in his prior visit) to his face, and then reveals that squad of heavily armed security have Maero in their sights. And just to put cherry to the top, he reveals that Ultor has hijacked shipment of Brotherhood goods Maero was expecting before practically shooing him away. The man can be annoying, but that moment was full of awesome.
    Maero: They hit my boys while they were on the prison bus!
    Vogel: Between your girlfriend and your gang, I'd say you're a magnet for tragedy, Maero.
    Maero: You think this is fucking funny!?
    Vogel: No, but I do think it's your problem.
    Maero: (Slams his hands down on the desk) My problems are your problems. Or do you need some fresh air to remind you?
    Vogel: No, see, my problem is that a sideshow freak is messing up my paperwork. Your problem is that there's a group of security guards with assault rifles pointed at your back.
    Maero: (Turns and sees the guards) Your security guards look more like a private army.
    Vogel: Call them whatever you want. The point is they have big guns. I'm sorry you couldn't protect your friends, I really am, but Ultor is done doing you favors. Come back here again, and I'll have you shot on sight.
    Maero: Go fuck yourself, Vogel.
  • The final fight with Maero opens with a brilliant moment of the Boss taunting Maero for confronting him alone only for him to respond with, "Who said I was alone." The stadium lights turn on showing the Boss surrounded by a dozen trucks with Maero in a Monster Truck.
  • In reaction to an ambush by the police at a nightclub, your character dives behind a bar using the bartender as a shield. As the police approach the bar, they throw a lighter in the air and ignites the spilled alcohol in a small explosion to disorient the cops and begin to get out.
  • The Sons of Samedi mission "Bad Trip" sees you fight off a massive Samedi attack on your hideout while so stoned you can barely see what you're doing.
    • The best part is that when you're stoned out of your mind, you actually pretend to be useless to get the villains to drop their guard long enough to escape. Yes, even when you're baked out of your mind, you're capable of being a Magnificent Bastard.
  • A lot of the minigames are built around Crazy Awesome. Vehicle surfing, Insurance Money, spraying sewage on everything, and more.
    • The final level of the Fight Club sections has you fight off six guys at once. You have to finish each and every last one of them off by breaking their necks.
    • The final level of the Drug Trafficking and Snatch sections is very, very chaotic and often difficult to survive. That then means success requires being a badass.
    Richie: A for effort... But you're still fucking dead.
  • You have the option of seducing the reporter Jane Valderamma from her day job into becoming your psychotically obsessed homie, who says she loves you during her battles with you. What do you have to do to accomplish this? Mug fifty people.
  • A potentially amusing one for a male main character is the fact that he can get women to pay him to have sex during the Ho-ing diversion. This isn't a Crowning Moment of Awesome yet. However, one of the locations for this mini-game is the Barely Legal strip club. The implications? You're getting the strippers to pay to have sex with you.
  • The entire Secret Mission of Saints Row 2 is one long Moment of Awesome. You and Julius get a chance to go on one final team-up together, taking on what appears to be the entire Ultor Corporation military. The tragedy when you avenge yourself on Julius, only makes the entire mission more awesome.
  • The Ultor Exposed mission may just be a vehicle for porn star Tera Patrick, but it has you face down a huge number of Ultor goons. The final battle has your character versus a fleet of military helicopters that he has to personally down with a rocket launcher.
    • Jane Valderamma's handling of the story is so obvious that you have to wonder if the Boss was in on it.
      • She strongly implies they are, but then again she might just be spoiling for a fight.
  • Mister Sunshine's moment has to be when The General cuts his ear off. Hardly sounds awesome, but his reaction to The General drawing a machete? He stands there and takes it, making only a single grunt as his best friend saws off his ear with the blade. It just cements the fact that this guy is nobody to mess with. It also leads to this strangely heartwarming, but still badass exchange between the two.
    The General: I took no pleasure in this, my friend. But a price needed to be paid for failure.
    Mr. Sunshine: Don't worry. I need only one ear to hear the whispers of the Loa.
  • Pierce gets one for telling Johnny "387 Murders" Gat to fuck off for criticizing Pierce's plan to rob a casino (which, as it's the same plan from GTA:SA's casino robbery, we know would have worked). That's not the COA. The COA is that when Johnny tries to threaten him into shutting up, Pierce holds his gaze and starts to stand up. Unfortunately, they're interrupted by the news before we can see exactly what Pierce was planning to do.

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