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  • The very theme of the game. Remember that this takes place in the New World of Darkness: a Crapsack World where evil practically has already won; where creatures of the night hide everywhere, manipulating mortals to their own ends; where the closest thing we have from good guys are at best naive idealists who won't stay alive for long, and at worse just as bad as the ones they fight. Overall, a place with no hope, no real chance of improvement. Princess essentially punches this notion in the face and says "screw that, we can change this world, and we will do it, no matter how hard it is." Nobles might be fighting an uphill battle, but they won't just give up.
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  • This game makes the Apollo landing one even more than it already was in real life. In addition of being a big accomplishment by itself, humanity accidentally broke the Dreamland prison in the process, freeing the Radiant Queens and causing a resurgence of Princesses in the world. They literally brought hope back to the New World of Darkness, in more ways than one.
  • The Wardens used to be in charge of the Dreamlands, hiding everywhere among its inhabitants to constantly adapt the illusions and make sure everyone stayed here. When the Apollo landing broke the prison, the Radiant Queens saw through their masks. They reacted by assembling their armies and brutally kicking them out, taking a large chunk of the Dreamlands as their own territory.
  • According to the crossover section of the wiki, some Princesses of Spades managed to trick True Fae into oaths preventing them from ever returning in the human world. Did You Just Scam Cthulhu? at its finest.
    "They might be called the Old Gods by some, but they can still be blinded by the Light."
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  • The Stormites stereotype entry toward Leviathans:
  • The Graces' stereotype entry toward Werewolves is quite an impressive Badass Boast:
    "I might never know loyalty like you, but your pack has five. In a week I could make fifty friends."
  • The Heart's Stereotypes towards Leviathans and Werewolves are worthy of praise.
    On Werewolves: "Herd? Damn right I'm part of the Herd. A herd billions strong who've claimed this whole earth. Now tell me, what is your little pack going to do about that?"
  • The Wand's Stereotype for Storms
    You’ll have to go through me first before you torch that building.
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  • One in the description for The Boogyman sample dark being:
    No matter the culture, no matter how much people disbelieve in the supernatural.
    If you target children, their parents are going to come after you.
    Aided by the priests of Nox the centurion Cornelius led his legionaries into the Dark World and slaughtered the Boogyman's citizens. The shamans from a dozen native American tribes joined together to send an unending swarm of maggot Spirits to devour the Boogyman's kingdoms. The Caliphs' greatest scholars created alchemical fires and the Japanese crafted swords of pure jade.

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