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Awesome / Genius: The Transgression

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  • For the setting itself, a test game ended up with Lemurians in a flying giant metal squid attacking a Nazi island by draining a giant emerald shaped like Hitler's head. One cannot help feel a sense of geeky awe.
  • Again for the setting, the climax of the Invisible Wars, which ended with the Peerage completely obliterating every single clone, brain tape and back-up body that the Nine Unknown Men could retreat to.
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  • When it was discovered that there was no life on Mars, this almost instantly created a Bardo of the Martian Empire, who immediately proceeded to throw an Alien Invasion on Earth. As it turned out, Geniuses had been preparing for this, and managed to repel the invasion (albeit with many casualties on their side) without mortals even realizing it had happened. Their victory was impressive enough that the Martians have agreed to an uneasy truce with them, and haven't attacked Earth since then.
  • One of the fictions in the corebook involves a female Genius having one of her rivals Strapped to a Rocket which she plans to send on a Planetarium in Vienna as part of her personal revenge. Her rival points out the many flaws in her plan, including the Rocket not having enough fuel, her Beholden lacking a proper formation and the rocket not being powerful enough... to which she answers she is counting on it: she knows he can upgrade the rocket so it will work out, and he will have no choice but to do so if he doesn't want to crash along with it.

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