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  • While the act in itself was a crime and the consequences terrible for everyone, the original Forsaken actually succeeding in slaying Father Wolf is pretty impressive.
  • Father Wolf's story in general seems to have been full of these:
    • For starter, the fact he was apparently so strong he single-handedly could serve as the guardian of the Spirit World, something the Forsaken struggle to accomplish today. Granted, Pangaea probably made it easier, but still; he was able to do of his own what entire packs of his children have a hard time accomplishing.
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    • The Hosts existing in itself is the proof of one for him. Why? Because they all were once parts of bigger, powerful mad half-spirit abominations who abused their powers... until Father Wolf got tired of their crap, tracked them down and slayed them, forcing them to leave these remains behind in the hope they would be able to come back through them. These things exist because Father Wolf easily slaughtered a much more terrifying version of them. In the Belishu's case, the defeat was so traumatic they now have a paranoid phobia of Werewolves.
  • The fact that despite fighting a losing battle against the large majority of their own kind, being hated or distrusted by the wide majority of Spirits, and having to handle other horrors like the Hosts or the Idigam, the Forsaken still chose to stick with their decision to carry out Father Wolf's duty and redeem themselves for his murder. Even in-universe, this determination is considered impressive, as this is the main reason both the Predator Kings and the Bale Hounds see them as Worthy Opponents.
  • Father Wolf's direct Children, the Firstborn, have pretty awesome stories as well:
    • Death Wolf, the founder of the Bone Shadows, was originally known as Seeking Wolf, until her thirst for knowledge drove her to enter a cave deep in the Shadow where it was said nobody ever came out alive. She indeed did die inside that cave... and still somehow managed to get out, having become Death Wolf in the process. When asked how she did such things, she treated it as if it was no great thing, and said you just "needed not be afraid of changing".
    • Black Wolf, the founder of the Hunters in Darkness, was the one who first figured out how to kill the Hosts, something Father Wolf was still struggling to do and getting frustrated by due to their ability to discorporate. She made a map of all the burrows and crevices where they might hide, gave said map to Father Wolf, and shew him how to corner the Hosts in areas where they couldn't run or where he could crush them under rocks. Thanks to her help, Father Wolf finally was able to hunt them properly.
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  • In the 2E corebook's fiction "The Scattered Host", the Epilogue. After spending two years being completely out-maneuveured by a Belishu, who managed to turn the police against them, make them lose their home and even killing one of them, all while plaguing the city with sickness and corruption, all while constantly escaping them, the protagonists' pack finally manages to outsmart the Rat Host through a two-years plan by killing its rat minions through another packmate's Heroic Sacrifice, flooding the sewer where it's made its home with the help of a river spirit, and finally picking it with a modified fish net preventing its discorporation, before finishing him with a flamethrower.
  • The fiction in the entry for Dalu has a black werewolf go inside a bar, where he gets verbally assaulted by a racist who tries to get him out. He ignores the insults for a moment... until the man uses the n-word, at which point the werewolf goes Dalu and knocks him out in one move.

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