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The moments of awesome in Chronicles of Darkness.

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In general

  • The opening fiction of the Chronicles of Darkness revised 2E book, APT. 3B, feature two teenage girls, Dawn and Ximena, finding out their old neightboor Mrs Luz is some kind of man-eating Humanoid Abomination who already devoured their friend Jenna. After a brief chase scene, Mrs. Luz catches them, then offers to let Ximena go if she agrees to serve as her messenger for something, while freely admitting she intends to devour Dawn as a price for Ximena's freedom. Given how cynical the setting is, you'd expect things to end here; but instead, Ximena decides to not play along with that crap, insults Mrs. Luz and throws a flashlight at her- distracting her long enough for Dawn to use a can of pepper spray against her, freeing herself. The two girls then not only manage to escape alive, but actually kill Mrs. Luz by tricking her inside a trash compactor. The story end with them considering if they should now investigate to find more monsters, either to befriend the good ones or protect humans against them. Keep in mind these were two ordinary teenage girls, with zero experience on the supernatural, who actually managed to win against a supernatural being.
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  • Hurt Locker features the Plain, a cult of people who managed to channel their faith in non-violence into a supernatural abilities to defeat their opponent without fighting. At the highest level, a girl in Serbia was able to stop people from shooting her loved one just by standing in front of them, pushing them away like if they were in front of an invisible wall.

Alternative Title(s): New World Of Darkness