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  • The Lemony Narrator is pretty funny at times:
    "Of course, you could always just build giant robots and then rob banks with them. It's not like that's never occurred to mad scientists in the past."
  • The opening text for the Klagen, involving one trying to convince his colleague to not try to raise the dead, is darkly hilarious:
    "When I was in high school my teacher told me that there are more people alive today than have ever lived. Don't worry: she lied, then got cancer. (Not my fault.) We live atop a mountain of corpses. The Earth is swimming in humans, above and below the ground, so when I see you trying to raise the dead, I'm torn. On the one hand, I recognize your despair. On the other hand, do you really want to spend the rest of the week fending off a zombie apocalypse as the Earth vomits up her dead? AGAIN? Come on, man, think this through: every time you try this, we end up fighting zombies. I hate zombies. Just put the syringe down."
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  • This pearl:
    "Behold my CRYOPIG!!!note 
    "It's a beautiful cryopig!"
  • The Staunen stereotypes about the other catalysts are pretty calm... except for the stereotype about Neids.
    "There is more to Heaven and Earth than your endless, insufferable whining. I have heard the song of the universe, and it's telling you to shut up."
  • Like most supernaturals, Geniuses have a list of laws they are supposed to follow and respect, each with its own name. The name for the law regarding their position toward Lemuria is hilariously concise and straightforward:
    "Fuck Lemuria."
  • The part of the book describing statistics the Inspired population mentions that Child Geniuses are actually fairly rare- though they usually are as annoying as everyone says.
  • A female Genius described in one of the book's fictions is mentioned to be such a Card-Carrying Villain she has an "atomic holocaust"-themed bathroom. Nuff says.
  • The entry for Time Travel opens with this:
    "... is almost always a bad idea."
    • And then another entry below, titled "Really stupid Time Travel", states that "messing with yourself from a previous time travel jaunt is about the stupidest thing you can do without a death ray and a bottle of tequila."
      • Could be viewed as Hilarious in Hindsight considering the writers' of Rick and Morty stance on introducing time travel into the show and Ricks own antics involving death rays and alcohol.
  • The book's take on the Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act trope; turns out Genuises have been thinking about it, and Hitler has already been killed six times over; The Time Cops have been cloning him whenever this happened to make sure things would still go the way it should; they actually have an entire factory of Hitler clones dedicated to this, and give tours. Not only that, but Hitler wasn't even the original guy leading the Nazi, they just decided it was more practical to clone him rather than look for new replacements.
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  • Metaptropi allows you turn a blood-thirsty dinosaur into a docile rabbit... or more accurately a blood-thirsty rabbit; the mind remains the same.
  • The Railgun variable's description includes a small paragraph clarifying that this variable doesn't actually refer to what Railgun means in real-life — Geniuses use this term to describe guns so huge they literally needed to be placed on rails to be transported when they were first used.
  • The entry for the "Steam Punk" aesthetic mentions how this one is especially popular among the Postgrads. The Martian Empire, who sometimes uses this Aesthetic, is mentionned to be "Confused, but happy, that they are now "totally hip"."
  • The table describing the various Sizes a Wonder can have, as well as the time needed to build them based on it, start at lesser than 0 (1 turn) and goes up to "That's no Moon" (1 million years).
  • The fact the Nagivators left Lemuria not because they were evil, but because they were Obstructive Bureaucrats and Insufferable Geniuses who couldn't even do Armageddon right, is in itself quite funny.

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