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Heartwarming / Princess: The Hopeful

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A game about being a Hope Bringer in a Crapsack World? Of course there will be some hearwarming moments:

  • For starters, managing to be a Princess in the first place. You are an avatar of Light and hope, trying to bring good in a universe where evil is ruling with an iron hand. Your powers are literally fueled by good actions, and you are capable of giving the forces of Darkness a good fight. Sure, making the world a better place isn't easy, and you might die; but you won't let that stop you from trying.
  • Princesses' relationships with Sworn are also quite touching. It's mentioned that a frequent reason for the Hopeful to make Sworn is to give their friends and loved ones powers of their own, so they can defend themselves should the Darkness target them. But even more touching, some do it with people who envy their powers, because they are genuinely willing to share them in order to prevent jealousy from ruining their friendship.
    • To further illustrate the point, here is the introduction text for the Sworn entry, describing how a Sworn feels about her Princess sister:
    "Everyone thinks I should be jealous of my big sister because she's the one who can transform into a beautiful princess and has really cool magic. But they don't understand. They are not the ones who have to help her sew her wounds closed, they don't wake up early to help her cover up scars or hold her when she cries all night. I love my sister, she is amazing and works so hard for everybody, but I wouldn't want to be her. But I will always be there for her."
  • Redeeming a Dethroned. If you somehow manage to defeat one in a fight, you can then chose to take her pain inside your own soul, thus gaining all her Shadows, and then work to get rid of them one by one in order to help her deal with whatever caused her to fall in the first place. This is easier said than done, but should you succeed, this will result in the redeemed Dethroned appearing to you as her former self in your sleep, and telling you goodbye before departing, presumably to either reincarnate like before or move on to the afterlife. This really makes all the troubles you go through Worth It.
  • How Princesses gain their Wisps in general can be one. They can do something beneficial and fitting to their calling, take up a Mandate to bring more light into the world, or interact with their friends and family to remind them of what is important. Not to mention the Intimacy System which, while basically the same as Mage's Sympathy, in Princess it's written in the terms that the more you love and care about someone, the less energy it takes to use charms at them from a distance. This can get especially poignant with Fuoco charms, which can be more empowered the more you love someone.
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  • In the presentation text for Princesses of Spades, a Knave describes all the work and efforts she puts into planning parties, knowing what everyone likes among her friends, including their favourite foods and jokes. She admits it's rather exhausting and difficult. She then concludes with this:
    "But it's all worthwhile when I see my friends smile."
  • The Dream Version gives us the Embassy to Lilith, a Princess organization dedicated to helping Kindred deal with their condition and hold to their Humanity. You read that right- there are Princesses who are genuinely concerned with giving vampires a chance for redemption.
    "At heart, people aren't afraid of the dark. They are afraid of what calls it home. But what about the monsters who have no home but the dark?"
  • Several of the Queen of Melodies stereotypes are quite heartwarming:
    Prometheans: I'm so sorry... Don't worry, I'll be your friend.
    Changelings: Shhh, it’s okay. I know they hurt you...let me help you okay? As long as I’m around I promise I’ll never let them take you ever again.
    Leviathans: W-wha? Uh, I uh...sure, we can be...friends. I guess. I always wondered what it’d be like to be friends with Godzilla…
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