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  • Shiro and a squad of DF members mobilize to assist the Rangers despite the fact that Ramiel clearly outclasses them in terms of power and capabilities.
  • The Kraken destroys a large chunk of the city by merely emerging into the area and causes massive flooding to the rest of the surrounding area.
  • Mecha-Lord's battle against the Kraken who has a homefield advantage thanks to the altered terrain.
  • Deathwing's awakening and flight to Angel Groove manage to effortless devastate a large path through Eurasia due to his sheer raw power. When he lands in the Groove, his mere roar is powerful enough to disable the entire defense force.
    • He also deals the Rangers their first true defeat and proceeds to stomp in to their minds just how much more powerful he is.
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    • Though it almost leads to their deaths, Shinji and Simon's defiance deserves admiration.
  • Kamina's Big Damn Heroes against Deathwing, as well as the empowering speech he gives when he arrives:
    "So bring your fire, 'cause it ain't got shit on mine! Bring your hate; I'm man enough to take it! Bring your rage, and I'LL STOMP IT DOWN WITH MY SPIRIT!! Cause I'm Kamina, of the DAI-GURREN BRIGADE!"
  • In the same chapter, Shinji chewing the hell out of Deathwing as he Gorn-tastically, brutally, horrifically tortures him to a Cruel And Unusual Disney Death.
    "... Is the meaning of pain nonsense now, bitch? It's easy for the guys on top to look down and say that us victims just whine and bitch...It's easy to not think about how it would feel to be in our shoes, what it would be like to not be able to control your own fate. That's what power does, power makes you complacent, makes you comfortable, makes you less able to move when you've gotta run. Now look at you, brought down by the mortals you called rats, weaklings, and ants that you had no qualms in crushing. Shall I now stop and listen to your complaints of foul play? No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. They would just be the complaints of the defeated. Because you're afraid of those beneath you. Because you feed from our pain, you need our backs to build your power on. Because when that day comes when we decide to stand on our feet and destroy the heavens that torment us, you will not be ready for it. Your cornerstones need us to stay bowed and obedient because when we stand, you fall."
    • And Deathwing survives all of the above.
    • Kaiba hacks Mecha-lord and combines his Blue-Eyes White Dragon Jet into the mix. The Dragon Mecha Lord then proceeds to effortless own the previously unstoppable Deathwing and reduce him down to his Eldunari
  • Chapter 10 through 11 is a giant deathmatch against Cyclopsis with the ancient zord being able to match the Rangers blow for blow due to it's adaptive ability. It's somehow awesome to watch Cyclopsis have the upper hand just from how badly he was beating the Rangers.
    • Eva demonstrates it's Mid-Season Upgrade just in time to even the tide.
    • The Rangers mixing and matching their mecha in an attempt to confuse and throw-off Cyclopsis.
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    • The Angel Groove Defense Force earning their promotion from Redshirt Army to Badass Army with the deployment of the Arc Troopers.
  • The Rivalry Duel between Simon/Nia and Naota/Ninamori in chapter 14-15
  • Fed up with Tokita's insults, Simon directly challenges Jet Alone Prime with Lagann and nearly wins. It's only when Jet Alone summons a similar clone does Simon need help from Mikey.
  • The Rangers use a Dividing Driver to avert a nuclear disaster with the overloading Jet Alone machine.
  • The Zilla Wars conflict is a five chapter (Chap. 20 to 24 to be specific) all-out war with the Rangers and Defense Force almost constantly on the rails. When you're fighting the clones of Godzilla led by Spacegodzilla and Decepticons launch a surprise attack while your already stretched thin, expect a lot of difficulty.
  • A few jewels within the Wars are as follows:
    • Noriko shoots her way out of the stomach of a Zilla that ambushed her and took her squadmates with her.
    • Unit 01 goes berserk for the first time in the series and utterly demolishes it's Zilla.
    • Almost immediately afterwards, Berserk Unit 01 is disabled in one shot by Starscream.
    • The Blue Eyes White Dragon Jet combines with Optimus' head and newly arrived Ultranus (aka evolved Ultra Magnus) to literally crash into Burning Crystal Godzilla's eye.
    • Lelouch geasses Reedman. I repeat, Lelouch now personally controls the most potentially dangerous Decepticon in the story.
    • Yugi mindcrushes Spacegodzilla. Nuff said.
    • The emergence of Mecha King Mecha Wrecka GAR. Possibly a case of a Spot Light Stealing Squad, but it's still awesome seeing just how much sheer power that this thing has.
    • First Misato lays down a profound Motive Rant to Hikari about the necessity of Nerv's actions and it's results. Then, the colonel is countered by Aina who points out how Nerv's shady actions and motives do not excuse the manipulation and abuse of their pilots.
    • Despite the heavy Butt-Monkey status that she's been given, Misato still manages to improvise a plan to defeat Burning Crystal Godzilla that utilizes equipment, mecha and personnel that she is utterly unfamiliar with. She may have problems, but she's clearly a colonel for a reason.
    • Hitomi using the Rising Gundam to hold off Burning Crystal Godzilla's Beam Spam despite heavy damage while the Rangers charge up their final attack
    • Shinji standing his ground against both Misato and Nerv and refusing their demands to return to Nerv.
    • Kaiba's "Reason You Suck" Speech to Gendo and Nerv in general when they try to force him to give back Shinji [[spoiler: and an evolved Unit 01]]
  • Banagher beats the Unbeatable ERANT Exam through mere pre-preparation and research. The Federation officials are still debating if that counts as cheating, but both his mother Sayla and Bright Noah are impressed nonetheless.
  • Euphemia's unbroken resolve and compassion despite her "Japanese Episode" and the emperor's unapologetic abuse
  • Scanty and Kneesocks manage to infiltrate Angel Groove with intelligence and cunning after some of the most dangerous monsters in existence failed to do the same with power and force
  • Stocking cuts an entire blocks worth of buildings in half during her fight with Scanty.
  • Coop using Megas to surprise stomp Scanty


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